Philippians 2:5-6

September 12 2009 at 9:15 AM
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Striver  (Login djwhal)

The following is offered for consideration. :

The word man is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for mind. This word is "Manas." As with so many words, 'Manas' become changed over time. The 'as' was dropped, leaving 'man.'

Sincere people, still operating from lower mind, came to identify "man...manas...mind" with the animal form mind uses to express itself. The brain being part of the objective form. Reptiles have brians, but do not have mind.

"Man," in its original meaning, referred to Mind, the human soul, our Christ within, our hope of glory (Col. 1:27).

It is mind then, which Genesis 3:22 tells us is going to become as one of them, a God to know both good AND evil Gods, as Genesis 3;22 and Philippians 2:6 says. This scripture marks the beginning of an evolutionary process that will culminate in animal instinct having become God mind, as Philippians 2:6 confirms.

Mind is subjective, not objective.

Surgeons can operate on the Brain, but not the mind.

Sincere people of Old, running these scriptures through the filter of lower mind and, being in their worship stage of evolution, quite naturally made the subjective, objective, created an object of worship, believing, quite to the contrary of their Bibles, that this object of veneration is "out there."

The problem these very sincere people are encountering (and with whom they are today clashing...mentally of course) is that, en masse, people are passing out of their worship stage and into their Participation stage of realization . In Bible terminology, they are exiting their River Jordan Baptism and entering their Baptism by Fire.

An old Eastern teaching, using symbol and allegory, says, speaking of that period of exiting the water and entering the fire is (paraphrasing) "When Fie and Water meet, steam results." This steam is touched upon in l Corinthians by the words, "For now, we see through a glass darkly, etc." The steam, the confusion, is graduall dispersed by the Fire analogous to fog being "burned away" by the sun.

Those still in their watery, emotional baptism (or even previous to that) see this "exiting the water and entering the Fire as a "falling away from God. It indicates, in reality, the opposite.

Religion, stuck in its smug, arrogant belief that it is special and that contains everything necessary for, as they call it, "salvation," has not kept abreast of the evolving quality of intellect.

Once again. Motion is a relative conceot. By standing stiil, they move away from us.

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