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April 21 2012 at 1:23 PM

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Afternoon all, just thaught i would share with some of you my good fortune from this afternoon. whilst spending a long wet day in norwich i finally gave up to go home, when walking back to the car i noticed a shop with "antiques, collectibles, vintage and retro" written on the outside. i went in to look around, not alot there, but tucked away in the bottom corner of a cabinet a small yellow thing caught my eye. on further inspection i realised it was a 1941 pattern mae west skull cap. swiftly calling the attendant over he got it out for me, didnt know what it was, or what it was worth and said "call it 6 quid mate?" to which i swiftly paid up and left the shop!! what an absolute bargain!!!!

RAF Honington

everything is history, lets preserve it and educate others.

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