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December 9 2008 at 7:04 AM
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Response to Yvonne

I see miracles all the time: More evidence for me that reality is in the eyes of the beholder

another reason we should be working out our salvation instead of trying to PROVE that it doesn't exist:

for those who see Christianity as all messed up, thats their perception and their burden:

for those who feel part of a HUGE BODY of believers whose spirit is BEING regenerated by Jesus Christ and FORMED into MAN of their soul, they have a different reality:

in the end all reality will BE realized in all souls because all spirits will return to God who gave them, and this will SANCTIFY the souls of the people whose bodies will be changed in the twinkling of an eye:

till then, everyone thinks they are giving their HONEST opinion, but they area really revealing WHERE THEY ARE in the great scheeme of things: The good and bad news is, we all are where we are: NONE of us are persuaded by anyone unless we are READY and OPEN to receive more light:

to receive more light, we have to be willing to overcome more darkness:

this is not the worlds way

the world is ruled by a spirit that does not want the light

so individual souls have to come out of the world........and you probably understand that because it doesn't matter how much you want to save a drunk, he has to want to want to be saved and then he is ready to RECEIVE the willingness to "work" the steps, beginning with his own humble admission that he himself has come to the END of his own reasources and is willing to try someone elses he gets a sponsor who has what HE WANTS to have....

and listens to him

in the program, if you simply don't want to work with someone who has what you want, you are not ready to change:

this is true in all of life

no matter how much somebody shows you a better way........the ONLY THING you can see is where you are at

this is so obvious on these forums: YEAR in and year out, people do not change their opinions or beliefs

as long as life works on some level, they don't feel a need to:

this is why there is talk of armageddon in the Bible: The world will finally come to a point where they will not be able to help themselves and that is when they become ready to EVOLVE to another level of light

what is amazing is how much "learning" goes on with the people on these forums, and how LITTLE truth they find in it all: WHY one may ask?

learning is the broad road that leads to destruction

the narrow road to life is finding the TRUTH, not more information to discuss:

and one does not find the truth easily:

it is a very difficult road because of the desires that go against the truth:

we see it in little ways constantly.........people eat too much, spend too much, don't work on their relationships enough, waste prescious time, and many more things and most of them have SO MUCH INFORMATION on how to change these things, but that doesn't seem to move them one bit;

only PAIN seems to move people to change: people may all have different thresholds for pain, but very few of us want to do better just because the information of how to do better is out there:

we all drag our heels and watch our lives disintegrate on many levels before we become HIGHLY MOTIVATED to change:

Im grateful I had just enough pain to finally ACT on what I KNEW for years and couldn't put into action: I have been writing for 16 years to help people consider the PERSONAL way the BIBLE (written word) must be absorbed in order to make the DIFFERENCE in their spiritual life by becoming the "spirit of the word", but my effort isn't going to motivate others: Only their NEED and DESIRE will motivate them to receive more than they have:

The desire in me to make a difference is going through a real transformation as well: I find if I pray for others, they do become more willing and I attribute this to the fact that we are all connected on some level:

my own evolution spiritually is then to speak less, PRAY MORE and let go by TRUSTING God to move as others are ready to receive him: God will always flow to the DESIRE of his creation if they are ready to receive him in the "WAY" he moves:

on the other hand, God can't change his own LAW, and change us in a different way than he CREATED it all to work: SUBMISSION to Gods righteousness is the WAY GOD WORKS in the SOUL

and only the soul is able to submit

the carnal mind just wants to "learn more" and gather more information, but that doesn't motivate action:

learning is a gathering process

transformation is a "LETTING GO" process

very different positions at work:

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