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Celeb stuff

May 14 2012 at 1:51 PM

Squid Boy  (Login SquiddyBoy)


Feel free to add...

* Adam Levine apparently called Xtina a "Fucking C***" in front of like 70 people at the Voice. Apparently she shows up 2 hours late every day, and attempts to 'fine' her for not being on time have had no effect. When she's there she also supposedly fairly tough.

* Tan mom wants to do Playboy now. I'm quite sure the world will implode on itself if this happens, so please Hef - NO!

* Octo-mom publicly gave advice to Tan mom, and said she doesn't think she deserves to lose her kid. OK, so I guess what you're saying is that the apocalypse already happened and this is the after, right? I was left behind?

Shows canceled this season for sure:

ABC: GBC, The River, Missing, Pan Am, Work It, Man Up, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Charlie's Angels

NBC: Are You There, Chelsea?, Awake, Bent, Best Friend's Forever, Harry's Law, The Firm, Prime Suspect, Playboy Club, Who Do You Think You Are and Free Agents

CBS: CSI: Miami (click here to enter David Caruso's one liner In Memoriam), Gifted Man, How To Be A Gentleman, Unforgettable, Rob and NY 22

FOX: Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Breaking In, The Finder, I Hate My Teenage Daughter and Allen Gregory

The CW: Ringer, The Secret Circle and H8R

OTHER MOVES: 30 Rock and Gossip Girl will have their last seasons next season, Community was banished to Fridays with Whitney and Glee has been moved to Thursdays.

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