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April 14 2009 at 9:33 PM
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Response to Striver do you believe the Bible is infallable?

To begin, it is Christ mind, not Jesus which, according to Philippians 2:6 is equal to God mind. The Master Jesus is a completely different individual from the Christ. But the Bible does not deal with people. It deals with mind at differing stages of evolution.

The matter aspect of the planet is evolving towards attaining the frequency of that of the Word, the Logos, God, Melchizedek, the Ancient of Days (pick your favorite), that area of space out of which Earth is condensed. What the Purpose of planet Earth is will not even begin to be revealed to our brain until we have completed our Transfiguration process. When Father-Spirit fecundates Mother- matter, a third aspect is created. This aspect is called in the East the Christ Aspect. It is the catalyst that bring into at-one-ment (there i no Vicarious Atonement.) positive and negative energy. of the planet. In us, this Christ aspect brings our higher trinity of Spiritual Will, Love and mind into emergence with lower human will, love and mind. The success of the two, whether the planet or us, becoming one (pure electricity) rests entirely you might say, upon the shoulders of the Christ Aspect, individual or planetary. This Christ Aspect is symbolised by the woman in Mather 13:33.

It is that absolutely necessary Aspect which in us, if it performs it function, brings the higher trinity of Spiritual Will, Love and Active Intelligence down into the lower trinity of human will, love and mind.

It is humanity's job to become the woman in Matthew 13:33. It is why we are told to acquire Christ mind. If Christ mind isn't acquired by humanity, the life force of the seed atom Earth will not be transferred to the lower and the seed atom Earth will die, become nothing more than a slowly disintegrating obstruction in space.

The Bible Louis, is so full of profound information the existence of which Orthodox Christianity knows nothing. They are like a family living is a house built over a buried vast treasue. And the family doesn't even know it's there. I didn't know it either, until I got into Trans-Himalayan Philosophy. I taught classes in Eastern Philosophy from the KJV.

So yes, absolutely 'yew', the development of the Christ Aspect, form embryo to At-one-ment is absolutely essential.

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