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ATA Ranks

May 4 2010 at 6:16 PM
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Response to Re: Ferry and Transport Command.

You are pretty much right Steve, although ATA ranks were worn on the shoulder of course rather than around the cuff. ATA ranks were as follows:

1 thin band - Cadet
1 medium band - 3rd Officer
1 thin band above 1 medium band - 2nd Officer
2 medium bands - 1st Officer
1 thin band between two medium bands - Flight Captain
2 thin bands between two medium bands - Captain
3 medium bands - Commander
4 medium bands - Senior Commander
1 thick band - Commodore (there was only one who remained in his post for the entire war)

In addition there were two other aircrew ranks. Three gold chevrons signified a Flight Engineer (who didnt carry one of the 'officer' ranks), whilst a Senior Flight Engineer wore an ATA medalion, which was the ATA badge in grey rayon on a dark circle on both sleeves (the same badge was worn as a single above the left breast pocket by ground engineers).

I'll get around to digging out some photos.

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