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February 10 2012 at 8:50 PM
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Response to Did "all" speak in tongues?

I have David. There it is speaking of all not speaking in the gift of tongues, which is what Paul then goes into talking about.

Let me ask you a question Dave? Do you honestly believe that God would choose you and I to receive the tongues that edifies us, yet it not be available to all others? And I would like an answer to my question only. Because that is the tongues that the first part of that is speaking of. The tongues that they were causing disruption by all speaking in them often when meeting with one another. Yet the one speaking being the only one edified then. And Paul was giving them instruction to stop doing this because it was disrupting the service unduly when it was not the gift of tongues in operation then for all to be edified by once the interpretation came forth.

So I am going to ask you if you really believe your God is going to give us something that only edifies us, and yet not offer it to everybody to receive that edification also?

I don't. And so yes, they all spoke in tongues when they received this baptism. It being a part of the baptism itself, along with the baptism of love apparently too.

Yet all do not operate in the same gifts, because we are a part of a body having different gifts. the understanding of this needing for you to read and study what is written in 1st Corinthians chapter 12. And of course, the love chapter being chapter 13.

So yes, I did read far enough finally to get the understanding of what Paul was talking about in that entire chapter. Plus I read back to where he does talk about the gifts also. But understand also that what is the greatest is the love that God gives to us that far surpasses all other things period. The love that many are beginning to diss the utter importance we do receive today unfortunately.

And one thing I came back here to tell you Dave, so that all knows. I am no antichatholic or anti any other religion that preaches Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior at all. What I am, is if I believe something is being taught that is in error, I am anti that. But even Jesus told his disciples to leave some alone that was not with him, because they were gathering other to him, not running them off. So anyone that does that I cannot be anti anything at all. True some are, but I am not. One reason is, I believe we all can be wrong about some things. And could be as long as we do walk seeing thru that dark glass still. Which IMO will be until we do go to be with him in that final resurrection that some are also trying to o away with even to this day written about in 2 Tim. 2:18. Which is why it says we are to walk in faith hope and charity, but the greatest of these is charity, written in the last verse in 1 Cor. chapter 13.

But it also speaks of the many that will lose that first love also written in Mt. 24:12-13.

I also totally understand your reluctance to see what I am saying there that Paul does teach in chapter 14 by comparing the tongues received that does edify us, compared to the gift of tongues, which true not all does receive. I have never given a message in tongues to this day. But I have received the tongues that is for ones own edification. As have you apparently also. But have you ever given a message to the body thru first speaking in the gift of tongues, which does require someone to give the interpretation? Most that do so, are usually gifted with both the tongues and the interpretation both.

Meaning sorry, but you need to rightly didive this time between the purpose of the tongues that do edify the speaker only, compared to those that are for the purpose of edifying the body instead in the ways that he teaches in that chapter following your scripture.

Which is why I asked you what I have asked you about.

Otherwise I would have said your right. And did believe so for a while, until the Lord revealed to me the difference in the purpose. But HE did.

If you do not begin right in the Lord, neither will you be able to continue on ending right either.
Pr. 10:11-12 "The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life, but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked. Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.


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