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July 13 2010 at 5:07 AM
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There are several things to consider when buying a 'repro' jacket. In the case of my A2, I love the jacket (as iconic as the white T shirt and Levis) but a) could not afford a genuine one, b) would not really wish to wear a genuine one day to day, and c) also wanted a 'plain' one, no insignia or motifs. Bearing in mind that many genuine ones are quite worn, I really only had the option then of a 'repro'. I looked at loads, on ebay, in shops, on websites and other places, and also searched out 'A2 websites' where people have debated the original item and also the available repros. My aim was to get a well made, affordable and accurate jacket, and it really only led to Eastmans. I was doubly lucky as I went to see them, and there as a 'second', was the exact size, style and colour I wanted at about £100 off. It had a small mark on the sleeve which has disappeared with wear, and i got a bargain! Ive had people in the street say what a nice jacket it is and where did I get it. I can wear it everyday in all weathers and dont risk a new jacket.

In the case of Irvins, there are some appalling versions out there, most with patch pockets on and bright yellow fleece. I have an original superb condition Irvin that is wearable, but it stays in the cupboard. However, if I was as passionate about wearing one, i'd go to the same lengths to get a good one and Eastman would be the first stop. Bear in mind that £700.00 is for this particular Irvin, a rare style, which to a large extent is for the purists. Its good enough to wear day to day, accurate enough to hang on a manniquin fully kitted up, and quality enough to keep its value in years to come. Eastman's other Irvins are equally good, but cheaper. I would add that in my mind, the photo of the 'Devon' Irvin on the website does not do the jacket justice, as the fleece looks particularly long, while the collar looks fairly normal, and not a good match. In person, the one I saw had a far better match between collar and jacket fleece and was far better inside and out than the website example.

Chatting to Gary on Saturday, he made the point that they looked around other manufacturers worldwide and for the quality and accuracy they were the cheapest. I cant say how accurate that is, but its probably true. One thing that Eastman arguably have over other companies is the name. Buying a second hand Eastman, nicely worn in, is for many people, as good as getting an affordable original.

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