June 22 2009 at 8:28 AM
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Response to Hummn...

According to my source, Love in Cosmos is the Law of Attraction as opposed to Repulsion.

In we humans spiritual love as opposed to emotional love is that catalyst type thinking that, repeating, eliminates all barriers to brotherhood and brings about at-one-ment. The density of all manifestation creates momentum preventing their merging, becoming one.

Our function (as souls, the yeast in the dough) is to raise the frequency of matter to that of pure electricity (Spirit), eliminating density and in the process eliminate the momentum preventing at-one-ment.


Expansion of spirit into its lowest possible frequency, matter.. The Prodigal Son leaving his father's home going far away from home. Involution.

Contraction. Matter having evolved to that frequency bringing it into resonance with, responding to, what some refer to as the Cosmic Magnet, the Word, the Logos.. The Prodigal Son arises and heads back to his origin, the father's home...pure electricity..

As far was the human race is concerned, this is why we have to acquire Christ mind. Christ mind is that quality mind which eliminates all barriers to brotherhood. The Bible has the Christ saying, "I, if I be lifted-up will draw all men to me." This is why all thought systems that cause anger thereby separating humanity is anti-Christ.

I can think of no better way to create anger than by sending missionaries to non-Christian nations telling them their belief system is Satanic.

The main purpose of my less than gentle approach to Christians on these boards is to let them see that just as I anger and perhaps hurt them, they anger and hurt non-Christians.

Just as my methods make Christians adamantly determined not to consider my path, they are doing the same thing with those they are trying to "save." Save from what, no one has ever seen. Christian zealots need to recognise and deal with the mote in their own eye...a full-time job.

This is what I think right now, at my current point in evolution. I would faint from surprise to find I am completely right. Not to worry. Not a chance I'll faint. Got to keep seeking and knocking. The only things I have ever seen which purposely cut itself off from ongoing, evolving mind is a stagnant pool.

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