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Reproduction or Fake

July 31 2007 at 5:38 AM
Hylton  (Login Hylton_)
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Response to 'Eagle Squadron' badges..

I have no real problem with “Reproduction” badges, however direct copies or “Fakes” are something else.

Copying English hallmarks is illegal and comes with fairly hefty penalties. Under English law and the Hallmarking Act each piece (including sub-components) is individually assayed (tested) and if it passes it is marked, if it fails the normal remedy by the Assay office is to destroy the piece. Occasionally they will allow the maker (Sponsor) to remove an offending component, and after remanufacture resubmit the piece.

In theory if the badge does carry fake hallmarks and was purchased by a buyer from the UK it could be destroyed, as it may be deemed an illegal piece at the point of import. Special arrangement can be made with the Assay Office to remove the illegal marks and for the piece to be assayed and correctly hallmarked with modern marks including that of an imported article.

I have seen a number of these badges (without the DFC addition) appear for sale over the past couple of years that indicate that someone was faking them, as a casting split line was evident.

It will be interesting to hear of the response from the seller to the questions that have been asked of them.

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