The solution from my personal experiment.

by Aly Salem (no login)


Royal Gel is the nutrition of the bees queen,You can bring it from any
Apicultur,But you have to be confident about him because it's so easy
to be atulterated and you'd never know,I put 20 Gm of pure royal gel on 1Kg of
Natural White Honey that is extracted from mountain herbs,Each day in the
morning I take a big spoon and a half cup of mineral water and i don't eat
for 2 hours after that.
Also i do some exercises like jumping(500 times per day)...By the 3rd month,
I discover an increase of about 1 inch in my height then each month i've
gained 1 inch ie,I used this method for about 2 months without any increase
in my height ,By the end of the 3rd month,I've gained 1 inch then each
month later i've gained about 1 inch till the end of the seventh month
,Then i stopped because i think it's enough to increase the height from
5"8' to 6"1'....So believe me try it and you'll never regret,But buy both
the honey and the Royal Gel from a trusted Apicultur,Because if they're
atulterated,They'll never work,Try to find Honey that is extracted from,
mountain herbs it'll work better than others,
I had brought this method from a very old Archaeologist(92 years old)he is a friend
of my family he has translated an article from the Hieroglyphic to the arabic
about the benefits of the Royal Gel and how the Ancient Egyptian succeeded to increase their
height by the use of it...I think that the Ancient Egyptian were the most great people in the world.
Really,I hope that this method works with everyone who wants to increase his height naturaly,Safely...
Good Luck ,Bye

Posted on Sep 12, 2003, 12:49 AM
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