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March 29 2005 at 1:35 PM

Elliott  (Login EWJ)
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Response to WAAF titles

Sorry Kate, Berly Escot was the first place I looked for shoulder titles for foriegn service WAAF's. Only WAAF uniforms I could find are opposite page 104 - they show standard other rank shoulder eagles.

Yes I'd overlooked Trix Terwindt (Chicory) - there is only a limited amount of information on her in 'SOE in the Low Countries' by M.R.D. Foot. It might be worth a trip the the Public Records Office in Kew, West London to try find more about her since a lot of the SOE files are now in the public domain now.

SOE is a really good impression - as we get older and it becomes harder to convince people we're combat troops of whatever branch of service. Falling back on the Resistance and SOE who did take people well into the forties, the oldest woman sent into the field was 48.

SOE is also really good for women because the service was so egalitarian, you can do everything from participate tacticals, through 'show and tell' displays to living history events.

Is the uniform necessary to do SOE? No but it's nice to have to finish off the impression, and that's why we got it - it's only reallt to be used when your position has been formally liberated; giving you about 48 hours to wear it in France before General de Gaulle or his officials order you to leave the country - so much for gratitude

Sorry to go on, but my main ephasis for WWII reenacting of late has been on the SOE and trying to represent the organization properly.

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