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Why a new uniform...?

September 12 2006 at 12:55 PM
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Response to Re: New bloke, new RAF uniform

There is a question I have often wondered about with regards re-inacting, and that is why do you purchase a replia uniform, when there are so many real ones out there?

This is not meant to be a dig at all, but I am curious as to why. Obviously, on the up side, you can get a uniform made to measure and it is new.

On the downside, of course you have the problem of finding a uniform to fit (which may take a while), and when you do, is it some super uniform bedecked with medals and rank that is about to be pulled apart.

It makes me wonder, mainly because I have yet to see a very good replica uniform myself, and the price often seems to be two or three times the price of the genuine article. Battle Dress just does not seem to be available in the real rough serge, and insignia usually looks very repro.

I must admit that flying kit, although expensive does seem to be available in the repro world with a convincing look (Steve Silburn's superb B Type Helmets and D Masks).

Is there any other reason why items such as post war (converted) tunics are not used so often? They certainly have a more authentic look.

Just wondering...

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