March 21 2011 at 7:44 PM
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I never accused you of not going to the ancient teachings at all Dave. I am saying that you do not respond generally with scriptures that support what you do believe, in order to prove me in error.

But usually do just what you did here in this post.

We are not given the ancient teachings at all written by other men to go by Dave. We are given the scripture instead.

Then we are told in many places to seek God for the understanding of those scriptures.

Whether it lines up with the ancient teaching of other men or not.

But I never said what your accusing me of in the beginning at all.

But yes, I am telling you that you put to much stock in something other than the scriptures. That I am saying. but you are certainly not the only one that does so over here either.

But IMHO the scriptures are what we are to go by entirely. But if you want to go by what others say they are saying, then go right ahead of course. I don't. And evidently neither did Luther at one time either. As have many others also over the years. Writing what they did not agree with their churches taught. And IMHO the reason this is going on because the falling away that Paul wrote about in 2 Thess. chapter 2, began to take place even before John died according to what he also wrote. As well as possibly the others too. So when did it take place. I believe it happened during the Dark Ages. That being why that period of time is called the Dark Ages. Much darkness taking place then. You do know what it means to be dark spiritually don't you? Just asking. And I am not the only one that sees this be true today either. Many others are also waking up to this truth also. Of course, I am sure most here won't agree of course. Because they are still looking for that to happen, because of what they were taught to believe. I disagree about that one.

But true, that does not mean there is not much darkness today either. As there certainly is. And I am not talking about a natural 24 hour period of day and night either. happy.gif

Some use scripture whenever it serves to prove what they have chosen to believe. But then reject or ignore others whenever it doesn't, but instead is contradictory to what they have chosen to believe. Instead of finding out why some do contradict others dealing with the same subjects.
Love in Christ,

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