MMT Admin: The most hated LLer in the World!!!

by Konige der Wahrheit (Login konigederwahrheit)

MMT Admin: The most hated LLer in the World!!!

MMT Admin has been psychologically abusing LLers and aspiring LLers (from here forth referred to both as LLers) for years and years under the claim that he is doing it "for the benefit of the LL community". That is the most hypocritical statement ever made by an LLer. For years we were at the mercy of whatever this lunatic wanted to say, and we were supposed to shut up and swallow it. The time when MMT Admin could rant and hurt others without being offered any sort of resistance, is over. Today, we begin to fight back. Today, we begin pushing those lying, hurtful, narcissistic words back into his throat.

For years the only place LLers could get together and discuss their live's most intimate and personal dramas was the makemetaller forum. That is where we all went because it was the only place. It must be said that the makemetaller forum did not exist because of MMT Admin, a claim that he will not hesitate to accredit himself with. The site was started and run by somebody else, who was unable to continue, and then this opportunistic troll (MMT Admin) took it over and completely perversed the nature of the forum into his own personal playground. A playground where he would humiliate everyone that didn't kiss his ***, a playground where he got to wash out all his childhood traumas (and few people in this world are more screwed up than this psycho!), and while doing all this, he damaged a lot of people. You see, people that are willing to cut their legs in half in order to correct something in their lives are already going through a very difficult time. They have endured a lot of pain, humiliation, and isolation. The idea of a forum for LLers is to create a place where people can come together and seek refuge inside a "brotherhood". A brotherhood where we take care of each other, where we help each other out and a place where our intention to help others will ALWAYS go before our desire to please our narcissistic, egomaniacal shortcomings -something MMT Admin never understood.

MMT Admin is the last person who should be involved with LLers and the quicker he is banned from the LL community, the better. This man has done enough damage. It is a shame that operators such as SysOp at the makemetaller forum have continued the old tradition of licking the feet MMT Admin and bowing down to his every word. MMT Admin should have been removed from that forum the moment SysOp took control of it. The presence of MMT Admin will now start to be a liability to the site, and as time goes on, and the makemetaller forum continues to be linked to the persona of MMT Admin, a gradual decrease in credibility of the site itself will be inevitable given that now the LL community will start to speak out and voice out their opinions about the bastard that is MMT Admin.

It cannot be left unsaid, that MMT Admin's tyranic administration created an air of fear in the forum, and shamefully that had an impact on how many people behaved. In the same way that you see people on the streets chanting in favor of the dictators that oppress and castrate them, a lot of users did, and are still doing, the same. Using every opportunity to "praise" MMT Admin and shamelessly kissing up to him in order to get on his good side and hopefully securing that they would not be banned from the site. Even though it is "understandable" why they would do this, it is nevertheless the stamp of lack of character on their behalf...the root of the problem is of course MMT Admin...but the fact that his sick attitude found a way to blossom through the personalities of some (weaker) LLers is sad, and you all know who you are.

If there is one thing that ALL LLers say to each other once they meet in person and talk about the makemetaller forum, "...and yes, it's a pity about that MMT Admin...what an ******* huh!" We all have said it, we all know it...and until now, nobody could do something about it, but now, thankfully, many more forums have come up and are starting to gain ground, and thus promoting our freedom of speech. If at the present time some of these sites don't have the amount of content, they DO have something that the makemetaller forum lost a long time ago (thanks to MMT Admin): an honest and unconditional intention to help the LL community.

In none of these new LL sites or forums will you encounter the egomaniacal and narcissistic threads or behavior like you would in the makemetaller forum. Some examples:

# The "How did you feel when the forum wasn't available...?" thread...

This is MMT Admin's shameless way of asking "Did anyone miss me?"

Here's your answer:

NOBODY MISSED YOU. They missed the forum that you hijacked years ago, they missed the genuine LLers that were community oriented, but NOBODY, not a single soul missed YOUR presence. It is beyond pathetic that MMT Admin feels the need to ask the LL community (that he has shitted on for years) if they missed him...what a sorry lonely man you must be... (and of course, he made it a sticky thread...what a looser!!!!)

# Instructing the LL community to "obey"

MMT Admin is so out of touch with reality and is so convinced that we accept him as God himself, that he feels entitled to be throwing around orders to us. In the last handover to SysOp (which is dubious at best) he instructs users from the makemetaller forum to "obey" him:

"...he is now the law around here, so obey him..."

And yes, to add dramatic effect to his statement he wrote it in bold and red...(the man's tackiness know no boundaries)

# MMT Admin's inferiority complex and his regrets about his own LL procedure

A point that is blatantly evident about MMT Admin's inferiority complex is how he reacts to people when they want to lengthen more than he did. MMT Admin lengthened 6.5cms and clearly regrets not having done more. Every time someone in the forum starts asking about LLers experiences with lengthening more than 7 he starts yapping about "MMT Admin advices not to do more than..." Listen MMT Admin you ignorant farce quack, most people that ask this question are doing it with the consent of their physicians. These are real doctors, not farce quack wannabe's like you are. These are men that have dedicated their lives to the craft of LL by action, not by yapping and stealing the words of others like you have for the last 6 years. Moreover, isn't it totally obvious that somebody that never went over 6.5cms could NEVER be qualified to talk about what it feels like to do 7 or anything more for that matter? So, MMT Admin, next time somebody asks a question that you know NOTHING about (which is most of the time), do the community a favor and SHUT THE **** UP.

# The "Help MMT to choose the title of his book..." thread...(also a sticky thread of course...)

Who on this Earth would give a rat's *** of a book being written by this idiot? First of all, his personal knowledge of LL is ONLY related to an archaic procedure done 6 years ago! He has NO personal experience in any of the new relevant LL procedures, the new medications being prescribed, new materials being used, improved bone healing techniques, improved physiotherapy techniques, ostheopathology based therapy, alternative medicine, acu-pressure therapy, etc. The only thing he can fill this so-called book of his is with plagiarized material, stolen stories from genuine LLers, and lies. Second, his knowledge of LL is as shallow as his thoughts. If you follow his threads, he ends up contradicting himself over and over is really pathetic how often he reveals his ignorance. If anyone calls him out on that point, the thread gets erased, and the person gets banned***. The classic actions of an egomanical coward.

***The reason why MMT Admin sometimes comes through like an "OK" person, is because of his practice of destroying ALL evidence of his assholeness. Anything that might hurt his image or his objectives, gets erased from the makemetaller forum.... But not we are moving our thoughts to the internet where he has NO jurisdiction. It's a pity you pushed us so often and too far MMT Admin.

# MMT Admin's Napoleon complex

We sometimes wonder how MMT Admin's life outside the forum must be like. Clearly he feels the need to play out his monarchical fantasies in the makemetaller forum, which means he is compensating for exactly the lack of that aspect in his life outside the forum. Most people would be OK without airs of greatness attached to their names, but not MMT Admin, he needs it, he thrives on it.

...what happened to you MMT Admin while you were growing up? This is clearly lack of attention and respect at a time you felt you deserved it. Unable to make friends...? Unable to gain the respect of your peers? People didn't take you seriously? You never learned to treat people "like people" because you were not treated as such? Whatever the reason, it doesn't justify your actions... You should recognize you have a problem (like it has been pointed out to you many many many times by many many many different people who are very very very right) and make sure that whatever poisoned your life, does not use you as spreading mechanism. You have spread your poison in the form of your fears, repressed anger, complexes and traumas to a lot of people that had enough on their plates. What started as a great venue where people came to seek answers, you regularly and consistently misused it to make yourself feel stepped on others to make yourself feel worth something.

It's a pity you spent so much time and money trying to become taller...and that after all of it, you are still a little tiny pathetic excuse for a man. Stature is measured in centimeters and character...and the second one you can't buy.

We will leave it up to here, for now. We'll definitely be posting much more information that expands on our free to express opinions about the narcissistic egomaniac MMT Admin that has repressed the LL community for years. He gave us hell for 6 years, we will AT LEAST give him 6 back.

Please feel free to join the conversation...remember, the internet is a free world and you can post your opinions about MMT Admin in many different forums, discussion groups, blogs, twitter, etc. The sooner this world knows about the truth of people like MMT Admin

From all of us...

...Good bye...

...for now

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