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Badge ID

May 28 2008 at 12:39 PM
Alex  (Login gate1)
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Response to Help with badge ID please

Hi Gerry

The top badge is a sweetheart badge which has been made from an officers side cap badge, and probably gilded. it looks like it might have been a sand cast badge possibly too. You can see where the screw thread has been removed from the centre back of the crown.

The second badge is an eagle from an officers cap badge with bend over prongs, one of which is missing. The eagles came with fixings of screw thread (normally for side cap or used as a 'pathfinder' eagle), a pin fitting (sweetheart or pathfinder badge) or bend over prongs (usually the Officers cap badge only, as constant removal would result in the prongs breaking).

The last badge is almost certainly a decorative broach as its not fine enough for an issue badge. saying that it might be a decorative badge worn on something like a bandsmans kilt or the tartan 'shawl' worn across the shoulder (I'm sure there is a proper name for it but I dont know it!). I have a similar RCAF Badge about twice normal size in chromed finish worn by a bandsman. Again, its slightly rough so might be sand cast. There is a possibility it might be Indian Air Force, but if so, again probably some sort of ceremonial badge.

The first and second badges face the 'wrong' way, ie to the left rather than the normal right. I have seen numerous badges like this although admittedly not on a peaked cap badge. But the bend over prongs are characteristic of both the eagle and the Chaplains badge worn on the officers / chaplains cap badge.

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