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Stoneleigh Show

February 2 2009 at 5:01 AM

Ben  (Login Philip.ed)
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Response to Re: SAAF Sergeant BD

Thanks for the kind words Dave, I look forward to the updates. As I have mentioned, if I get the right amount from eBay then I will be onto you ASAP about those b-types. Currently though I have no school (I love snow!) so I may try and find some time to tidy the suit up. I may ask you about those buttons...

On another subject, one of the lens of my mark IV goggles has a crack in it, so does anyone know if I can find replacements? (I'm leaning towards you Paul as you had some mark VIII lenses on eBay). I don't find it detremental to the appearance, but I would (maybe) like to repair the lenses. This is the only real negative factor about the goggles, otherwise they are in mint condition as the rubbers are still in soft and supple condition.

Dave, with regards to your website-is it possible to have a sold section where one can view all the items you have sold? Also, when an item says SOLD can the price still be displayed so that, if it sells quickly, we know how much for. wink.gif

Lots say that the show was poor, but I find that if you find an item-then it makes it seem a whole lot better. The other week my father went to the Hildenborough show which, to say the least, is a very poor affair. At the show there are literally only 4 dealers, in a hall about 20ft by 17ft. However, my father managed to find an early Martini Henry rifle (mark 2) for about £240-at least £400 les than the current market value. It goes to show that even poor fairs can turn up good items. On another note, what is the best fair for RAF gear?



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