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Re: To Mr. DENG

May 6 2012 at 9:44 AM

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That anon said it perfectly. I feel no need to defend myself, and honestly I'm having trouble following your logic. I started to type out the path of your logic as I saw it, but I you mentioned being exhausted by lists, so out of consideration, I skipped it. You're welcome.

I can't imagine how bored all you facebookers must be if you spend so much time discussing me. If you had these discussions on the board, imagine how much life it would bring to the board. But then you'd have to face the wrath of big bad scary Appy!

And I'll tell you I had fun on the board last week, Friday alone I think I laughed out loud four times. That's a win in my book, maybe the problem isn't me, or the anons or the violater or the other regs who are still having fun, maybe the problem is YOU.

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