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Rank Lace and Khaki Caps

April 23 2010 at 10:23 AM
Paul O  (Login paultax2)
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Response to Re: FC Summer uniform


Alex is correct, the rank lace is a different color than the RAF/RCAF rank lace. In my close up photo of the rank it appears that the "Star" and the lace are different colors. They are not, this is a "camera flash" mirage. They are all the same color and the color of the star is the true color.

Also I believe (Alex, help me out here) that the civilian contract pilots that were hired and flew for Ferry Command were given commercial airline rank, not military rank. So they would have held ranks such as "First Officer", "Captain" etc. They would not have had the rank of "Pilot Officer", Flight Lt." etc. I think the rank that is on the uniform I own is for an aircraft "Captain", thin rank braid sandwiched between two medium rank braids. The "Star" was allowed to be worn above the rank braid after so many cross oceanic trips. I thought I read somewhere 5 but Alex has previously mentioned 10. I'm not certain.

Regarding the khaki summer caps, again I believe Alex may have hit the "nail on the head". This obviously pertains to civilian contract Ferry Command flyers only, but since they were required to be uniformed in case they were downed and captured, they probably wore whatever uniform they then possessed or acquired one to suit the route they were assigned. In my previous post I show two examples of Kahki summer weight US visor caps being worn, true not the official and normal cap but probably much more practical and suitable if flying the southern routes. Again, I am almost certain that these "loose uniform regs" applied only to civilian contract flyers and not military personell seconded from the RCAF/RAF.

Paul O

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