September 29 2008 at 10:24 AM
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Response to There is stupid email out there everyone is going goo goo over...

Since its beginning, America chose two paths doomed to fail; paths leading to a point of choosing what's right or its opposite.

One of these paths was the taking at gunpoint the land of others; that of the American Indian and the Mexican people.

Always we have, in some inexplicable manner, found a way to justify unprovoked aggression, premeditated murder and armed robbery; the brutal, callous attacking of the weak in order to take what we want. We are still doing so today in Iraq. All of course while toting and quoting the Bible.

And McCain says we will come home from Iraq with our heads held high? This man has the mind of a Caliguala-Nero. Anyone with any quality consciousness whatsoever knows we should get out of Iraq NOW! and come home with our heads held low in disgrace and shame. Unless, that is, we're among those who couldn't care less about what's right or wrong; who prefer the loss of life to the loss of face, even if they KNOW we were, and are, wrong by being in Iraq.

Just as the first Americans wanted the lower 48, took those lower 48 by force and were able to convince themselves they were doing it in the name of God, we are currently doing the same in Iraq with their oil. And will do the same in Iran if the Republican Mafia is elected.

I can say in our behalf that we Americans have improved. This presidential election will give an indication as to how much improvement.

The second path we chose, also doomed to failure, is capitalism, greed, materialism. I'm not talking about free enterprise in which a fair profit is made. That is a healthy system which provides incentive. There is a huge difference between capitalism and free enterprize. Free enterprize is honest, hard work...capitalism is lying, manipulation, gouging, taking all the market will allow no matter who and how many it causes to suffer.

America has been on a helluva party of insatiable greed. And, having lived in virgin country, the wealth was there to take. We have been like a kid in a candy store; like a cancer which, as it spreads, destroys the very material the body needs to survive, we have taken a beautiful, pristine section of Earth and have made it a cesspool. The cancer in America seems to have failed to take into consideration that a cancer does not survive the body it kills.

The party is over; the hangover a bad one. The question is, will we be stupid enough to go back to the bottle once the headache goes away and vomiting stops? Capitalists can't wait to take a drink. They'll get right back to using the stupidity of the average American to milk the cow dry once again.

The collective American Prodigal Son isn't quite yet eating with the hogs. We still love the carrot of the possibility of getting rich dangling always just out of reach for the overwhelming majority. What's the song about the ant with high hopes...high apple pie in the sky hopes?

Ah, but we love our carrot; so much so we will die to keep it dangling. We will also die to pretect those doing the dangling!! Big Brother loves us!! We love Big Brother!! Let us all, with our hand on our heart, and tears in our eyes, pledge allegiance to Big Brother. He, with God whispering instructions into his ear, will protect us!! And if there is nothing from which to protect us, Big Brother will create it.

You're probably familiar with the expression, "the chickens have come home to roost?" As anyone who has ever raised chickens knows, you don't want to be under chickens on the roost. By following the paths of aggression, murder, armed robbery and insatiable greed, under chickens on the roost is precisely where we are. And because of our having bragged about how fucking superior we are, the whole world is smiling as the chickens continue to do their thing while roosting.

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