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July 9 2010 at 1:00 PM
Paul Mathias  (Login havocpaul)
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Response to To those with a lot of Money...latest Eastman Jacket

This jacket has been discussed plenty on the VLJ Forum, it has had excellent comments particularly as one member now has one and posted photos of it being worn. The price is indeed expensive but is indicative of the rare hide and work that goes into making each jacket. It is quite possible to buy an original for around this price but how comfortable would one be wearing a rare jacket and its obvious weaknesses from age, no matter how good condition an original may be it will be more fragile than a 'new-build'. I would personally order one of these having owned Eastman 'RAF Jackets' (Irvins! Can't stand the fact the poor repros from Aviation Leathercraft are the only ones allowed to use the name 'Irvin'!!) before and they are excellent reproductions. They now offer the only repro of the 'late-war' Irvin and have produced IMO a real gem.

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