Re: Are there exceptions to a requirement for Baptism?

February 10 2012 at 1:43 AM
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Response to Re: Are there exceptions to a requirement for Baptism?

Because of what it says in the first 4 verses of chapter 14 about speaking in tongues given when we receive the Spririt. Which proves they are not the same as the divers kinds of tongues, that always has an interpretation following. That is why Paul told them not to speak in the tongues that are for their own edification, but only the gifts that are for the edification of those in the congregation Dave. Plus it tells us that tongues are the evidence of having received this baptism, as I said written in Acts chapter 10. Which is how Peter knew they house of Cornelius had received the baptism also. Then he commanded them to be baptized in the in the name of the Lord. Which is the same baptism as being baptized into or in the name of Jesus Christ. True, Johns baptism is not more. But the one that begun after Jesus Christ was baptized for the purpose of leading us to what we are to do after repenting, is still in effect to this day. Which is why those that Paul baptized in the name of the Lord recorded in Acts 19:5, just before they received the baptism in the Spirit is still for today for the purpose for God to do what He has promised to do written in Rm. 6:3 & 6. Which is why that is called a baptism of death. Not our own literal death and burial of course, but the death of the old man that brought forth sin within all mankind in the first place. So that the New man who is Christ Jesus can take over entirely within us Dave.

It is all there written in the scriptures I have given you. Of course. I never tell anyone something that isn't written to begin with. Whether they agree with me or not.

And that is the reason the writer of Hebrews, whether it be Paul or someone else, writes what He did about the foundational principles of christ in Hebr. 6:1-2. Writing baptisms rather than baptism there. Meaning that is what is required of one to be on that foundation to begin with according to what it says there, as well as in other places too. It just seems to bring it out more clearly for one to see in the scripture in Hebrews than some of the others told about what the first apostles did do and preach to begin with.

IMO many confuse the divers kinds of tongues told about in Rm. 12:10. Which I understand. Because both consist of one speaking in tongues. Except the divers kinds of tongues are to be used for the edifying of others, along with an interpretation of course. Whereas the tongues received when we are filled of baptized in the Spirit, or Holy Ghost, whichever, no matter, is for our own edification instead. This clearly being revealed the difference, if one catches what Paul is saying in 1st Corinthians chapter 14.

Hope this answers your question though, as to why I did ask. The answer being written in Acts 2:4, because IMO when it says all spoke, that means all spoke. Plus Acts 10:46 was the evidence they knew they had received the same baptism they received when all spoke. Or course, that proving that one can receive even before they are baptized in water because of what did happen there. But can one receive either before repenting or making that commitment to follow Christ Jesus before? That I would have to say no because of what Phillip asked the Eunuch before he baptized him in water even. Of course, in order to see this, one does have to study what they first church did do I believe.

And yes, the Lutheran church does not allow anyone to partake of the sacraments unless they are confirmed first in their church. Which is what Catechism classes was for. I didn't know if the Catholic church rebaptized others in water when they did join, if one had been baptized before. As I never did ask before I did stop going to the classes finally, whether they did do so if one was baptized elsewhere. Some churches do rebaptize one when you join their church. But anyway, those scriptures are some of why I do believe what I do.

If you do not begin right in the Lord, neither will you be able to continue on ending right either.
Pr. 10:11-12 "The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life, but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked. Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.


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