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breeches were used

December 9 2011 at 1:11 AM

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The book RAF Hawkinge in Old Photographs as collected by Roy Humphries shows an officer wearing breeches worn with shoes and puttess to the knee and SD tunic as late as 1932. Also, 25 squadron's CO, S/L Probyn did his weekly inspection of the station on horseback and was active in the East Kent Hunt. Also, there is a group photo of all of 25 Squadron's NCO and WOs dated 1929 and they are all wearing SD tunics and breeches with shoes and puttess to the knee. There is another photo of all the officers from about the same date that shows the 9 pilots in the front row all wearing breeches and shoes with puttees to the knee along with their SD tunics. I can't see what the pilots in the back row are wearing. Obviously, breeches in both serge and barathea existed and were widely worn. How long? As long as a horse was around.....

Probyn routinely flew his Westland Widgeon Knig's Cup racer in formation with the squadron....and when he was not around, the 'erks pulled their homebuilt gliders out of the hangars and were towed aloft by squadron aircraft to catch some ridge lift along the south downs. The salad days....lots of leeway.


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