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Comparison of the Five Sorting Methods

September 26 2002 at 12:47 PM
Mac  (Premier Login iorr5t)

Response to Five (5) sorts comparison program


Five sorts are provided in the post above:

This is the sort that Solitaire published and named the "Shell" sort. I don't think it is, but there are conflicting definitions on the web.

Looking at
it seems like this matches QuickSort more than Shell.

Anyway, I tried it on 10,000 numbers and it ran in 18 seconds.

This is the sort that has been called the "Bubble" sort many times in the QBasic forum. I believe that "Selection" is the correct name.
Anyway, I tried it on 10,000 numbers and it ran in 518 seconds.

This is the correct "Bubble" sort. I didn't try it because it is always even worse than the Selection sort.

This is the correct "Shell" sort (I think).
Anyway, I tried it on 10,000 numbers and it ran in 24 seconds.

This is the correct version, I think.

Sorting an array of 10000 elements
S = Results when sorting an already Sorted file
U = Results when sorting an unsorted (random) file

  S      U    Sort Used
----- ------  ---------
0.16   1.92  Solitaire
56.08  77.88  Selection
0.00 249.09  Bubble
3.71  22.01  Shell
0.17   0.33  QuickSort

Conclusion: For large tables, the QuickSort is best and even if the table is previously sorted, you don't loose much time.

For short tables (less that 100 elements) I would use the Selection sort, as it is easiest to code.


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