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East Timor

June 3 2006 at 7:06 AM
Howard's fault 

AUSTRALIA is "absolutely responsible" for the East Timor crisis because it pushed so hard for independence but withdrew before the country was stable, a member of Indonesia's parliamentary committee on foreign affairs has declared.
Breaking with Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda's line that East Timor's problems were its own affair, Amris Hasan said Australia's intentions in the former Indonesian province were "never innocent" and that Canberra was paying for its regional ambition.

"Indonesia has no responsibility for this mess, but Australia does. East Timor really shouldn't be independent at all - they were not ready for it - but one of the reasons they are is because Australia pushed for that."

From The Australian,20867,19346283-601,00.html

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Why Australia wants "regime change" in East Timor

June 3 2006, 8:48 AM 

WSWS : News & Analysis : Asia : East Timor

Why Australia wants "regime change" in East Timor
By Nick Beams
30 May 2006

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Hmm-when will Oz want regime change in PNG?

June 3 2006, 9:34 AM 

I assume it will be if/when we take charge of our own affairs and stop letting the resource extraction countries rip us off. Like the gas pipeline to Oz to create Aussie jobs and help Aussie development while the customary landowners above the gas remain pretty much as they have for thousands of years, even after the gas companies have come, taken what they wanted, then left.

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did you watch SBS news tonight?

June 26 2011, 7:58 PM 

If you get this im wondering if you watched the SBS news about Rio Tinto's dealings with BogaNVILLE and the PNG government. 26/06/11.

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Re: Hmm-when will Oz want regime change in PNG?

June 29 2011, 3:06 PM 

They have always wanted their boys to be in power in PNG. Mekere na Bart stap yet..ol boi blo ol Aussie.the so-called coconuts

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