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How long does it take to get documents?Simmons on Apr 17
 Impartial justice is dead in America.Pete on Apr 18
I came up with the biggest bi-partisan plan ever to end viscious snake bites in America.@NotRealDonald Trump on Apr 17
 Might work...TheBOB on Apr 17
  I heard your military program was put on ice...@NotRealDonaldTrump on Apr 17
   We could build you another one if you like...TheBOB on Apr 17
    NOW THAT'S COLD!!! What's wrong with Stormy Trump-Daniels?@NotRealDonaldTrump on Apr 17
     * Now THAT's cold! ...Clever, but cold!TheBOB on Apr 17
Well there goes another billion up in smoke. Anyone think all the missiles hit?Pete on Apr 16
 Call me skepticalSimmons on Apr 16
 Re: Well there goes another billion up in smoke. Anyone think all the missiles hit?SMcNeill on Apr 17
Remember when you were innocent until proven guilty? ...TheBOB on Apr 12
 Employment is at will.Michael Calkins on Apr 12
  Regarding whether companies have to serve people...Michael Calkins on Apr 12
   selected photos of girls(URLs)Michael Calkins on Apr 13
    Funny thing about your photos, Michael...TheBOB on Apr 14
Donald Trump, the big bullySolitaire on Apr 10
 * Sounds about right to me... still is a bully. Maybe he'll get himself "expelled" again.TheBOB on Apr 10
What basic foods do you like or find important? (3 PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 10
 Are you putting together a picnic basket? ...TheBOB on Apr 10
  Re: Are you putting together a picnic basket? ...Michael Calkins on Apr 10
   * I always enjoy the thoroughness of your lists... See you on Mars!TheBOB on Apr 10
  But TheBOB, won't the ranger be mad if we steal his picnic basket?Booboo on Apr 10
   LOL--good luck...TheBOB on Apr 10
    * Hey Booboo, get me Pete's number. I think I need a chiroprac-i-tor.Yogi on Apr 10
 Interesting list for sureSimmons on Apr 10
 * I'll hang back until Mars Little Ceasers opens.Pete on Apr 10
Here's a stupid liberal argument that will come back to bite them...Pete on Apr 8
@RealDonaldTrump... To Hell with SyriaPete on Apr 8
Steve calls for ban on assault knives!Pete on Apr 6
 I was just about to butter some toast, but now I feel guilty...TheBOB on Apr 6
  You're just upset because I made an unflattering comment about the Canadian National Bird.Pete on Apr 6
   * True, but California is also known for its hams ;-DTheBOB on Apr 6
    Typical Canadian reply. A Californian would never call someone a ham...Pete on Apr 7
     * Loved your story! I'm a fan of both travelling by train *and* fried ham sandwiches!TheBOB on Apr 7
 Ban knives... (2ps)Michael Calkins on Apr 7
  * NO WAY! If I don't have a pressure cooker, my ball bearings are never getting tender.Pete on Apr 7
  *napalm sticks to kids.Michael Calkins on Apr 7
  ban fence posts. Nat turner used one to kill margaret whitehead.Michael Calkins on Apr 7
   Just ask the Brits. They came up with a perfect solution...Pete on Apr 8
    * Killing knives are only available online. Store-bought knives are for cooking.TheBOB on Apr 9
 Well if left up to Sniberals, we would ban all laws on criminals.Pete on Apr 7
Malaysia outlaws fake news. Gee, I wonder why CNN didn't cover this story? :D@NotRealDonaldTrump on Apr 2
 Free speechMichael Calkins on Apr 7
Well I guess this "killer's" time out is all done!Pete on Apr 2
ROFL. Liberals want divirsity and then they bitch like hell when they get exactly that!Pete on Mar 31
 Not sure if you saw the follow up video...TheBOB on Mar 31
And another one bites the dust! RIP...Pete on Mar 29
 * Oh, dear... What will become of the underdogs?TheBOB on Mar 30
  Apparently, they're still doing just fine in these parts...Pete on Mar 30
   Yeah, as long as the 9th circuit is still kicking...TheBOB on Mar 30
    Yeah, but it's getting old...Pete on Mar 30
     * Yeah, good luck with that, Petricia.TheBOB on Mar 30
      * Why so formal? Yo can call me Pat, TheROBERT.Pete on Mar 30
       * Oh, didn't I tell you? I am now known as Bobra.TheBOB on Mar 30
        *That's TheBobra, to be precise...SMcNeill on Mar 30
         * Thanks, Steve... I get the feeling you will never be a "Stevelyn".TheBOB on Mar 30
(URL) 4 sets of videos of people who don't like being recorded.Michael Calkins on Mar 27
 Yayyy! It's Michael!! ...TheBOB on Mar 27
  * :-)Michael Calkins on Mar 27
Funny how Facebook is under fire for data breach now when in 2012 they weren't...Pete on Mar 26
 * When your cause is self-righteous, you can make up your own rules.TheBOB on Mar 26
 I think it's hilarious that EVERYONE is acting like this is NEWsSimmons on Mar 26
 What's bad is the tech companies accepting and even requesting regulation.Michael Calkins on Mar 27
  The gestapo have shut down backpage.Michael Calkins on Apr 7
   *Well, looks like someone is on the no fly list.Simmons on Apr 7
Hello. When will they put a much needed ban on rocks in this country?Paul S. Tinian on Mar 25
21 trillion in debt and we only take in 3 trillion a year?Pete on Mar 25
 One thing is for sure...TheBOB on Mar 25
Now I'm waiting to see if Trump tries to save his bASSe by doing this...Pete on Mar 25
Steve's not going to like this BS poll...Pete on Mar 25
 Re: Steve's not going to like this BS poll...SMcNeill on Mar 25
 *Haven't we learned a lesson about the accuracy of polls lately?Simmons on Mar 26
I wonder when the ban on knifes will start in the UK?SMcNeill on Mar 24
 If we really want the problem solved, we'd have to ban all stupid people...Pete on Mar 24
 * Knives and cell phones don't go BANG!! It's the loud noise--it scares idiots.TheBOB on Mar 24
  * WRONG! Samsung cell phones go BANG all the time. Battery issues.CRIPPY on Mar 24
It turns out Trump is part of the swamp!Pete on Mar 23
 * You mean life really isn't just a huge box of chocolates?Forrest Trump on Mar 23
  Spent some time at the Breitbart site today. Trump's base is really pissed off at him...Pete on Mar 23
 Yeah, what the heckSimmons on Mar 24
  Let's hope it's not from having too many skeletons in the West Wing...Pete on Mar 24
   Part of me still is hoping he's got something up his sleeveSimmons on Mar 26
More PROOF that all Republicans are misogynists!If Clippy Was Funny on Mar 23
 * What was your point? I was distracted by the blonde in the bikini.TheBOB on Mar 23
  * Sorry. I thought I truncated that post enough for you to get it.Pete on Mar 23
   * If there was a pun in there, I missed it (blonde... bikini... blonde... bikini...).TheBOB on Mar 23
    * Well at least we learned what it takes for Bob to ignore the elephant in the room.Pete on Mar 24
     * What elephant was that? It may as well have been a Democrat's jackass!TheBOB on Mar 24
I would kick China's ascii in a trade war... but wait!Pete on Mar 23
Gilligaaaaaaan!!!!Skipper on Mar 22
 * Being something of a hermit myself, I envy him!TheBOB on Mar 22
  I know. Being an "Island unto yourself" isn't the same. It comes with problems, too...Pete on Mar 22
   * LOL@"mass quantities"! I haven't thought of the Coneheads for years.TheBOB on Mar 22
The difference between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton is...Pete on Mar 20
 * She just wants someone to scratch her tummy (it's been years!).TheBOB on Mar 20
  * Unlikely. Her support team "fleas " from her because she "ticks" them off!Pete on Mar 20
   * Hey, if she bugged me that much, I'd take a powder, too.TheBOB on Mar 20
    She was the favorite in the pool, had a dip in the polls, and took a bath in the election.Pete on Mar 21
     * Two despised candidates--no waiting. We witnessed history in the making.TheBOB on Mar 21
      Which raises an interesting question...TheBOB on Mar 21
       Worry, sure but maybe we don't do enough...Pete on Mar 22
        Valid point...TheBOB on Mar 22
Just noticed something...TheBOB on Mar 19
 Clever... but I'm waiting for Easter to fall on St. Patricks's Day.Pete on Mar 19
Look what that Yahoo Steve is up to now!Pete on Mar 15
 * Hey, neat! It's kind of what I saw when I got hit by a baseball.TheBOB on Mar 15
  * Sorry. I fogot to fix that hole in my batting cage. Any chance on getting my ball back?Pete on Mar 15
   * Sorry, I already sold it... I told the guy the colours were more vivid than with LSD.TheBOB on Mar 15
    * Well some friend you turned out to be. Can't even hang on to one of my balls... Oh!Pete on Mar 15
     * Eeeuuckkk! You keep topping Klinger in a dress!TheBOB on Mar 15
I hope Fox News annihilates this family!Pete on Mar 14
That does it. No more Jakie Chan movies allowed at my house!Pete on Mar 10
 * Jackie Chan or catnip? Whatever works ;)TheBOB on Mar 10
I just got a job playing a firefighter in a commercial!Pete's Not Old on Mar 7
TRADE WARS, Beautiful Trade Wars, dah, dah, dah, dah...Pete on Mar 7
 I'm just happy to see Trudeau made to look like a fool.Simmons on Mar 9
  * Good stuff!TheBOB on Mar 10
Bob, you need to over to France and straighten those wack holes out!Pete on Mar 6
 * I didn't have sex until I was 19 and was proud to be an early starter! (She was 24).TheBOB on Mar 7
  Well that's 97 in French years. But one thing in common is we both dated older women...Pete on Mar 7
   * They have words!?! (Oh, yeah--about dating twin sister contortionists).TheBOB on Mar 7
    Dating twins is overrated...Pete on Mar 7
     * Yikes!TheBOB on Mar 7
You can't make this stuff up, and why would anyone want to anyway?Magilla on Mar 2
 * How could the statue be "racially insensitive"? Or is it really Robert E Lee?TheBOB on Mar 2
  The irony is that the people who want it removed are actually the racistsSimmons on Mar 2
   Why assume Racism?B+ on Mar 3
    *You make a point... Was it spiciesism they were angry about?Simmons on Mar 3
     Referring back to article it said racismB+ on Mar 4
TRUMP IS A GENIUS! Wag the Dow!Pete on Mar 1
 Mr JelloB+ on Mar 3
Emailed Rob again todayFellippeHeitor on Feb 28
 Let's do this...Pete on Feb 28
Did you hear the one about the peeping tom who got attacked by his victim?#metoo on Feb 28
 * That's to be expected; he was blindsided by his victim!SMcNeill on Feb 28
  * ...And now it's curtains for him!Pete on Feb 28
   * Yes, ICE sent him back to Peking.TheBOB on Feb 28
    * I wish him bon voy-urge.Pete on Feb 28
     * Wow! I didn't see that coming!TheBOB on Feb 28
Your kid's heading straight for a cliff. Do you want a conservative or liberal to step in?Pete on Feb 27
Only cops should have guns...Simmons on Feb 24
 Re: Only cops should have guns...Pete on Feb 24
  You've never been a teacher (neither has Trump) or you wouldn't be saying this.Solitaire on Feb 24
   I have been a teacher, just not at a school...Pete on Feb 24
    Re: I have been a teacher, just not at a school...SMcNeill on Feb 24
     Steve and I agreeing on something, surprising. What isn't surprising is saving 15% or morePete on Feb 24
    You never taught school in an inner city neighborhood. How about....Solitaire on Feb 24
     Re: You never taught school in an inner city neighborhood. How about....SMcNeill on Feb 24
      There should be tasers mounted outside of several classroomsSolitaire on Feb 25
       * How about armed robot drones? Hey, just give it time.Pete on Feb 25
       Re: There should be tasers mounted outside of several classroomsSMcNeill on Feb 25
        The remote control system would be in a locked closetSolitaire on Feb 26
         How would that stop a shooter outside the playground fence?Pete on Feb 26
          Re: How would that stop a shooter outside the playground fence?SMcNeill on Feb 26
           * Some excellent points, Steve!TheBOB on Feb 27
            Steve? I'm putting a flaming bag of **** usually reserved for Steve's porch at your igloo!Pete on Feb 27
             * But paper? Get with the times, Pete. Our flaming bags are all polymer, now.TheBOB on Feb 27
              I'm blaming fags for our flaming bags!Pete on Feb 27
     Re: You never taught school in an inner city neighborhood. How about....Pete on Feb 25
   * Then let's not arm cops either; after all, students might take weapons from them...SMcNeill on Feb 24
Hey Bob, don't look now but your bee is showing...Pete on Feb 22
 * Hey, neat! (round, round, get around, I get around...)TheBOB on Feb 23
  Or...Pete on Feb 23
   * ...little Q-Bee... you don't know what I got... can't stop singing :oTheBOB on Feb 23
    ... til you're gone?bplus1 on Feb 23
     * LOL--yeah, Pete's got a closet full of those bowling balls :-DTheBOB on Feb 23
      Bob, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times...Pete on Feb 23
       * At your age, I'm glad to see they're both still smiling!TheBOB on Feb 23
        * Well you know what they say. Happy balls come from California.Pete on Feb 24
         * Uhhh... Nice try. Those are called oranges, Pete.TheBOB on Feb 24
          * Hey, this is raisen country too, you know. Oh wait...Pete on Feb 24
Bob, there's still time to get out!Pete on Feb 22
 *According to my social justice cheat sheet, this qualifies as "cultural appropriation"Simmons on Feb 22
  * Oops, I forgot. You're from Canada, too. Bob be sure to pick up Josh on your way out!Pete on Feb 22
   *You promised to save me a few years ago, I still have my bags packedSimmons on Mar 3
 Sorry to say, the picture showed...TheBOB on Feb 22
  Oh, if you click the link it does. What I meant was...Pete on Feb 22
   * Yes, Colorforms... and he has about as much substance.TheBOB on Feb 23
An entire day devoted to the "sport" of curling?Pete on Feb 21
 * That's funny--but I'd post armed guards around your son just to be on the safe side.TheBOB on Feb 21
I think I'm about limit up about with "social" issues...Pete on Feb 21
 * Hey, start a movement: Old White Guys Matter (everyone else does).TheBOB on Feb 21
 bump stock legalitySMcNeill on Feb 21
  Pete invisions crazy old vet in a wheel chair spinning wildly while firing off rounds.Pete on Feb 21
   Get with the times, Pete...TheBOB on Feb 21
    There was a study about young people age 17-24 concerning a draft...Pete on Feb 21
    Re: Get with the times, Pete...SMcNeill on Feb 22
     Valid points, Steve, but...TheBOB on Feb 22
 Re: I think I'm about limit up about with "social" issues...s on Feb 21
 Lefties using children to push an agenda? Well I never...Simmons on Feb 21
  Most prescribed drugs are complete BS. People are ignorant or just stupid...Pete on Feb 21
Nice. I just put together a new gaming chair for my son...Pete on Feb 20
 * Adjust his back, or adjust the chair?Solitaire on Feb 20
  His back.Pete on Feb 20
   * More golf, less computer!TheBOB on Feb 20
    I wish. He just doesn't have the interest in golf anymore...Pete on Feb 20
     I blame myself...TheBOB on Feb 20
      I was thinking yesterday (happens almost annually) it would be nice to see you stuff at...Pete on Feb 20
       I appreciate the thought...TheBOB on Feb 20
        I know. I'm a little too nostalgic I guess...Pete on Feb 20
         * ROFL@"PC in your pocket".TheBOB on Feb 20
          I thought you'd like that one...Pete on Feb 20
           * No, haven't "herd" of him (don't get me started). Sounds like an interesting guy.TheBOB on Feb 20
            * Oops, sorry. I wouldn't want to get your goat.Pete on Feb 20
             Oops! I blew it...TheBOB on Feb 21 down?Simmons on Feb 19
 Re: down?Michael Calkins on Feb 19
  That's pretty much the reason. More..Pete on Feb 19
   *Surely he could write a script to delete the oldest builds?Simmons on Feb 20
    You would think. My hunch, he just isn't that into me any more. :( on Feb 20
How to make corrections on the IBM 360 punch cardsSolitaire on Feb 18
 * Ah... if Mac was still around, he might have been able to add from his own experiences.TheBOB on Feb 18
 My first experience with a computer was punch cards.Pete on Feb 18
So Florida studesnts are now organizing a march in March for gun conversation...Pete on Feb 18
 * "Gun conversation". I love it! It speaks volumes about the age we live in.TheBOB on Feb 18
  * Yeah, Westerns wouldn't be worth making these days. Who wants to go see gun talks?Pete on Feb 18
I'm starting a new movement. It's called: #hetoo Who's in?Pete on Feb 16
 You might like this videoSolitaire on Feb 17
  What's old is new again...Pete on Feb 17
  Yeah, I loved Sid Caesar...TheBOB on Feb 17
Hey, here's a thought on guns. They track cats, don't they?Pete on Feb 16
 * Sounds good to me, but what will Steve say?!TheBOB on Feb 16
  Steve will say Pete has a misunderstanding of the technology.SMcNeill on Feb 16
   Re: Steve will say Pete has a misunderstanding of the technology.Pete on Feb 17
    LOL--was not expecting that...TheBOB on Feb 17
     I even object to the "Big Brother" aspect of my suggestion...Pete on Feb 17
      * It's all Ka-Boom!!TheBOB on Feb 17
Really? FBI is mostly good hard working agents?Pete on Feb 15
 And who knows how many other red flags have been ignored...TheBOB on Feb 16
  What I heard but haven't confirmed about the parents... He has none.Pete on Feb 16
   You'd think the hunters' lobby would frown on semi-automatic weapons, anyway...TheBOB on Feb 16
    My take on how they could object is this...Pete on Feb 16
     * You're right, of course.TheBOB on Feb 16
     Re: My take on how they could object is this...SMcNeill on Feb 17
      You've got a point, Steve, but...TheBOB on Feb 17
       Really? If we're going for humane with this line of reasoning...Pete on Feb 17
        * Well, the truly humane way would be lethal injection, but good luck catching them first.TheBOB on Feb 17
         To do that humanely requires two injections. One to put to sleep and the next to kill.Pete on Feb 17
          * LOL--stop needling Steve!TheBOB on Feb 17
           * Sure, pin that on me!Pete on Feb 17
            * Enough! I get the point!TheBOB on Feb 17
             * I figured you did, you're pretty sharp!Pete on Feb 17
              * Wow, all the air went out of this ballon. It's as if someone PUNctured it!Pete on Feb 17
               * I had already given up... no need to PUNish me further.TheBOB on Feb 17
                * So you're saying you already PUNted? Well you're no pun at all!Pete on Feb 17
                 * You win again... time for me to PUNch out.TheBOB on Feb 17
                  * Sure, leave early. That's OK. I'm used to puntificating by my lonesome.Pete on Feb 17
                   * I give! I give! (but it's good to know that Tapatalk doesn't disallow puns :-)TheBOB on Feb 18
Anyone know if QB64 can access commandline redirect data?Simmons on Feb 15
 Re: Anyone know if QB64 can access commandline redirect data?Pete on Feb 15
  Oh there's a number of goodies here, too...Pete on Feb 15
   That's a good linkSimmons on Feb 16
 $CONSOLEMichael Calkins on Feb 16
  It works with piping too (note first dir results end because of empty line)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
   *(That's my current qb64 folder. Many more programs are in other folders.)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
   Piping (1ps)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
   Source console and output to screen?Simmons on Feb 18
    what code are you working with?Michael Calkins on Feb 19
     I figured it out, its a little counter intuitiveSimmons on Feb 20
      *good to hearMichael Calkins on Feb 20
  I'll see if this will work.Simmons on Feb 16
  Bonus points:Simmons on Feb 16
   I'll take the easy part...Pete on Feb 16
   Win32 example of creating a child with piped output. (2PS)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
    *would Wine on Linux let a Win32 "A" launch a POSIX "B" with pipe?Michael Calkins on Feb 16
     We need mennoite back for Linux stuff. You should consider sending him an email.Pete on Feb 16
     *No clue myself, I'm writing this for Win7 anyhowSimmons on Feb 16
      I have two Win-10s but I code on my Win-7.Pete on Feb 16
       Windows is getting a little like Apple in that waySimmons on Feb 20
        It's one time I have to hand it to "Open Source" projects...Pete on Feb 22

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