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Response to In spite of alternative teachings

Yes, the man which we today call Jesus, the flesh and blood Jesus, not the mythical Jesus of the not at all new, New Testament, is God. But as their Bibles tell them, and which Christians adamantly refuse to believe, so are you and everyone else. I have pointed out ad nauseum, the Psalms 82.6 and John 10:34 scriptures, plus Luke 17:21.BTE, all of the reliriouw Espressinons from which the Bible was stolen say the same thing.

This is not some strange, new concept inserted into the Bible by these New Agers. What's new is its being pointed out to Christians. Is it because these scriptures conflict with their Divine Crutch; a Divine Crutch so many are calling "SKYDADDY?" It is not a strange New Age conceot that we can have that mind in us which is in Christ-Jesus; a mind EQUAL to God's. This is in Philippians 2:5-6.

So where does Christianity get the notion that it is blasphemy (they just love archaic words) to believe John 10:34? God's inerrant word, remember? Seriously, why does Chriatian interpretation that God is in an invisible and distant and remote heaven trump what their Bible (and all the 'Bibles' of history back to ancient Egypt) tell them? Christ is going to return? Who says he ever left? Christianity, that's who. God sends his only son to redeems the planet, and then the son leaves? That's like someone gewtting elected governor of a state, then leaving the state to live far away from it. If you hired someone to manage your business and that someone left the business and told you he or she would return thousands of years later astride a white horse, would you fire this person? I would! Can you explain it?

Paraphrasing John 10:34: "Hey, what's wrong with you people? How many times do I have to say it, "You are gods." "SHEESH"!!!!! Before, that is, it was changed by certain Christian cults to agree with their interpretation that God is on an invivible throne located somewhere in space within the solar system I presume Since Christianity believes there are no intelligen life forms anywhere else, why have a kingdom in another system?. I have also pointed out ad nauseum, all the other Bible scriptures that clearly point out that all is within each of us. For some reason, Christianity does not want to believe these scriptures. They prefer their interpretation. They need to read John 16:25 with a little hummility, bearing in mind the remote possibility we could be wrong. Of course, if we're proud of out humility?.................!!!

Is the Aquarian Age in the Bible? Yes it is!

While it is true that many New age people have turned to Esoteric teachings because they, as so many have told me, "want some answers", the Aquarian Age, called the New Age (actually, a much more accurate word would be the NEXT Age, for that is what it really is) has nothing to do with Eastern or Western religion. It has nothing at all, ZERO, to do with ANY religion.

Religion is the product of mind'a point in evolution at, or during, which it needs something to worship. Religion isn't a's an effect; an effect which becomes a Cause; what Cause? It causes our spiritual train to jump track for a time...severs our connection to Source, our God the Father withn. And, like a pool of water cut-off from the flow of the pure, clear, cold, waters of the mainstrean, becomes stagnant, scums-over and dies. This is what is happening to religion...all of them...East and West.

It is why we hear so much the words, "NO, I'm not religious, I'm spiritual". We (humanity) seem to have re-established contact with Source and to be getting back on track. This Source, this God the Father within, has several names depending upon your path.. The name "MONAD" is the one my path uses.

You can be a member of any one of the many religions or belong to none of them. You can be atheistic or agnostic. But If you can see it is time to eliminate the Causes of separation of the races and religions, a sparation mental at its root, you are an Aquarian. The overwhelming majority of Aquarians don't know they are because like so many, they equate New Age with Eastern religion. The only Eastern religions they see are the ones the media lets them see; the sensational, the ignorant and superstitious.

The Aquarian Age has no person in charge, no borad of directors; no dogmas or doctrines (except for that of openmindedness). It is not a club of which one is a member. You cannot 'join' it. There are no entrance ceremonies, scerte passwords of handshakes. It is simply a way of thinking; a way of thinking by those in process of exiting their tribal brain and becoming polarised in what has been called the Christ brain (another way of expressing our Baptism by Fire.

Human mind separates, divides, repels, is EXclusive. Christ mind is ever INclusive; that quality thought which eliminates all barriers to oneness, sharing, cooperation, to the One-Earth, One-Humanity, global mindsett. It is why Aquarians across the planet are so enthralled by Obama. If his Aquarian mind isn't overwhelmed by Picean, Old Age, thinking, he can do much good. We'll see.

In the Bible are the words "I (Christ mind), if I be lifted-up will draw all men to me." Sicne the prevalent thinking, especially in religions, is the opposite of this, it is hardly "Christ quality."

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