Hercules XS-B4, XS-B4-1, XS-B4-2

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from the instruction sheet for my Hercules XS-B4-2A:
XS-B4 XS-B4-1 XS-B4-2
The XS-B4 series is a general type air rifle of spring piston class. It is suitable for recreational shooting, military training, hunting, etc. It adapts the underbarrel cocking lever to press air and the barrel is fixed. The XS-B4-1 is based on the XS-B4, added a frame of the rear sight glasses, The XS-B4-2 is based on the XS-B4-1, added a trigger safety system.

aparently they at one time made all the models, and as with most companies, they probably sell out extra parts, or mfg products for the "lowest bidder" with whatever parts are available, or sold their excess to another mfg for assembley with whatever parts avaiable.

The quality of the Xisico Hercules guns have come a long way since I got my 1st one about 3 years ago. The metal work on my newest Hercules Xisico XS-B4-2A is far superior to that of the XS-B7. The stock, however still came with the mustard/duck sauce finish. Unlike my B7 which was covered with packing oil, my XS-B4-2A came pretty dry and only required a light wipedown to clean it up. Diesleling went away within 50 shots. All I have done is removed the stock and used some Shooters Choice red grease on the visable part of the spring, lubed the pivot points and trigger. Accuracy and power are compareable with my "lube tuned B7" Shooting ragged one holers off hand in the shop and getting quarter sized groups at 20 yards. It must be pretty consistant, shot it yesterday for the 1st time in almost 2 weeks and had to make no sight adjustments.

Make sure you are dealing with a "genuine" Xisico dealer if you want the real McCoy as there is a lot of crap being sold out there.

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Posted on Feb 15, 2004, 5:40 AM
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