Partner for me

by Raven and Partner

***New Jack is fighting Blu Meanie in the ring when Raven is seen coming down the ramp. He walks around the ring a couple of times and than walks back up the ramp and to the back***

------------------------------------Thursday Night---------------------------------------------

***New Jack is beating on Norman Smiley and Raven again walks down the ramp and walks around the ring and this time leans on the apron and watches. New Jack has Smiley on the turnbuckle and goes for a superplex but Smiley tosses him off. Smiley wants to go for a splash but the Ref's head is turned and Raven slides into the ring and knocks Smiley onto the mat and picks him up and Evenflow DDT's him. He slides out and New Jack goes for the cover and gets the 1,2,3. New Jack looks at Raven confused. Raven just smiles and walks up the ramp and Jack follows behind him***


***"Come out and Play" hits the speakers and the one they call Raven steps through the curtain and onto the stage. He paces back and forth a couple of times than approaches the ring with a huge smerk on his face. He jumps into the ring and slouches into the corner with a mic***

"Raven"- Well BUff I have found myself a tag partner. I just have one thing to say to Buff's partner. You better trust him because he might just leave you in the gutter as he did wit me so.....***Buff's Music cuts him off and Buff is seen on the ramp***

Buff- Excuse me Raven but i assure you that me and my tag partner will kick your ass all over the place on Friday. Remember I"M BUFF AND I AM THE STUFF!!!!

***New Jacks music blares through out the GWF arena. The fans jump up on chairs screamin and chatin "New Jack New Jack....". He stands on the stage***

New Jack~Well well well Raven wants me for a partener........well im not to sure i know u have helped me in my previous match Norman Smiley and i thank you for that but since u need some help now to beat the livin shit outa buff and his special mystery partner what the hell i feel like givin a few people a good ass whoopin cuz GWF needs some action aound here***Fans go nuts cheering for someone to get the shit beat outa them***and buff, who has no stuff, and his gat ass msytery partener r gonna be the first to get a pure ass whoopin to start GWF back up***

***Buff does not see that Raven slips outta the ring and pulls out a chair***New Jack goes backstage and pulls out the "Can of Plunder" from the back and Buff starts to walk backwards to the ring. He turns around and gets met with a steel chair to the face from Raven. Raven throws Buff into the ring and Jack follows with his can. Raven unfolds the chair behind Buff and Jack cracks a crutch over Buff's back and Buff turns around and gets drop toe hold face first into the steel chair. New Jack reaches into his pocket and slowly pulls out a.....STAPLE GUN!!

JR- O MY GOD!!! He pulled out a staple gun!! Whats he gonna do.

***Jack puts the gun up to Buff's head and staples it!!!!!!(ouch)He turns around and gets Evenflowed DDT'd. Raven grabs a mic***

"Raven"- Get up BITCH!!! Where's you partner now!!! HUH!!!

***New Jack points to the balcony and the fans go crazy. Raven gets a table and drags Buff and the table under the balcony while Jack takes the steps to the top!! Raven bashes Buff in the head and puts him out cold and slides him onto the table!! New Jack points down at Buff and the crowd goes wild!!

KING- He's crazy-no one would do that!!

***Jack raises his hands and jumps 50 ft. from the ground and crashes through Buff through the table!!!***

***While the crowd is still going wild, Raven, still with a smerkon his face helps New Jack up and walk through the crowd and out of the arena while Medical Personel help Buff Bagwell***

JR- I can't believe he did that, what a crazy person. Raven has posessed Jack some how and made him crazy.

KING- I wonder if Buff will be 100% by tonight???

Posted on Jun 23, 2000, 2:00 PM

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