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3 Girls, 1 Thread

May 21 2012 at 5:11 PM

Anny  (Login AnnyBoo)


Random girls in the news.

I keep hearing how Miley wowed everyone at the Billboards. Really? I think she looks like she forgot her pants. And her hair? GAG! Also having your top split down to your waistline is so yawn overdone in HW now. Rihanna wears it about every out fit now.

So ... wow or no wow?


Pam Ward - college football announcer
No more. She was the first female announcer (2000). She was HORRIBLE, IMO. I couldn't stand to listen to her. She was painfully slow and she didn't come across of really getting the game at all. If I had the option to watch a different game from one she was announcing, I would - unless it was Brent Musburger announcing because I hate him more.

I read some whispering online that she got "too old" for the game. Ridiculous. I think she got 12 bonus years.

Khloe Kardashian
The new season started last night and I caught it totally by accident. YES YES I KNOW IT IS SCRIPTED. The major drama was rumors that Khloe isn't a real Kardashian (ex wives of her dad saying it was a death bed confession by him that khole isn't, coupled with her mom Kris' tell all book - or MEMWAH as Kris calls it - that admits Kris had an affair at 30, which coincides ever so nicely with Khloe's birth). JUST TAKE THE STUPID DNA TEST! I would, wouldn't you?

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