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Why Clippy is really afraid of Republicans in power...Pete on Aug 20
 David Hasselhoff to be named spokesman for Jergens hand lotion for share of the company...In other news... on Aug 20
  * Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't Jergonov a Russian premier at one time?TheBOB on Aug 20
   * I'll ask Trump when I see him... Oops.Pete on Aug 20
Was this you, Pete?SMcNeill on Aug 18
 that guy reminds me more of tedeasylangs on Aug 18
  * pete would probably just write a letter or post online about iteasylangs on Aug 18
 LOL - No, I'm the guy holding the first sign!Pete on Aug 19
  Having worked in Social Services here in Toronto, I saw a lot of that...TheBOB on Aug 19
   It is a shame that the ah's take away from those really in need...Pete on Aug 19
    Re: It is a shame that the ah's take away from those really in need...SMcNeill on Aug 19
     * Good point about asking first--easy way to determine if they're genuinely just hungry.TheBOB on Aug 19
probably the stupidest idea to ever come out of wired magazineeasylangs on Aug 15
 Re: probably the stupidest idea to ever come out of wired magazineSMcNeill on Aug 15
  im not that surprised that you agreeeasylangs on Aug 15
Happy Birthday to meSolitaire on Aug 15
 * Happy Birthday!Pete on Aug 15
 willard scott would say youre just a kid, but hes a clown anywayeasylangs on Aug 15
  * AFFLECK!not really ted on Aug 15
 Happy Birthday, Solitaire!*FellippeHeitor on Aug 15
 * Hey, yeah! Happy Birthday! (I'll be 74 next month--don't have to say your age)TheBOB on Aug 15
  I'm older than you....Solitaire on Aug 16
   * Ah, bless you... And seriously, all good wishes! :-)TheBOB on Aug 16
    * Thank you.Solitaire on Aug 16
*pete, how often do you check if people are applying for r group so they can post?Michael Calkins on behalf of someone on Aug 14
 an all lower case post? hmm, could that someone be...Pete on Aug 14
Don't like the cops? Why MC needs to make a load of cash...Pete on Aug 13
We've identified your spammer as BOBBY2231Network54 on Aug 13
Hey, Pete...TheBOB on Aug 13
 * Check your status now...Pete on Aug 13
  * Still the same--no Delete option in the sub forums.TheBOB on Aug 13
   * OK, try it again.Pete on Aug 13
    * Yayyy! That got it! Thanks!TheBOB on Aug 13
     The Universe abhors a vacuum...Pete on Aug 13
      Working great! ...TheBOB on Aug 13
       God doesn't turn over his throne so easily!Pete on Aug 13
        * I thought Steve's "throne" was the back forty.TheBOB on Aug 13
         Remember it's Steve we're talking about. Up the acreage!!!Pete on Aug 13
Curious if anyone running Windows 10 has had to fix a BSOD problem...Pete on Aug 12
 BSODs are cool.Michael Calkins on Aug 12
  My guess is it's probably a new driver issue.Pete on Aug 12
   * Yikes! I thought BSODs were extinct! ...and Windows 10, no less!TheBOB on Aug 12
   I had BSODs when I first switched over to win 10.Simmons on Aug 13
    Now I'm even more curious...Pete on Aug 13
     *boot to Memtest86+ and leave it running a while.Michael Calkins on Aug 13
      * Not familiar. How do you boot to that process?Pete on Aug 13
       *(URL) burn it to a CD, or write it to a USB flash drive, and get your BIOS to boot it.Michael Calkins on Aug 13
        Just got the download. I also thought about this with RAM...Pete on Aug 13
         Re: Just got the download. I also thought about this with RAM...Michael Calkins on Aug 13
          It's nice that you think everyone is as adept at these things as you are...Pete on Aug 13
           Re: It's nice that you think everyone is as adept at these things as you are...Michael Calkins on Aug 13
     Re: Now I'm even more curious...SMcNeill on Aug 14
 Memtest86+ testing completed, but no luck...Pete on Aug 15
  Re: Memtest86+ testing completed, but no luck...Michael Calkins on Aug 15
   System Restore will not work...Pete on Aug 16
    Try uninstalling Avast.Michael Calkins on Aug 16
     Re: Try uninstalling Avast.Michael Calkins on Aug 16
      off-topic: securing xpeasylangs on Aug 16
       by samba, you mean Server Message Block...(1PS)Michael Calkins on Aug 17
        well uninstall adobe alreadyeasylangs on Aug 17
      Only made the problem worse...Pete on Aug 17
       why cant you just pee in it like everybody else?easylangs on Aug 17
        The definitive an-swear is...Pete on Aug 17
         It's just like that story about that little damn bird-- how come he only ever goes #2?Not really Mr. T on Aug 17
          Actually, birds go #3. They go both 1 and 2 together, but whose counting.Pete on Aug 17
           Love the story Pete...TheBOB on Aug 18
            Re: Love the story Pete...Pete on Aug 18
             * Love it! Thanks!TheBOB on Aug 18
             that reminds me of the time you posted your windows command line, andAnonymous on Aug 18
         *Have you ran a Scandisk/chkdsk yet? Sounds like a corrupted drive.SMcNeill on Aug 18
          YeahMichael Calkins on Aug 19
           *I think he meant Windows File Protection, which is related to System File Checker.Michael Calkins on Aug 19
            *Chkdsk followed by this(URL) might do it.Michael Calkins on Aug 19
       Re: Only made the problem worse...Michael Calkins on Aug 18
        hey, dont tell pete to install linux...easylangs on Aug 18
      by the wayMichael Calkins on Aug 18
The Joyful Programmer website is back up againWaltersmind a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 11
 * I own No problem keeping it up. It's the biggest site on the Internet!Not Really Donald J. Trump on Aug 11
  *Yeah? I own as well, at least I keep the bugs and pests out.Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 11
   * But you missed out on, so you still have to put up with the...Pete on Aug 12
    That's alright! I own so the mess is easy to dispose of.Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 12
     *Well I own and there aren't enough diapers in the world to get rid of my...Not Really Bill Gates on Aug 12
      *Well... I own and I will just dump all your ... into space.Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 12
       * 640K of space should be enough for anybody!!!Not Really Bill Gates on Aug 12
        *It is when you own Compress in chunks and send as packets into the universe!Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 12
         * I prefer gzip. At least it's free.Anonymous on Aug 12
          *7Zip (7z) all the way for me!Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 12
 * Good, Anthony can take his conversation back there. Leave us!Anon on Aug 12
  I am not Anthony R. Brown!Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 12
*WALTERSBLIND {Auto-Reply-Bot-24/7} on Aug 7
 *The Dick Fairy on Aug 7
  *Honestly, I find the whole thing amusing; especially considering the whole site is down..SMcNeill on Aug 7
   What is his end game?Simmons on Aug 7
    Re: What is his end game?SMcNeill on Aug 7
     * maybe if bill/stx posts saying that reposting that deleted post isn't necessary...Michael Calkins on Aug 7
      He already did thoughAnonymous on Aug 7
     I really do love all the attention though...Waltersmind a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Aug 8
      Too bad the IP address doesn't resolve to the forum or site front page...Anonymous on Aug 8
       Possible reasons why the IP won't let you access the forum anywayAnonymous on Aug 8
    * he was already insaneMichael Calkins on Aug 7
     * i think arb and north korea are similar.Michael Calkins on Aug 7
      * They're both about to get their a**es invaded by tens of thousands of men?Plausible News on Aug 7
       *good one, but i was thinking of their illogical belligerence.Michael Calkins on Aug 7
    Re: What is his end game?Anonymous on Aug 7
Audi to stop making cars and start producing operating systems to compete with Windows...Pete on Aug 4
 LOL--actually, I thought about you when I read it...TheBOB on Aug 4
  And we can get Mexicans to build it... in Tennessee man!Cheech on Aug 4
   Trump knows, Joaquin...TheBOB on Aug 4
 *If Apple built a car, would it come with Windows installed?SMcNeill on Aug 4
  * Siri-ously?Pete on Aug 5
  * The same pedal operates gas and brakesAnon on Aug 5
Ain't no auto filter?- on Jul 31
 My forum isn't gone...Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 31
* Image hosting now available to individual users for just $15 a month!Team Network54 on Jul 24
 *or FREE from several other sites.SMcNeill on Jul 25
  * In Soviet Russia, why free the cow when you can get buy on milk?eteP on Jul 25
What happened to formatting?SMcNeill on Jul 24
 Sure, blame us on this, too!Vlad Putin on Jul 24 image hosted and insertedSMcNeill on Jul 25
  Better look at that image again. It looks like someone stole all your corn!Pete on Jul 25
GOP tired of winning?WTF on Jul 22
 *WTF?? WTF won't the image open, WTF? WTF is wrong with WTF?!WTF WTF on Jul 22
  * Sure, I blow up at mn once in a decade or so, but he still makes me laugh.Pete on Jul 22
   that one wasnt me (i know, the joke went over my head or something)mn on Jul 22
  PhotoFucket decided to charge $400 a year to display themWTF, WTF on Jul 23
   Hey, don't just tell us about a stupid image host that no one uses anymore...Anonymous on Jul 23
    * Serious question: why weren't you using imgur all this time?Anonymous on Jul 23
     Cause Photoucket has been around longer foolAnonymous on Jul 23
      Oh I get it, Mr. T, for "Ted" -- but hey *you're* the one still using them.Anonymous on Jul 23
    The entire N54 Forum was foolWTF on Jul 24
   * Sounds like someone needs a quick dose of Demolax.Dr. Pete on Jul 24
USA today complains of no actors of color, women, or minorities in DunkirkSimmons on Jul 21
 May rub some the wrong way (2ps)Michael Calkins on Jul 21
  or a white actor as President Obama...Simmons on Jul 22
If Dems were in charge... LOCK HER UP!Pete on Jul 21
 I'd like to think...TheBOB on Jul 21
 Re: If Dems were in charge... LOCK HER UP!SMcNeill on Jul 22
  That's a sad sign of the times. We had a drowning off our pier, a month ago...Pete on Jul 22
  A cleaner link to the article, pasted from my computer. My iPad was being stupid earlier.SMcNeill on Jul 22
 Happy feel-good free market response to girl with lemonade standAnonymous on Jul 23
* When she's put out, she won't put out.Strange English Language on Jul 18
 Ha! That's not strange!SMcNeill on Jul 18
  English is a mongrel language...TheBOB on Jul 18
   You find English interesting?Simmons on Jul 18
    * Half French, half Irish--you do the math.TheBOB on Jul 18
     *I guess that depends, did your Grandpa belong to the UDF or the IRA?Simmons on Jul 18
      * it all depenz on grandpa containing himselfanomn on Jul 18
      * UDF: United Dairy Farmers.TheBOB on Jul 18
   Re: English is a mongrel language... (3ps)Michael Calkins on Jul 18
    * mother in greek=meter? I'm imagining the possibilities ;-)Anonymous on Jul 18
     Here's one that's timely...Anonymous on Jul 19
(URLs) the war on encryption (free speech and free enterprise)Michael Calkins on Jul 17
 * most self-falsifying statement ever: law is higher than mathstx on Jul 17
  I agree, ultimately self-defeatingSimmons on Jul 18
 Is free speech a right? a privilege?Michael Calkins on Jul 19
  I also want a bumper sticker:Michael Calkins on Jul 19
   Re: I also want a bumper sticker:SMcNeill on Jul 20
    Are you talking law or real world?Michael Calkins on Jul 20
     Except for black people after KatrinaMichael Calkins on Jul 20
      A few memoriesMichael Calkins on Jul 20
     Re: Are you talking law or real world?SMcNeill on Jul 20
      NA DUHDuh on Jul 20
       *Maybe he thought by committing the crime in a laundromat, he could make a clean getaway?Not Really O.J. on Jul 20
        * LOL! But, sorry OJ--that one won't wash.TheBOB on Jul 20
         * Well, I thought I'd take it for a tumble, anyway. ;)Walch R. Dryer on Jul 21
       *Clippy is getting stupider. WTH does that have ANYTHING to do with self-defense killingsSMcNeill on Jul 20
        WTF does a Virginia law have to do with self defense if you cannot defend yourself?WTF on Jul 21
         Re: WTF does a Virginia law have to do with self defense if you cannot defend yourself?SMcNeill on Jul 21
    PoliceMichael Calkins on Jul 21
   Re: I also want a bumper sticker:Michael Calkins on Jul 20
    I will get an antipolice bumper sticker.Michael Calkins on Jul 28
     Re: I will get an antipolice bumper sticker.Michael Calkins on Jul 28
      This is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.Michael Calkins on Jul 28
       *(URL)They can choke on itMichael Calkins on Jul 28
        He said something about tagging my vehicle. Might be automated plate reader. (1PS)Michael Calkins on Jul 28
         * Loved it! It was like reading the transcript of an old radio drama!TheBOB on Jul 28
          (URLs) Videos.Michael Calkins on Jul 28
           Thanks for the ride! ...TheBOB on Jul 29
            * :-)Michael Calkins on Jul 29
     I've now had my 3rd argument with San Antonio airport police. (1PS)Michael Calkins on Aug 12
      * It sounds like you were quite enamoured with this lady. Do I detect an #UberHookup? 😸Anonymous on Aug 12
       No, not from that. (9 PS.)Michael Calkins on Aug 12
        Quite the exhibitionist, aren't you?Anonymous on Aug 12
         Re: Quite the exhibitionist, aren't you? (2PS)Michael Calkins on Aug 12
 *Apple has just removed VPN apps that weren't licensed by chinese government.Michael Calkins on Jul 31
 *To Trump: Washington and Jefferson were founders and patriots. Robert E Lee was a traitorMichael Calkins on Aug 16
  *also, no one needs a permit to protest.Michael Calkins on Aug 16
Am I using QB64 wrong?Anonymous on Jul 15
 Re: Am I using QB64 wrong?SMcNeill on Jul 15
  The enclosed is tested and confirmed to workSMcNeill on Jul 16
What happened to the QB64 forums?Anonymous on Jul 9
 Re: What happened to the QB64 forums?SMcNeill on Jul 10
  Re: What happened to the QB64 forums?SMcNeill on Jul 10
   Don't even bother calling it a daily build.Michael Calkins on Jul 10
    Possible successionSTx on Jul 10
     *anyone can create new forums. We need backups of the existing forums.Michael Calkins on Jul 10
      * I disagree on both counts. (You best pray for Galleon then.)STx on Jul 10
    I'm still a moderator, sort of.Solitaire on Jul 11
     To SolitaireMichael Calkins on Jul 11
      Good luck to you.Solitaire on Jul 11
       *Thank you. :-)Michael Calkins on Jul 11
   Galleon needs to do nothing.Clippy on Jul 10
    On the other hand, I see your handywork all the time when I use QB64Simmons on Jul 18
Are people on this forum intelligent ?Müller on Jul 9
 Only the conservatives. The few liberals we have here are absolute idiots.Ray Publican on Jul 9
 * Of course. Even with an IQ of 34, you're "intelligent"--just not very (mine is 68!).TheBOB on Jul 9
Does Trump get a peace prize for averting World War 3?Simmons on Jul 8
 *He'll never get one. He's not black.SMcNeill on Jul 8
  Re: *He'll never get one. He's not black.Müller on Jul 9
   *Explain in detail, how he claimed his race is superior to other races with that statementSimmons on Jul 9
    "Black" was mentioned. Has to be racist...SMcNeill on Jul 9
 I thought Obama won The Nobel Piss Prize...Pete on Jul 8
 * What percentage of Steves illegal workers are white?Anonymouse on Jul 9
  I'd be surprised if steve has any (non-relative) employees.Michael Calkins on Jul 9
   Where a small farm/ranch might hire someone...Michael Calkins on Jul 9
    *am using smartphone keyboard...Michael Calkins on Jul 9
   Re: I'd be surprised if steve has any (non-relative) employees.SMcNeill on Jul 9
  None. I swapped over from farming to rental property last year.SMcNeill on Jul 9
meet the meats. (2PS)Michael Calkins on Jul 4
 * Wow! Don't forget roast beef with horse radish and spaghetti with chicken not hamburger!TheBOB on Jul 5
  *lambchops, veil, deer, rabbit, pheasant, quail, turtle, snake, possum, bear...SMcNeill on Jul 5
   My mouth is starting to water...TheBOB on Jul 5
    I know what you mean about eating deer.Dav on Jul 6
     * Wow! Just the name, "deer meatloaf" would have turned me off, but "Rudolph"?TheBOB on Jul 6
      Eatting Rudolph wouldn't have been a problem at my house...SMcNeill on Jul 6
       * Rudolph's nose would be okay--in a sandwich with bacon and lettuce--a BL-RN!TheBOB on Jul 6
  * Happy cows come with a side of horse radish! Yum!Pete on Jul 5
 *I like troutJim on Jul 8
  * Just for the halibut?Pete on Jul 9
This one is simply hysterical! Puts what Dems are selling in perfect perspective...Pete on Jul 2
 I think this article is even more telling:SMcNeill on Jul 2
  But happy cows come from California...Pete on Jul 2
  *Exactly the situation Ontario is in, but with wind powerSimmons on Jul 2
Why are the people ? on this forum ? such Dick suckers ?TEST THE ADMIN'S PATIENCE 24/7 :) on Jul 2
 *I think these posts are automated at this pointSimmons on Jul 2
Well, this is getting oldSimmons on Jul 2
 *A.R.B. aka Hacker aka Anthony aka Jan aka Dan aka WGAS-who-else...SMcNeill on Jul 2
 *he's been like this for years. He was banned at qb64 years ago.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
The further decline of main stream tv journalismSimmons on Jun 30
 * What, ya gotta problem with fraudcast journalists?Pete on Jul 1
 *Just a link inside to the actual storySMcNeill on Jul 1
  There have been some revealing stories of late...Pete on Jul 1
Global cyber attack may have aimed for havoc, not extortionHACKER on Jun 30
 All eggs in one basket...Pete on Jun 30
Conditional vs unconditional love...Pete on Jun 30
 * All love is conditional. Most women have Stockholm Syndrome.STx on Jun 30
  Bill, I also tend to see it that way...Pete on Jun 30
 I'm stuck on the equal give/take idea.Anonymous on Jul 9
10 Most Dangerous Hackers In HistoryHACKER on Jun 27
for reference: stephane richard on oop (url)mn on Jun 25
 Java has the most powerful oop implementationAnonymous on Jun 25
  * on Jun 25
  *i really dont know java, never did, nor ever claimed to. havent mistaken it for js in yrsmn on Jun 25
  jaaaaavaaaaaurel on Jun 26
 I think Python got enums wrong.Anonymous on Jul 9
ARB is now MN or are we crazy?- on Jun 25
 *i cant detangle/decipher/guess whats being said here-- *WHAT?!*mn on Jun 25
  *I meant the near-sexual obsession with each object of hate/affection.- on Jun 26
   *dispassionate geeks and passionate geeks will never "get" each other. on Jun 26
   and believe it or not, i dont care about bill in the slightestmn on Jun 26
    as for academics i actually would bang--mn on Jun 26
 "one of us only lies, the other only tells the truth..."mn on Jun 25
  *LOL, You've flipped, dude. This is just more crazy ranting.anon on Jun 25
since walt has removed the debate thread and bills attack is re-posted, my rebuttal:mn on Jun 25
 *we should put that color key in the FAQ, would definitely clear things up around hereSimmons on Jun 25
  *Not as great an idea as it seems; would make 1/2 the forum look like a bag of SkittlesAnonymous on Jun 25
   *skittles yes, new BLM gay pride flag... not so muchSimmons on Jun 25
    Straight Black Lives matter too!Anonymous on Jun 25
     Privileged people don't matter, only oppressed people do.Anonymous on Jun 25
 * Your book attacks itself better than I can. Post it here figosdev.ST. xAxTIC on Jun 25
  Reminds me of the time I tried to wrtie a book... How to Make Confetti...Pete on Jun 25
  well try it sober this time, maybe youll come up with something thats NOT a fallacymn on Jun 25
   *not expecting a relevant or logical critique here,just cheapshots and irrelevant minutiamn on Jun 25
    * Not expecting an actual book here, just cheapshots and irrelevant minutiaST. xAxTIC on Jun 25
     *exactly like that-- if i wanted a logical argument, id ask someone who dealt in thosemn on Jun 25
      * or a real debate, or intellectual honesty, or what youd expect from anyone educatedmn on Jun 25
      *you bill, are an intellectual *coward* -- and cant put up a real argument. live with thatmn on Jun 25
       *you never stay for debate. like a guy who shouts from his car to fight but wont get outmn on Jun 25
        * i bet you can defend a physics thesis-- thats cool, but you cant argue anything elsemn on Jun 25
         *youre out of your element and have no raw debate skills except insults. you CANT on Jun 25
          *just run away. maybe next year? spend it on Jun 25
           *or like i said LAST TIME you CUT AND RAN-- get luke to help you!mn on Jun 25
            * My message of STFU doesn't need any defending.STx on Jun 26
             *sure, rest everything you say fallacies. i hope youre less limp in the sack than a debatethink whatever you like on Jun 26
              *its a theme lately. but really your debate skills dont exist, and you have 0 on Jun 26
               i feel absolutely sorry for anyone that counts on you for more than on Jun 26
                *(or whatever gender you aspire to. heck i dont even care about that)mn on Jun 26
                 * The only constant in your thinking is your homoerotic obsesion with me.STx on Jun 26
                  i bet you say that to (literally) all the guysmn on Jun 26
                   * I'm from the northeast. Everything thats stupid is gay, ya wicked homo.STx on Jun 26
                    oh yes, new england. where ive been for more than half a decade, not for the 1st timemn on Jun 26
                     *and funnily enough, i never hear anyone say that anymore-- in or out of northamptonmn on Jun 26
                     * The New England Gaytriots? Not a team I'd want to play center for.Pete on Jun 26
   for one thing...Anonymous on Jun 25
    youre creating a fictional version of me that isnt aware of that-- on Jun 25
     hahaha you just deleted your OOP rant.. "oop leads to skeuomorphism, and pathetic fallacy"Anonymous on Jun 25
      *with good reason, but not the one you thinkAnonymous on Jun 25
      *also i deleted it 12 to 24 hours ago! its not from (or in) the book on Jun 25
      *and its less against oop than dijkstra was against goto-- it just talked about sideeffctsmn on Jun 25
       *the whole argument was a slippery slope fallacy-- which i said in the first line of itmn on Jun 25
I found out way Clippy is so grumpy. He ordered a penis enlargement kit online...Pete on Jun 24
 Re: I found out way Clippy is so grumpy. He ordered a penis enlargement kit online...SMcNeill on Jun 25
  * Yeah, I made a fortune selling those, too! :)Pete on Jun 25
  Thank-you Steve!! ...TheBOB on Jun 25
Clowns on a golf course. No way! This one I had to laugh at...Pete on Jun 23
 * has the poor and working stiffs pay for it...Anonymous on Jun 24
NBC and Wall Street Journal Polls so just how stupid Dems have to be to follow them...Pete on Jun 22
*Danny on Jun 22
 *fig can handle the job because the book sucks so badanon on Jun 22
  perhaps i should thank you in advance, anthonyAnonymous on Jun 22
   The "like yourself" part shoud have been written as a subordinate clause...Pete on Jun 22
  *figosdev - The Real ****hole! on Jun 23
   That's the problem, you don't think big...Pete on Jun 23
 * I'm still trying to figure out if Ada Lovelace is any relation to Linda.Pete on Jun 22
  * Oh, yeah! Linda Lovelace! Didn't she have something to do with Watergate?TheBOB on Jun 22
   * No, no, no! Nixon went down in Watergate.Pete on Jun 22
    * Yikes! That image is worse than Klinger in a dress (that still gives me nightmares, btw)TheBOB on Jun 22
* Dems work their Ossoff in the GA special election but crap out again!Pete on Jun 20
 * ROFLM-OssoffKellyanne on Jun 21
 All of the 4 special elections were in Republican strong red districtsAnonymous on Jun 21
  No, Red stands for: Right everyday, dummy!Pete on Jun 22
   Re: No, Red stands for: Right everyday, dummy!Michael Calkins on Jun 29
 Nice to see that we may end up getting Hillary's war after all.Simmons on Jun 20
Where are you idiot gun control guys at anymore??SMcNeill on Jun 18
I got my healthcare neenerAnonymous on Jun 18
*Denzle Jameson on Jun 18
 *Denzle Jameson on Jun 18
  *SMcNeill on Jun 18
   Rob would be crawling up your silo over that one...Pete on Jun 18
    * Egg-zactly--oops!TheBOB on Jun 18
     * Hen there you have it!Nobody Here but Us Chickens on Jun 18
UntitledUkraine Hitman on Jun 17
 * Oh look, N54 is now the DarknetAnonymous on Jun 17
What is CrystalBASIC?Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jun 17
Stop everything, I found an amazing new free Operating System!Simmons on Jun 17
 *Seriously, watch the video (viewer discretion is advised)Simmons on Jun 17
The peculiar tale of A.R.B. (Or why you're all being trolled)Anonymous on Jun 16
 Glad to see you got your shift key out of hock.Pawn Stars on Jun 16
  oh yeah-- like the quality of posts on this forum is anything youve cared about in > 1 yr.look around you, jackass on Jun 16
   * Well, I haven't had the time as of late, with fascism classes taking up most of my day.Pete on Jun 17
 Re: The peculiar tale of A.R.B. (Or why you're all being trolled)Michael Calkins on Jun 29
*(BS) Watch on Jun 16
 If he's not, I am. Heck, sometimes my wife even helps, or we take turns...SMcNeill on Jun 16
  I'm sorry. I'm a real dummy sometimes.SMcNeill on Jun 16
   Yes you are...Pete on Jun 16
    How about this? ...Anonymous on Jun 16
*Jordan on Jun 15
 I think you are A.R.BMichael Calkins on Jun 15
  One more thing...Michael Calkins on Jun 15
  i think you are right about two thingsAnonymous on Jun 15
  * It would certainly lessen the confusion if forum members would LOG IN!!TheBOB on Jun 15
   beside the pointAnonymous on Jun 15
    LOL@"well organized spam and attacks"...TheBOB on Jun 15
     *TheBOB on Jun 16
      BOB!SMcNeill on Jun 16
       Notice TheBob's was not logged in in the last post?Fantasy Programming Language Creator on Jun 16
        try signing up at firstAnonymous on Jun 16
         * thebob can probably explain the restAnonymous on Jun 16
          I would like to create an account here finallyFantasy Programming Language Creator on Jun 16
           If I'm not mistaken...TheBOB on Jun 16
 *Jordan on Jun 17
  * It's probably nothin but .NET!Not really Jordan on Jun 17

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