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Haters Gonna Hate

July 21 2012 at 12:57 PM
Magus  (no login)

Some comments from the widget on the main site:


Don't let Zombie Bite Me. [Monday, July 16, 2012]: This site is now a zombie. It's so dead.


OddTodd [Monday, July 16, 2012]: Coolio! I love zombies!


Guest [Thursday, July 19, 2012]: I think what they mean is this site is a steaming pile of crap rotting in the summer sun. There is nothing cool about this place. It is hook on life support when the plug should have been pulled long ago. It this place was a physical location it would be covered in dust. The furniture would be covered in sheets. All the windows would be broken. Wild animals would live in the rooms and trees would be growing through the floor. This site is by no means cool.


OddTodd [Friday, July 20, 2012]: Sounds like a perfect atmosphere for zommmmbbiees... Love it!


Office Jedi [Friday, July 20, 2012]: Everyone is hanging out on the Daily Fact Board. When the day happens for Todd, this place will be even more empty.

I predict the site will shut down within a year and Todd will focus on his business "Odd Todd Studios".

Guest [Friday, July 20, 2012]: "Everyone" is not hanging out on the daily fact board. A few losers are hanging out on the daily fact board.

I predict in a year Todd will still be posting YouTube videos, recycling content and saying "sorry for stuff coming"

Office Jedi [Friday, July 20, 2012]: How do you know they're losers? Plus there is more than a "few" of them.

Also Todd is already saying "sorry for stuff coming". He's a slacker at heart, but bust his balls when the real important stuff comes.

Jeez man. Lighten up.


Guest [Saturday, July 21, 2012]: There are not more than a few of them. It is the same sad cast of characters every day. Fugure in all the alts and that place us almost as empty as the rest of the site.

Todd has apologized for slacking and promised new stuff several times over the past couple of years. Of course new things never come. He likes to pretend it is because he is busy but really he is just tired of maintaining this worn out site. He probably realizes he isn't all that funny.

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