by The Godfather

*The sweet sounds of funk hit the speakers as the crowd gets to their feet. Signs are held up into the air reading things like "PIMPIN AINT EASY" and
"HOOOOO TRAIN" and "PIMPIN NATION WIDE." The Godfather steps through the curtain followed by four hos. The crowd's volume level raises another
level as the Godfather struts down the ramp followed by the four sensual hos. The crowd goes wild as the ladies bend over and enter the ring. The Godfather swings his pimp cane in the air as the fans go wild. He grabs a mic.*

Godfather- Now before we get started I just want to know. Do we got any pimps up in this HOUSE??

*The fans go wild as the men in the crowd yell and cheer for the hos.*

Godfather- Well now you know that the Godfather has been Pimpin Nation Wide Twenty four hours seven days a week. SO ROLL A FATTY FOR YOUR PIMP DADDY AND LET ME HEAR YA SAY PIMPIN AINT EASY!!!

*The Godfather holds the mic into the air as the fans yell PIMPIN AINT EASY!*

Godfather- Well as you all saw this past Monday night, the Godfather has taken the first step to retaining the GWF World Title!!

*The fans go wild.*

Godfather- Tank Abbott made the smartest decision in his life by taking the hos and steping down from me. But who could blame him? These are some fine GENUINE hos. Now as for my next opponent, X-pac.

*X-pac fans cheer as the pimp lovers go nuts.*

Godfather- First of all that girl of yours Tori....I just want to say right now that there is a seat waiting for her on board the ho train!! So anytime she wants to screw with a real man, tell her to come get her boarding pass!

*The crowd goes nuts for the Godfather.*

Godfather- X-pac this Friday night. Me and you are gonna meet in this tournament for the GWF World Title. now X-pac I think you know right now that you dont stand a chance against the Godfather. I suggest you leave Tori behind and accept my hos just like Tank did, or else you are gonna get the ass whoopin of a lifetime. So tonight, when you step into this ring, you'll get to make your choice. The hos, or the beating. Its up to you. And dont you dare come out here trashing my ladies saying stupid sh** like you did last time. Everyone knows my hos are the finest most wonderful ladies in the world, cause the Godfather only works with the best!!!

*The crowd cheers for the Godfather as his music picks up. The ladies get real close to him and begin grinding with him. They work there way out of the ring and up the ramp and exit as the fans cheer loudly.*

Posted on Apr 28, 2000, 8:11 AM

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