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yeah, mac- you are, sorry...

March 14 2007 at 4:28 PM
mennonite  (no login)

Response to I'm lost here, menn,


first of all, it was less a joke at chaos's expense and more a joke about me.
in other places, chaos rambles endlessly about how i'm crazy. i was simply joking with pete that people here are crazy anyway, and that's why i'm not banned here. chaos took it seriously, and has dragged himself over to troll about it ever since. you obviously see that as my fault, just as you see the thing that slowly mounted between solitaire and pete as pete's fault.

you've been so one sided about this entire thing, one by one alienating every other regular contributor here. pretty soon there won't be anyone here to blame for what you see as something "out of nowhere." **i vote no-confidence as far as your ability to supervise this forum**, and i suggest you stop paying for it and let the ads resume. you have no idea what's going on, and you would rather stay confused than follow anything yourself- but despite your refusal to "catch up" to the rest of us, you still have advice to give. no offense or anything personal of course, but i think pete would agree you've gone blind. cheers and all nonetheless, we love you anyway- menn.

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 I will study Mar 14, 2007
  no needmennoniteMar 14, 2007
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       generally, i would agreemennoniteMar 14, 2007
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       oh no, i'm quite bored with it, thanksmennoniteMar 15, 2007
       well rpgfan check this out (freebasic haters don't look, not joking.)cha0sMar 15, 2007
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