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Cleaning Tips

January 14 2005 at 8:45 PM
Paul O.  (Login paultax2)
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Hi Everyone,

Was just wondering if any of you might impart some knowledge about cleaning an RAF Visor Cap. It's just I'm not sure if dry cleaning for a cap is an option. The cap is in solid condition, but it is a bit "grubby", apparently from uncovered storage. I normally do not try to clean my collection items, as part of me has always felt you are wiping away history. However I felt this particular cap would benefit from some cleaning. Didn't want to try Woolite unless I know it's an option. Your help and tips are greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

Paul O.

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Re: Cleaning Tips

January 14 2005, 8:50 PM 

I too have something I want to clean. It is an old KD tunic and it is abit grubby, does anybody have tips on cleaning it?


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Drycleaning---many different ways to clean valuable goodies...

January 15 2005, 1:57 PM 

I have been cleaning delicate and valuable items for quite some time. Most recently a very soiled SD cap that was otherwise lovely. I also have a wide range of delicate costume items, virtually all of which are very pricy to replace and fragile to say the least.

Here's the bottom line as I've discovered...there are a wide range of cleaners out there, some know what they're doing with delecates, some have no clue.

Since you're talking about a checmical process, there are a number of variables, that are probably not on topic enough to get into in detail on this list. You simply need to go in, take your item, talk to the manager, not a sales clerk, and explain the situation..."This is quite valuable, and delecate...not replacable, required extra care etc.

If they hesitate, or seem glib, off to the next place. There are a number of specialty cleaners that handle vintage items...that's what you really want, someone who's comfortable taking a little extra care, and not just running your prize piece through the mill.

Also, there are places that specialize in hat cleaning. For a framed officer's cap, that's highly reccomended, they know how to protect sweat bangs and shaping etc.

A little time in the phone book, and then on the phone, is a very good investment, don't just dash off to the corner cleaners, or you will pay for your excitement in more than one way... Professional cleaning can be very rewarding, I've cleaned several officer's caps, and the results are spectacular...just don't expect to dial back the hands of time completely!

Best of luck!


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