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It was Rosie's fault!

March 29 2008 at 5:11 PM
Mac  (Premier Login iorr5t)


I still remember the feeling I got on February 26, 2004 when I heard that Rosie O'Donnell married her longtime partner, Kelli Carpenter.

"Damn!! There goes the election!", I thought.

How right I was.

Sure, Ralph Nadir appeared to make a difference, but I believe that the difference was negligible, if any.

Just think what it would be like if Al Gore had won! The NY "9/11" would have happened the same. But the aftermath would have been so much better.

Europe crowds were literally in the streets crying and waving American flags when Bush proceeded to ruin everything with his strutting I-am-the-decider new role. At last he temporarily quit looking like the idiot he is. He could put on semi-uniform-suits and stand before "Mission Accomplished" signs and his "who needs Old Europe" insulting of Germany and France particularly.

Al Gore would have turned that into an opportunity to unite the USA and Europe into a real alliance with NATO our tool to "get Osama".

We've had 8 years of an idiot ruining the USA and it is all Rosie's fault!

Why Rosie?

For quite a while, the low-IQ crowd of people who think Christ wants them to meddle in the affairs of others had been getting more and more fanatical. Their issues:

1) The Bible must be recognized as absolute truth. It provides for no explanation of our existence except magic 7-day stuff. So ALL TEACHING OF EVOLUTION whether biological (DNA crap) or physical (Big Bang crap) has to go

2) Homosexuality must be recognized as absolute vile. So ALL GAYS MUST BE HARRASED. It should not be possible to be publicly known as gay without being sent to prison.

3) Abortion must be recognized as capital offence murder. So ALL ABORTION DOCTORS MUST BE ARRESTED. The sluts who get pregnant and don't want to carry the baby to the end deserve punishment, too.

So here sit these nuts, frustrated every day at every turn. But now comes a Savior: George "I am the decider" Bush who appears to be the answer. They vaguely think (the only way they can think) that maybe they will go register and vote this year.

Then comes the bombshell: A high-profile gay marriage!

They came screaming out of the churches! God will send us to hell if I fail to vote this year!

Rosie and Kelli elected George Bush, the dumb. They ruined America.

Luckily, the nuts see that George accomplished nothing of their agenda, so they will not be a factor in the upcoming election. No matter who wins, we will finally have a real President. Probably too late, though. America is ruined. By Rosie!

Why couldn't they wait until after the election? Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo


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(Login MarineDon)

Stand Tall And Ready To Fight

March 29 2008, 9:21 PM 

My response to Mac's invective:
The poem “Stand Tall And Ready To Fight”
was written for September 11, 2006, the
fifth anniversary of that terrible day
when the twin towers went down on 9/11/2001.
They came at us from the skies,
For we are evil in their eyes,
Into twin towers they gleefully went,
By the Creator they were all sent.

Mullahs say they're in the right,
Road side bombs are their delight,
To murder infidel Christian and Jews,
Under Jihad how can they lose?

In times past when under attack,
Fortitude and guts we did not lack,
America has weathered dangers past,
Overcoming obstacles which did not last.

Just think about that terrible day,
When Pearl Harbor was set ablaze,
We went guns blazing at their Empire,
From end to end we set Japan afire.

We will never allow to stand,
Foreigners coming to our land,
Killing innocents at their work,
Our duty we will never shirk.

Those twin towers are on our soil,
America will unceasingly toil,
To rid the world of the terror threat,
On America you can surely bet.

We will never give up, never give in,
America "The Eagle" will surely send,
Our forces of land, sea and air,
To root out terrorists in their lair.

Gigantic struggle of world wide scope,
Islamic Fascists shall never cope,
With America, the marvelous Land,
In America we will make our stand.

Land of the Free and home of the Brave,
Shall send terrorists to their grave,
Ridding the world of vile evildoers,
Wicked Jihadists will be the losers.

We stand for freedom, we stand for right,
We have the strength, we have the might,
We'll not lose heart, we'll not lose sight,
We'll always stand tall and ready to fight.
By: Former Sergeant Donald Bernard Smith
United State Marine Corps
USMC Serial Number 1672175
Served: 1960-1966
Regards and Semper Fi, MarineDon

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(Login burger2227)

George Bush is the enemy

March 30 2008, 9:09 AM 

Nobody should be allowed to invade any country nor lead any army to preserve the oil Gods! Not once has GW Bush ever laid a hand on corporate greed. In fact he has encouraged them to steal from the American public in the name of God. From ENRON to EXXON! 4000 children have died to preserve a "Democracy" of wealth, while Iraq is being robbed.

What audacity! Bush has made America into a big joke and there is no reason that NATO or anyone else wants to participate in the debauchery! Remember that the only plane in the air over this country after 9-11 was the Bin Lauden plane!

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(Login MarineDon)


March 30 2008, 2:54 PM 

You'll have to pardon me. I'm just an old fashioned gentleman who flies the national colors on holidays with pride in the stars and bars. I do not want our country to cower in fear of Islamofacists who fervently desire our demise. No, I do not favor everything the President has done, but he is the President. Focused critique of his past actions is desired, not disrespect.

The ere should be pointed at an ideology which killed more than 3000 of our citizens on 9-11, rather than the chief executive. They have a vicious hatred of all Muslims who do not follow their twisted thinking. Of course, anyone of another religion, as an infidel, should immediately be put to death. Radical Islam is the enemy, not the president!

It's all right if you do not want to stand tall. Marines will always be willing to stand on the wall and stand in harms way to protect your right of dissent. This is a defining moment for the nation. Fifty years from now, people may well look back on this time and marvel at our fortitude. The Prez is right in one regard. All men and women are born desiring to be free. Freedom isn't free; there is a price to pay.

Semper Fi, MarineDon

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(Premier Login iorr5t)

I have no problem with what you say, MarineDan

March 30 2008, 3:59 PM 

I'm an old patriot, too. Joined the US Army unassigned
in 1953 to serve in Korea. Wasn't old enough to be
drafted for 2 so volunteered for 3. Just wanted to
do my part.

As it turned out, I got sent to Germany instead as the
Korean war was more-or-less over. Our job, obvious to us,
was to stop the Russians (CCCP) from taking over Europe
by the following logic:

1) CCCP runs all their tanks and troops toward the
   border, forcing us to come scrambling to our side in
   the middle of the night.
   (Which they did about 2 times a month)

2) We eventually lose our nerve and leave Europe.

WRONG! We stay. And we know we are stopping them because
they wouldn't dare attack for real. We would, of course,
all be killed because they outnumbered us and had more
equipment. But our deaths would bring such a enraged USA
to their land that they wouldn't believe. Remember
Pearl Harbor. They knew that and eventually stopped.

Side note: We are dealing pretty well with the Russians
now and have intermarried and many know family there.
Just think - we had plans to kill all the Russians there
were. Man, woman, child, dog. Nuke 'em!

My son went to Virginia Military Institute. Nothing as
rigorous as the Marines, but a tough Rat line. But he
never went into military service at all.

Anyway, getting back to my complaint after 9/11.

We weren't attacked by a government with ambassador to
declare war, etc. Instead, we were attacked by a small
group of religeous nuts not unlike the Christian
Conservatives here - highly motivated by a twisted notion
of what some god want's us to do.

In their case, they wanted a bunch a virgins. LOL. Don't
they know that the reason so many virgins exist is that
they are ugly and hate men?

It was right to attack the Talliban and we should have
stopped there and made that country into a rich, respected
place like we did with Germany after the war.

But NOOO! Mr. "I am the decider" Bush made a precident the
world will long regret: If you feel that you are threated
by some country, you can attack. Exactly what the UN was
designed to avoid.

There is not enough band width on the internet to say how
evil the USA became when an innocent country, Iraq, was
attacked so that VP Cheny could get richer. EXXON is on.

So what, anyway, if they had WMD's? That's their business.
So does Vietnam, China, you name it. As far as I know, a
sovereign nation can have all the WMD's they want. The only
thing the other countries can do about it is make their people's
live miserable by sanctions. Did that for 30 years to Cuba to
prove that does nothing but make innocent people suffer.

It is a great honor to fight and die for America in a defense
of a bona-fide attack of a country with generals and troups
and ambassadors.

It is a disgrace to kill innocent citizens of countries that
have done nothing to America. Bin Laden was never in Iraq
and probably would have been shot by Sadam if he could do it.
Sadam was our ally against Muslim extremists. He was a Nazi,
not a Muslim.

Hmmm. Lost my original pearl: Rosie caused all of this!


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(Login burger2227)

We gotta get that Rosie person!

March 31 2008, 11:06 AM 

I am glad that Don is proud to be a Marine and of his efforts to defend this country. However 1953 and 1966 are long ago! Personally I think they should send all of us old bastards over and let our youth become productive at home.

However, I will NEVER defend a buffoon and a thief! (Bush and Chaney) They are no better than Saddam Hussien. The US was born on the principles of equality and representation. Who do those two idiots represent? The GREEDY! The US will survive the foolishness, but at what price to the pride of this nation?

Rosie and Chaney's daughter are probably intimate friends by now, so back off Mac! LOL


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