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Not bad...

January 13 2007 at 3:45 AM
Alex  (Login gate1)
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Response to Bad News.

Thanks for that AJ, not bad news at all. 'Part Worn, Serviceable' makes more sense and something I can relate to. When I was in a Commando Gunner Regiment a few years back one of my jobs in stores was to return what seemed to me to be perfectly good kit to depots for disposal. This included webbing which was usually just worn but had no tears or ripps. I guess if stamped it was done after and sold on the open market or as you say, given to cadets and the like.

The BD I have I was thinking of keeping after I saw the 'PWS' stamping. I hadn't been particularly aware of it before but I got it out the other day and it struck a chord, which must have been Mick Prodgers ebay listing of similar where he stated it as Prisoner of War Service.

Would also explain Gerry's mention of having a number if similarly marked BDs.

If POW I would have kept it, but as not I don't feel so bad about parting with it.

Thanks again, something else learnt!

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