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Re: Wedding Question

May 26 2012 at 12:10 AM
Wedding Dude 2012  (no login)

Response to Re: Wedding Question


You convey this image that Hello Kitty is some weak, timid introvert the way you console her with your 'woe is me' crud. I'm certain that if she is a mother she is a little less thin-skinned than you give her credit for.

I read a lot of smug b.s. comments about my children . . . & I don't see you giving me any sympathy.

I was stating an honest opinion, not being a troll. I thought a lot of the feedback was demeaning towards me & my children. There was this 'breeder' rigamarole and implications that my children are whining brats without every having met them. I said my honest opinion and suddenly I am a troll??? WTF?

This place is clannish & fucked up with the way you rally around one another and take delight in hurling abuse at someone who dares to say that maybe they aren't altogether thrilled with everything written here. You accuse me of being a troll & have this 'blame the victim' mentality. I thought this site was meant for people down on their luck & this is what I got?

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