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April 8 2011 at 9:56 AM
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Dave, there are very many belief systems all over this planet, and in most countries people are free to take one of them or none of them, or even invent their own. If you want to believe (whatever), I'm not stopping you! But what is meant by saying "follow him"? I think that you will agree that according to your favorite version of the bible something is true, but in some other version(s) of the bible it is different; so which of these is true? They can't be both true at the same time!
..... And I think we agree that, according to the bible, what Jesus has been teaching is NOT what Paul has been teaching. Because they differ they can't both be true at the same time, and obviously those who follow Jesus do not follow Paul; or are you saying that somebody can follow both of them at the same time?
..... As for God, I think there is only one, but there are many descriptions that differ, can they all be true nevertheless at the same time? Compare with what it says about God in the many religions! You are free to pick one of them, somebody else is free to pick another! Can more than one of them be true at the same time?
..... As for Christianities, there have been many deadly fights among members of different Christianities, different versions, different denominations, different sects, different cults, different groups, etc., see also for example
..... But the teachings being different they can't all be true at the same time! Which one of the is true? And if you pick one to be true are all others false?
..... Does that clear up what I've been saying? AGAIN: if two or more are different, then only one of them can be true, or maybe none of them. That's simple logic!

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