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Re: It's a parent thing - You wouldn't understand.

May 23 2012 at 10:39 PM
Wedding Dude 2012  (no login)

Response to Re: It's a parent thing - You wouldn't understand.


Says someone who can't even be assed logging in here.


I haven't baited anyone. I simply took exception to the implication that people who have children inevitably think their children are angels while everyone else thinks their children are whiny and bratty. It is sometimes true. It is not always the case.

A troll subverts a place. This place seems to already have a lot of posters who love ganging up on someone who disagrees with them; like 'Hello Kitty' avatar with her cyber high fives in the form of 'LOL'. Did I ask her to write LOL when her pal wrote some sort of degrading b.s. statement about my children? She is pretty good at making herself look bad without my supposed 'trollin'.

Supposing though I were a 'troll'. I think that would make 'Hello Kitty' look twice as stupid for 'feeding the troll'.

Maybe being single without having children makes many of the people who come to this bored pretensious self-centered idiots; the sort of ilk that find it amusing to call people who are married with children 'breeders'.

I guess they've forgotten that 'breeders' are responsible for their being here.

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