They're coming out, continued

August 1 2009 at 9:03 AM
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Striver  (Login djwhal)

Response to They're coming out

You ain't seen nuthin, yet. People like myself are like the first pioneers who went West. The rest are to follow. What you see now is but a trickle of what's going to "come out." The dam is straining under the pressure placed on it by the new "need to know."

More Master D.K.

The little minds of men in their past and present stages of evolution cannot today and never have comprehended the mind and the purpose of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being.

They have interpreted God in terms of themselves. When someone accepts a doctrine or a dogma they are only accepting the point of view of some other fallible human being, and not accepting a divine truth at all. It is this distorted presentation of truth which has led humanity to the formulation of a body of doctrines about which Christ apparently knew nothing. Christ cared only that men should recognise that Bod is love; that all men are the children of the one Father and therefore, man's spirit is eternal and that there is no death. He longed that the Christ in every man (the innate Christ consciousness) should flower forth in all its glory, He taught that service was the key note of the spiritual life and that the will of God would be revealed.

These are not the points about which the mass of commentators have written. They have discussed ad nauseum how far Christ was divine and how far he was human, the nature of the virgin birth, the function of Paul as a Christin truth, the nature of Hell, salvation through blood, and the authenticity and historicity of the Bible.

Men have gone far today in the rejection of dogmas and doctrines and this is good and right and encouraging. It signifies progress, but, as yet, the churches fail to see the workings of divinity. Freedom of thought, the questioning of presented truths, a refusal to accept the teachings of the churches in terms of past theology, and a rejection of an imposed ecclesiastical authority are characteristic of creative spiritual thinking. This is regarded by orthodox churchmen as indicative of dangerous tendencies and as a turning away from God and consequently of a loss of the sense of divinity. It indicates exactly the reverse!!!!!!!!

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