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Re: Poppers on Helmet - not mask

June 17 2009 at 11:47 AM

Ben  (Login Philip.ed)
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Response to Poppers on Helmet - not mask

That's right, but I think the other Chris mean the poppers attached directly to the b-type. Earlier I pointed out that all sefton's helmets have them above the triangular reinforcement and that on most original ones I've see the studs have gone slightly below that. Chris is pointing out that the studs could have been attached by a tailor to suit the wearer's face; so there is no 'size 1 b-types have them down low' and 'size 4 b-types have them higher'. Although in my opinion this difference in positioning is consequential of the helmet's size. wink.gif

If I've interpreted Chris wrong, and he means the d-mask studs, then what Neil said is correct.

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