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Re: Honest?

August 26 2010 at 5:40 AM
Alex  (Login gate1)
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Response to Honest?

I see where youre coming from Bob, but the 'VR' badge was abolished in early 1943, and although worn by many for some time after, had largely gone by the end of the war. In this case though, in the years after the war, it was replaced by 'VRT', so although 'VR' might have been ignored by many, as it was superceeded he would be incorrectly dressed.

I emailed the seller before seeing the note here, and he says he's selling it for a friend. I'd think likely as he generally seems to know his stuff well, judging by many previous listings. But I think its been badged up by someone to look WW2, maybe innocently, maybe by a reinactor. Question moreso is the POW connection. Are the bids going in because of that interest? If a genuine WW2 caot, then in theory it would have been worn by him at the time he was shot down (not actually in the aircraft of course). However, if post WW2, the interest decreases, in the same way any post WW2 uniform does.

But I odnt think the errror is intentional on the part of the seller.

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