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hank unruh pretends to rep for the world trade org on remote worker management technologymn on Mar 24
I wish you could meet my douchebag cousin! But you cant because he lives in Canada...Not really TheBOB on Mar 24
if i designed a new sort of forum, one feature id try outmn on Mar 24
 Kinja sorta does this.Anonymous on Mar 24
  *thats cool. though i wouldnt use a gawker site if they paid me to use itmn on Mar 24
   I'll give you one billion dollars to use a gawker site...TheBOB on Mar 24
    *lol, i think id make an exception there (if it were real money, vs. canadian)mn on Mar 24
     * comedy = what a comedian does -- canady = what a canadian doesmn on Mar 24
   The only current alternatives to Kinja, as far as I knowAnonymous on Mar 24
    retooling diaspora with the couple of necessary features its missing would probably bemn on Mar 24
     *oops, sorry- opal is actually a real javascript on Mar 24
      * You're a real JavaScript tool.TheBOB's Hipster Douchebag Cousin on Mar 24
     * Ah, I forgot about Diaspora. I haven't seen any sites using it, so it slipped my mind...Anonymous on Mar 24
*what the hell just happened?????not really the congressional medal of honor on Mar 23
 *?Michael Calkins on Mar 23
  *was meant as response to not really biden-- i cant believe they tarnished it with himmn on Mar 23
   *you think thats bad, they gave me the good husband award and good president awardnot really bj clinton on Mar 23
    *incredibly, this is still on Mar 23
   *medal of freedom, not medal of honor.Michael Calkins on Mar 23
    * sh**, youre right-- good point and thanks for reminding memn on Mar 23
The state of American HealthcareSMcNeill on Mar 23
 While you're waiting, switch hands for a week...Dr. Von Clippy on Mar 23
  ok, but where is the real ted?mn on Mar 23
   I think it's pretty Obvious, Mr...TheBOB on Mar 24
    *i thought we just talked over him with punsmn on Mar 24
 Also true for us Canadian "Americans"...TheBOB on Mar 23
  * P.S. Same thing goes for teachers.TheBOB on Mar 23
  *Bob, are you sure you live in Toronto? You don't have that smug accent.Simmons on Mar 24
   *geez, i know just what you mean. its like the hipster douchebag capital afactmn on Mar 24
    * Please, you don't know *anything* about Toronto.TheBOB's Hipster Douchebag Cousin on Mar 24
     *they only let thebob stay there because hes an artist!mn on Mar 24
      * You only know *one thing* about Toronto.TheBOB's Hipster Douchebag Cousin on Mar 24
 Where Republicans can share some of the blame...Pete on Mar 23
  a few thoughtsMichael Calkins on Mar 23
   "our goal is a global free market"mn on Mar 23
    china cheatsMichael Calkins on Mar 23
     you, stop being full of democrap--mn on Mar 23
      for bonus points, spot the globalist in trumpmn on Mar 23
       *thats ok, im running chelsea against trump next term!not really hillary clinton on Mar 23
        *aw, f*** my a**mn on Mar 23
         *not young enough!not really biden on Mar 23
       Re: for bonus points, spot the globalist in trumpMichael Calkins on Mar 23
        *the 5th amendment could have some effect on interrogative torture.Michael Calkins on Mar 23
        *and his anti-immigration stance makes him the opposite of globalist.Michael Calkins on Mar 23
         is anything really that simple?mn on Mar 24
          if you think im just not paying attention, think of a president as a salesmanmn on Mar 24
           of course thats a liberal president. if it were a republican it would be WAR ON DIRT!mn on Mar 24
            *lolMichael Calkins on Mar 24
        You've got it backwards:SMcNeill on Mar 23
         *yeah, basically thismn on Mar 23
         Re: You've got it backwards:Michael Calkins on Mar 23
          now youve really got it backwardsmn on Mar 23
           UghMichael Calkins on Mar 24
            moreMichael Calkins on Mar 24
             i know what you meanmn on Mar 24
        if you say "Bush's warrantless surveillance might be a breach of..."mn on Mar 23
      national sovereigntyMichael Calkins on Mar 23
       thats just the state version on Mar 23
        *thanks for clarifying on the tone.Michael Calkins on Mar 23
         * yw, i think i probably owe you that much at this point-- thank you toomn on Mar 23
     But by what standard?SMcNeill on Mar 23
      Re: But by what standard?Michael Calkins on Mar 23
   Campaign promises.Michael Calkins on Mar 24
    *and that might (or might not) be sarcasm. (but my golf comments weren't).Michael Calkins on Mar 24
    called it, sort ofmn on Mar 24
    sarcasm asideMichael Calkins on Mar 24
     *oh, i wasnt kidding either. its just something i factor into everyone that takes officemn on Mar 24
Yet another mass attack leaving 4 dead, over 20 injured...SMcNeill on Mar 22
 I have more outrage about "education." Two dead, 20 injured in China.Pete on Mar 22
my reply to some lunatic that thinks 500 pronouns would helpmn on Mar 21
 *and i demand to be addressed as sir bottlzweigzee-ecky-ecky-ecky-ziptang-boingmn on Mar 21
  *I have nothing but respect for the shrubbery communitySimmons on Mar 22
   i can tell you where i draw the line with them, toomn on Mar 22
    I know right?Simmons on Mar 22
     * That tree was wanted in 10 states, so in fact, you were aboring a fugitive.Pete on Mar 22
      *I see what you did thereSimmons on Mar 22
      *oh, not again. leaf tree puns out of on Mar 22
       * Oak-kay. Pine by me.Pete on Mar 22
        *olive and let live, now? thats knot what you said on Mar 22
         * Well, I'm a poplar-ist now, so ashcuuuuse me.Pete on Mar 22
          * Aren't you guys sycamore puns by now?TheBOB on Mar 22
           *we were going to stop, but decided to stick with itmn on Mar 22
           * No! We love olive them.Pete on Mar 22
            *ted will probably bark at us to stop. but hes not ted anymore, hes on Mar 22
             *you guys are cluttering the forum-- this is a clear-cut violation of the tos!not really ted on Mar 22
              * FLOCK YEW!Pete on Mar 22
               * this is fun, i dont know who to root formn on Mar 22
                * Yes, pecan a winner is difficult.Pete on Mar 22
                 * if ted won that would be nutsmn on Mar 22
             * Ted might not bark, but a dogwood.TheBOB on Mar 22
              *he will probably lichen some part of it to racismmn on Mar 22
               * Yeah, Ted always has somethin' to peach about.Pete on Mar 22
                *the word youre looking for is birch, he will birch about anythingmn on Mar 22
                 * I could pear less.Pete on Mar 22
                  *really? you seem unusually chippermn on Mar 22
                   * Well I thought I had this in the palm of my hand but apparently chesnut yet.Pete on Mar 22
                    *mango and try to beat you at this-- it would take a while!mn on Mar 22
                     * Well, you maple it off, yet.Pete on Mar 22
                      *but how hardwood that be?mn on Mar 22
                       * True, it's not like I'm going out on a limb all the time.Pete on Mar 22
                        *i hope not, this forum is generally crazy and needs someone at the elmmn on Mar 22
                         * Hey that was the next one I was going to post. Now I have to knock the sap out of you!Pete on Mar 22
                          * a-pple the other onemn on Mar 22
                           * Cherry up and pick another!Pete on Mar 22
                            *orange you glad you didnt have to stoop to this one?mn on Mar 22
                             * I'd be lime if I told you I hadn't thought about it.Pete on Mar 22
                              *i doubt anyone has the balsa try to join in with whats leftmn on Mar 22
                               * I just camphor the free chips.Pete on Mar 22
                                *i thought you were probably just boardmn on Mar 22
                                 * I just love puns, plank and simple.Pete on Mar 22
                                  *soon youll have to change the title to the "lower lumber support forum"mn on Mar 22
                                   * That's too long of a title to re-ambar.Pete on Mar 22
                                    *i wonder where bobs cone to?mn on Mar 22
                                     * I'm sure he blossomed out to better endeavors.Pete on Mar 22
                                      *or its just a shyness that stems from his childhoodmn on Mar 22
                                       * If firewood you, I'd refrain from resorting to plants in a tree pun war.Pete on Mar 22
                                        *actually a palm has a monocot stem, which you wouldve known if youd axedmn on Mar 22
                                         * Oh I should've sawdust coming!Pete on Mar 22
                                          *if you cambium you can join em, i always saymn on Mar 23
                                           * I'm sure that sentiment resin-ates with many splinter groups.Pete on Mar 23
                                            * i like how you switched it up with that onemn on Mar 23
                                             * I had to. I was afraid you might throw in the dowel.Pete on Mar 23
                                              * Wood ant you like to be a pepper too?Dr. Peter on Mar 23
                                               * Avacado go saw some logs, so nite. Sorry to have put everyone else through the mill.Pete on Mar 23
              * Plywood bark too, If I was a dog.Pete on Mar 22
               *unlike you though, they both give two sheds-- one sheds leaves, and the other sheds firmn on Mar 22
                * Cedar you go again!Pete on Mar 22
                 *i think you doth protest too mulchmn on Mar 22
                  * True, cypress the issues a lot around here.Pete on Mar 22
                   *you have, more than anyone else to datemn on Mar 22
                    * And that's knot counting pecan on Ted.Pete on Mar 22
                     *hes one reason its good you took over when you did-- before someone tried to sumac!mn on Mar 22
                      * Thanks for reminding me. Apricot about that one.Pete on Mar 22
                       thats what i fig-uredmn on Mar 22
                        * I'd have been pretty teaked off if you left out a fig pun.Pete on Mar 22
                         *dont worry about that, budmn on Mar 22
                          * Walnut thing I could do about it, anyway.Pete on Mar 22
                           *i didnt think i would cashew trying to anywaymn on Mar 22
                            * Almond days I work on puns. I post on Wednesdays.Pete on Mar 22
                             *i wonder what everyone else thinks? would they respond to a pole?mn on Mar 22
                              * Sorry, we don't have poles. I never spruced up the place.Pete on Mar 22
                               *theyre pretty needleless anywaymn on Mar 22
                                * Only good for a special acacia.Pete on Mar 22
                                 *what else can we do? its got me stumpedmn on Mar 22
                                  * Oleander the most difficult of situations can one rise to greatness.Pete on Mar 22
                                   *dont try to petal those old truisms around heremn on Mar 22
                                    * Trees don't have petals. I looked it up in my log.Pete on Mar 22
                                     * And now, if yule excuse me, I'm going out to get trunk!Pete on Mar 22
                                      hey, you missed one:mn on Mar 22
                                       *its good that we stopped when we did-- it was getting too forestmn on Mar 22
                                        * Ted's starting a business to save Planned Parenthood. He's opening a rubber tree plant.Pete on Mar 23
                                         *willow-ld b.j. be at the opening? (when is he not, eh?)mn on Mar 23
                                          *Haha, thats a good one guys, my desk in the Oval Office was made of woodNot really B.J. on Mar 23
                                           *yeah, whenever you get a democrat in that office, theres always some kind of desk-grace!mn on Mar 23
                                            * His biggest hurdle is hiring. So far, all his employees have arbor ant behavior.Pete on Mar 23
 Re: my reply to some lunatic that thinks 500 pronouns would helpMichael Calkins on Mar 21
  hmm.Michael Calkins on Mar 21
  re: manningmn on Mar 22
   im not implying anything, by the waymn on Mar 22
   *those won't catch on. But "they" for a 'non-binary' person could be confusing.Michael Calkins on Mar 22
    its not confusing, anything "could be" confusingmn on Mar 22
     * TheBOB already solved this for us. We just call them all wack-holes.Pete on Mar 22
Definition of "snowflake" in modern times...Frosty the Snowflake on Mar 21
 why im against picking on millennialsmn on Mar 21
  and absolutely EVERYTHING going on on campuses is fair game for ridiculemn on Mar 21
   Considering setting my kid up in business instead of bothering witjh worthless colleges.Pete on Mar 21
    get him to try fig (lol)mn on Mar 21
     Thats how I stayed in shape: hog wrestling and learning PHP.Not really MIchael Calkins on Mar 21
 Snowflakes are delicate but beautiful.Michael Calkins on Mar 21
  * Snowflakes are the spawn of Liberal stupidity. I have the snowballs to say so.Pete on Mar 22
Hey Anne Frank Center ENOUGH ALREADY!Pete on Mar 21
 Ironically, their reaction makes his point for him, although...TheBOB on Mar 21
 *No soup for you!Not really the Soup Nazi on Mar 21
  * Not a complete sentence!Hypocritical Grammar Nazi on Mar 21
   * Stop comparing everything to Nazi Germany!Watering-down-of-the-word-"Nazi" Nazi on Mar 21
    * Porównalem je do nazistowskiej Polski!Not really Polish-speaking on Mar 21
     je do nazistowskiej Polski Porównalem *izaN noitatoN hsiloP esreveR on Mar 21
      * Nie, nie, nie! To notacja polska!Another note in "Polish" on Mar 21
feminists on Mar 20
 of course its just the cult of politicsmn on Mar 20
i may have asked this already. does d.s.t. do anything at all for steve?mn on Mar 18
 Yep.... Annoys the hell outta him!SMcNeill on Mar 18
  Getting milk from a cow at 5:00 AM is stupid...Pete on Mar 18
   Reminds me of a discussion I had with an idiot from Las Vegas once.SMcNeill on Mar 19
    Reminds me of a discussion I've had with an idiot farmer...oftenAnonymous on Mar 19
     * The DST thing is why I set my UTC clocks to Reykjavik time; it is UTC±0 year-round.Anonymous on Mar 19
     Re: Reminds me of a discussion I've had with an idiot farmer...oftenSMcNeill on Mar 19
      * Another nice sentiment: farming in a region that doesn't follow the practice of DSTAnonymous on Mar 19
      WRONG, parts of Indiana stay with Standard Time all year...*Mr Obvious on Mar 19
       that doesnt actually negate anything he said-- its like saying,mn on Mar 19
       SIGH...SMcNeill on Mar 20
        Or Mr. Obvious sits on a Congressional committee...Pete on Mar 20
    Re: Reminds me of a discussion I had with an idiot from Las Vegas once.Michael Calkins on Mar 19
     * I don't often drink milk but when I do, it comes from cows with blue eyes and big tits.The Most Interesting Texan in the World on Mar 19
     Re: Reminds me of a discussion I had with an idiot from Las Vegas once.SMcNeill on Mar 19
      what if its harvey milk?mn on Mar 19
       I grew up with soy milkMichael Calkins on Mar 19
        current online pricesMichael Calkins on Mar 19
         dont get sucked into "im not sure why people are afraid of..." its subtle manipulationmn on Mar 19
          *"craze"mn on Mar 19
          Re: dont get sucked into "im not sure why people are afraid of..." its subtle manipulationMichael Calkins on Mar 19
           lol@confusionmn on Mar 19
            Re: lol@confusionSMcNeill on Mar 20
             dont get into marketing thenmn on Mar 20
             * Gee thanks Steve. I always thought milk of magnesia came from a loose cow.Pete on Mar 20
              No, it came from Yr. MOM!Not really Bill on Mar 20
              * the magnesia is actually a product of the cattle-ytic processmn on Mar 20
               * Cow can you be sure about that?Pete on Mar 20
                *i thought everyone moo it alreadymn on Mar 20
                 * I was wondering if you'd see my reply but nothing gets pasteurize.Pete on Mar 20
                  * youre lucky i found it, i only gave the page a skimmn on Mar 20
                   * Whey cool!Pete on Mar 20
                    *hey, what colors are black-and-white-spotted cows when they run really fast? (graze!)mn on Mar 20
                     * You make coming up with cow puns practically heffer-less!Pete on Mar 20
                      * Wow, you guys should be drinking more de-calf.TheBOB on Mar 20
                       *yeah, butter you sure it would help?mn on Mar 20
                        * I give up! This is udder nonsense.TheBOB on Mar 20
                        * Cudn't hurt.Pete on Mar 20
                         * Do you have one, Michael, or have you herd enough?TheBOB on Mar 20
                          * He's cowculating a response as we speak!Pete on Mar 20
                           * cheese, whats taking him so long?mn on Mar 21
                            * He probably has a really slow internet holstein plan.Pete on Mar 21
         current in store prices.Michael Calkins on Mar 21
          * This has not a thing to do with price of tea in China!Chairman Mao on Mar 21
           *alexa-- i mean michael: how much does milk cost locally?mn on Mar 22
  My dad and I were just discussing DST todayMichael Calkins on Mar 19
   yep, we share an affinity for gmt/utcmn on Mar 19
    Yeah, because you're both INBRED RACISTS against TIME ZONES! *Not really anonymous Ted on Mar 19
     Now, time zones! There's something that makes no sense at all...TheBOB on Mar 19
      Time zones make at least a bit of sense...Anonymous on Mar 19
      times zones make sense, but we could live without them if you dont mind working 2-10pmmn on Mar 19
       * I'd have no issue with that, but I doubt there are many that would agree with the changeAnonymous on Mar 19
        *right, same here. personally? fine. seems a little too much to ask of peoplemn on Mar 19
         * _Individuals_ I'm perfectly fine with, but _people_ always create a problem. ;-)Anonymous on Mar 19
          im guessing the _individual_ is you, and by "_people_" you mean everyone else?mn on Mar 20
           this assumes theres only one person posting anonymously here. if there are on Mar 20
    how green are tidal and geothermal energy?Michael Calkins on Mar 19
     *why would cooling affect the tides? theyre caused by on Mar 19
      * Because cold water expands.Pete on Mar 19
       *and you think if the mantle cooled, the water would expand and affect the tides?mn on Mar 19
        I was thinkingMichael Calkins on Mar 19
     Geothermal probably sustainable, wind / tidal probably not.Simmons on Mar 19
      Upon further reading:Simmons on Mar 19
      Thanks for the responseMichael Calkins on Mar 19
     Re: how green are tidal and geothermal energy?SMcNeill on Mar 20
      Re: how green are tidal and geothermal energy?Michael Calkins on Mar 20
       Just remember to add all the factors into your equations.Simmons on Mar 20
oh and p.s.: myst is alive and wellmn on Mar 18
 i took that too literallymn on Mar 18
  Good to hear about Myst...TheBOB on Mar 18
   oh yeah, i used to have thatmn on Mar 18
    * Well, if you ever absolutely need a post edited, I'd be happy to oblige :-)TheBOB on Mar 18
     if you could just change the timestamps on all of on Mar 19
Who are your favorite leaders?Michael Calkins on Mar 17
 proof that its a popularity contest. hes a traitor to the united states, but he seems nicemn on Mar 17
  * Hitler thought so too. He met her at a family picnic.Pete on Mar 17
  femalesMichael Calkins on Mar 17
   hatred.Michael Calkins on Mar 17
 then again, you like rommel (youre definitely an oddball, calkins)mn on Mar 17
  hey, upon further reading though, i guess we both like ikemn on Mar 17
  *I'm thinking that Rommel was on the fringe of Walkuere, but not in the core.Michael Calkins on Mar 17
   if id been the judge, i wouldve let anyone that worked to kill hitlermn on Mar 17
   Rommel's involvement was never established, however...TheBOB on Mar 17
    hmm. thats pretty interesting stuff-- they probably shouldve taught us thatmn on Mar 18
     *That's 'emi-- F*** this, I'm retiring!Tpyo Polcie on Mar 18
     *Yeah what?Not the real Eminem on Mar 18
 also Mandela.Michael Calkins on Mar 17
  Damn Apartheid. I should have bought Maple Leafs.Pete on Mar 17
 * Oh and my favorite leaders: Me and Reagan... in that order!Pete on Mar 18
 a few moreMichael Calkins on Mar 18
 a few Tony Blair quotes.Michael Calkins on Mar 23
  morality my ass, thats dubya girlfriendmn on Mar 23
   well, he was called poodleMichael Calkins on Mar 23
Hey Hillary. New York City says F-Off means F-Off!Pete on Mar 16
If MC found a big busty brown eyed girl, why would he take her to Winchell's for a date?Pete on Mar 16
Rachel Maddow has BREAKING NEWS!Simmons on Mar 16
 He also appears to have lost $100,000. Not his money though...Mr Obvious on Mar 16
"feminism is for men, too" -- ok, prove itmn on Mar 15
 * I taut I taw a pussy hat. I did! I did see a pussy hat!Tweety on Mar 15
  If it's still "taw" then you definitely mean "putty hat."Not really Michael on Mar 15
   * Get up with the times. Tweety's been in speech therapy since the 1990s.Pete on Mar 15
 I was told to get in touch with my feminine side once...SMcNeill on Mar 15
  * So is that a clit ring in your pants, Steve, or are you just happy to see me?Ms West on Mar 15
 Unfortunately for feminists, reality is failing to confirm their ideolgySimmons on Mar 15
 *(image) Found this while looking for political symbolism on Google image search.Michael Calkins on Mar 15
 For me, this is the most telling insight into feminism...TheBOB on Mar 15
  That reminds me... (True story)Solitaire on Mar 16
   LOL--reminds me of an old song my mother used to sing...TheBOB on Mar 16
    * I either lower the lid or close the door if the cat is inside.Michael Calkins on Mar 16
     Just let the cat use the can. They don't care if the seat is up or down.Pete on Mar 16
   * Well obviously he used the plunge-her.Pete on Mar 16
    * Sounds like a South Park abortion. "Kenny, what are you going to plunge?"Michael Calkins on Mar 16
Why in the hell are they treating this thug so nicely?Pete on Mar 14
 there are only two reasons to treat any such person nicelymn on Mar 15
  "retaliation" is probably the better word herewiktionary says... on Mar 15
A woman, (D) from Houston, is trying to fine me $100 forMichael Calkins on Mar 14
 tell her to go after me instead, she would get a LOT more if she won!mn on Mar 14
 * "Alexa, what has Michael Calkins been doing with his day?"Not really Amazon on Mar 14
  *Vault 7: The CIA already knows what you guys do with your danlgy bitsSimmons on Mar 14
   CIAMichael Calkins on Mar 14
    youre about 10 years behind on news there, calkinsmn on Mar 14
     I just checked...Michael Calkins on Mar 14
      whats on Mar 14
      Trump's White HouseMichael Calkins on Mar 17
       It's dishonesty, delusion, or maybe both.Michael Calkins on Mar 17
        *It's offensive for Trump to equate truth with falsehood while standing next to Merkel.Michael Calkins on Mar 17
       Well everyone is entitled to their opinions, however..Pete on Mar 17
        Hit TV show?Michael Calkins on Mar 17
         You didn't watch it? You're fired!! ...TheBOB on Mar 17
          *yeah, I saw the "you're fired" in NBC promos, etc.Michael Calkins on Mar 17
       my initial understanding wasn't quite accurate.Michael Calkins on Mar 21
        Re: my initial understanding wasn't quite accurate.Michael Calkins on Mar 21
         Another thingMichael Calkins on Mar 21
       Susan RiceMichael Calkins on Mar 22
        * Susan Rice is a wack-hole.Pete on Mar 22
      Re: I just checked...Michael Calkins on Mar 21
 the puns write themselves-- shes trying to create a "stale mate."mn on Mar 14
 * No matter how many sponsors this bill gets, those pages will never stickNot really The Onion on Mar 14
 * and tell her she can expect "stiff opposition"mn on Mar 14
 You a gonna pay for your sins...Father Guido Sarducci on Mar 14
  * You need to upgrade to a hands free device.Pete on Mar 14
  *i was going to post a reply about "wood n' nickels," but i think ive done enough todaymn on Mar 14
 You're being unfairSimmons on Mar 14
 My wife finds this to be a hard bill to swallow...SMcNeill on Mar 14
  * Switch to condoms. The IUD is probably irritating her gag reflex.Pete on Mar 14
 Masturbating is cheating God of a child. Read your Bible boy!Mr Obvious on Mar 16
  Re: Masturbating is cheating God of a child. Read your Bible boy!Michael Calkins on Mar 16
   PSMichael Calkins on Mar 16
    And by "authorized"Michael Calkins on Mar 16
    andMichael Calkins on Mar 16
    mostly references... (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Mar 16
   Re: Masturbating is cheating God of a child. Read your Bible boy!SMcNeill on Mar 16
    Re: Masturbating is cheating God of a child. Read your Bible boy!Michael Calkins on Mar 16
    Right, it isn't murder but Ted gets confused by phrases like: Beat it to death...Pete on Mar 16
     You and your party of fools cutting Meals on Wheels and school meals is MURDER asshole!Mr Obvious on Mar 16
      im trying to figure out if ted is actually against masturbationmn on Mar 16
       *(URL) South ParkMichael Calkins on Mar 16
        * I'm more of a Beavis and Butthead fan. It helps me understand Ted a little better.Pete on Mar 16
        michaels done it again-- teds lack of both sex and self-pleasure, plus living in on Mar 16
      * You are the only White ignorant rural gun lover I know, Ted.Pete on Mar 16
  No way is it cheating God of a child!Solitaire on Mar 16
   No, no, no!Pete on Mar 16
    *i always knew he was a son of a *batch*!mn on Mar 16
FREE TED!mn on Mar 13
 Again, Ted is alive and well...Pete on Mar 13
In the beginning...Solitaire on Mar 13
 if it starts with ] the rest is obviousmn on Mar 13
  *and they probably listen to boston a lot, because thats one of their songsmn on Mar 13
  oh wait, i get it!mn on Mar 13
   * That's, "feeling a than more" to you.notsoB on Mar 13
 * It tells us people who suffer from dyslexia would make great converts?Pete on Mar 13
  *in this backwards world, i wonder what happens when all the dyslexics on Mar 13
   I don't know. I only know if you laid all the women in the world end for end...Ms Ogynist on Mar 13
    i bet michael could explain a way to accomplish the job using robotsmn on Mar 13
     Buying stock in silicon mining operation as we speak...Pete on Mar 13
      true, but then silicone wont give them cancermn on Mar 13
       I helped a patient reecover from what looked like RA but wasn't...Pete on Mar 13
        *not true-- left unchecked, bullshit can lead to the sort of medical system we have nowmn on Mar 13
 Actually, the Bible should have said, "In our beginning"...TheBOB on Mar 13
  I love that whole "beginning" crap.Pete on Mar 13
   As the great Steven Hawking says:Simmons on Mar 13
    I do like Hawking's analogy on time...TheBOB on Mar 13
     * I made a visit to the North Pole once but it all went south from there.Pete on Mar 13
      If you walk south ten feet...TheBOB on Mar 13
       i figure teds compass probably talks like some character from dora the explorermn on Mar 13
        * We sent Ms. Explorer a C&D but she's always movingThe Law Offices of Belle, Beast, and Lumière on Mar 13
       Why did Ted get lost in the woods, even though he had a kit to build a compasss?Pete on Mar 13
   Here's the ticket:SMcNeill on Mar 14
    You are the darkness to science and education slave master *Anonymous on Mar 14
     who could this be? thebob? no. solitaire? probably not. michael? oh right, sure!mn on Mar 14
    WRONG!Pete on Mar 14
     * Boycott Pete!Dark Lives Matter on Mar 14
      its too bad no one calls themselves "all lives matter, (stupid)"mn on Mar 14
     i already covered all this in that post about yin and yang-- it works as a reply to stevemn on Mar 14
      *and yes, i still recall that joke 12 years later. but i think it was posted > on Mar 14
  maybe thats a hintmn on Mar 13
 Re: In the beginning...Michael Calkins on Mar 14
  *Modern Hebrew B, K, and N all look like ], but N is the closest to it.Michael Calkins on Mar 14
   * yeah but its for "bereishit" so that should narrow it downmn on Mar 14
    but then you'd have to already know what you're reading.Michael Calkins on Mar 14
     *i dont always read, but when i do its more than a 1 lettermn on Mar 14
      2 things. Whether it would be valid with a K instead, and whether there's a "the"Michael Calkins on Mar 14
       im not sure theres a "the" in hebrew. also bereshit literally means:mn on Mar 14
        Re: im not sure theres a "the" in hebrew. also bereshit literally means:Michael Calkins on Mar 14
         *cool. very cool, actuallymn on Mar 14
        * Does a bereshit in the woods? I think you meant bereshith.Pete on Mar 14
         *actually bot are correct, buth i didnt want to deny you the opportunity to butth in :)mn on Mar 14
          * Oh for shith sake.Pete on Mar 14
       without "the"mn on Mar 14
        Re: without "the"Michael Calkins on Mar 14
         nope!mn on Mar 14
          (imo) guessing is fine thoughmn on Mar 14
       and Yiddish, for the fun of it.Michael Calkins on Mar 19
 * Genesis 19:17,26; Proverbs 4:25; Luke 9:62; 17:31-32; Philippians 3:13Michael Calkins on Mar 14
This is another reason why I want employers out of helath insurance...Pete on Mar 13
 cut it out pete, youre going to confuse our "anonymous" postermn on Mar 13
  Corporations could be worse than government when it comes to control.Pete on Mar 13
   its the government that leaves people without recourse thoughmn on Mar 13
    We could have a better system...Pete on Mar 13
     *yeah, right?mn on Mar 13
my own take on forum anonymitymn on Mar 13
As if the US tax system already wasn't complex enough...SMcNeill on Mar 12
 Wait!Pete on Mar 13
 Worry about your own lily white assess farm boy and dull boy quackAnonymous on Mar 13
  hey "anonymous" (ted,) how is it "racist" to complain about racism against yourmn on Mar 13
   * ... own race?n54 hiccup (nice one) on Mar 13
  someone ought to explain anonymity to this guynot really ad(mn) on Mar 13
  Says the lily white ass...Pete on Mar 13
   *or you could just go to the lily white housemn on Mar 13
    * I tried to market it there but Ivanka beat me to it!Pete on Mar 13
     *FIRST DAUGHTER IVANKA BEATING FATHER IN WHITE HOUSE (also, snow today.)CNN Headlines for New England-- Tue, Mar 14 on Mar 13
      *SERVES HIM RIGHT FOR BEING A RACIST WHITE MALE!Not really liberals with no sense of irony on Mar 13
      CNN "Making" News.Breaking News on Mar 13
       ive got a plan for jobs and immigration that no one will call racistmn on Mar 13
        *except ted, of course, but he disappeared right before this "anonymous" guy showed upmn on Mar 13
         Ted is alive and well...Pete on Mar 13
Steve, you missed out big league. Here's the book you should have written...Pete on Mar 12
OK who's hotter, naked Navy chicks or naked Air Force Chicks?Pete on Mar 11
 air force, of course!mn on Mar 11
 The whole concept of public and private is changing...TheBOB on Mar 11
  I agree. I think the military needs to fall on its sword on this one, too.Pete on Mar 11
   Re: I agree. I think the military needs to fall on its sword on this one, too.SMcNeill on Mar 11
    Re: I agree. I think the military needs to fall on its sword on this one, too.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
     from a mostly non-authoritarian, thats a smart answermn on Mar 11
      with supervisors theres a little more leewaymn on Mar 11
  * Or were you stating that only Privates should keep their privates out of the public?Pete on Mar 11
   * LOL--just the opposite! After a couple of promotions, who wants to see you nude, anyway?TheBOB on Mar 11
 Re: OK who's hotter, naked Navy chicks or naked Airforce Chicks?Michael Calkins on Mar 11
  rape is still worse than porn, eh?mn on Mar 11
a few personal notes.Michael Calkins on Mar 10
 P.S.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
  dating agesmn on Mar 11
   race and "type"mn on Mar 11
    Re: race and "type"Michael Calkins on Mar 11
     Re: race and "type"mn on Mar 11
      *n54 is the pinnacle of technological sophistication, alrightmn on Mar 11
  Personality is much more important than appearance.Solitaire on Mar 11
   This is absolutely true.SMcNeill on Mar 11
    Re: This is absolutely true.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
     *PS. Rachel McAdams is another girl that makes me smile, both personality and appearance.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
     What would happen if you married a buxom beauty,Solitaire on Mar 11
      No.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
   in fairness to michael, a lot of people talk about looks like theyre the #1 prioritymn on Mar 11
    * I've gained weight significantly since that photo. Those were my pig hunting days.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
   How can you mention nature on one hand and ignore it on the other.Pete on Mar 11
    Speaking of nature in a primitive society:Solitaire on Mar 11
     * It's obvious dimorphism.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
     Souls evolve, people don't.Pete on Mar 11
     breasts are just a fake buttAnonymous on Mar 16
      * No. They are much better. Parts of butts are dirty and gross. And you forgot your "*"Michael Calkins on Mar 16
       The idea being they replaced the butt when humans started walking uprightAnonymous on Mar 16
   Both are important.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
    you know you were in a cult, right?mn on Mar 11
     Where I'm at now...Michael Calkins on Mar 11
      yeah, thats fine-- im not here to argue with that-- keep your biblemn on Mar 11
       *"in there"mn on Mar 11
      I'm pretty sure The Bible is a load of crap, too.Pete on Mar 11
       zeal is everywheremn on Mar 11
        *Let us save you from False Prophets-- all of them!Not really Richard Dawkins on Mar 11
         * (including fundamentalist materialist reductionists?)mn on Mar 11
         * YOU FOOLS! You will all be damned to terrible hairstyles and boring televangelism!Not really Richard Dawkins on Mar 11
          * settle down there, not really on Mar 11
       Then you'd side with Joe Biden over Antonin ScaliaSimmons on Mar 11
        i dont know who youre talking to, but youre wrong anywaymn on Mar 11
         * who is "nutty thing thing michael"? is that going to be in the next military scandal?one of mns typos on Mar 11
          *no, but it might get him disfellowshipped againmn on Mar 11
         *Objection to Humans developing moral compass on their own remark. I wasn't too clear.Simmons on Mar 12
        Re: Then you'd side with Joe Biden over Antonin ScaliaSMcNeill on Mar 12
         So you're saying God is a Democrat?Pete on Mar 12
          *a good old post hoc fallacy is pretty effortless when you say "because 2000 years ago..."mn on Mar 12
         A couple things...Simmons on Mar 12
          and this is why the bible is on Mar 12
           I feel like you're holding back on meSimmons on Mar 12
            lol, i almost never do that-- if anything this is lots of funmn on Mar 12
    hypothetical mix and matchMichael Calkins on Mar 16
     dancing skill?mn on Mar 16
      No, but I love to watch females do it.Michael Calkins on Mar 16
       Re: No, but I love to watch females do it.Michael Calkins on Mar 23
     where your list falls down of coursemn on Mar 16
      how to make your list more interestingmn on Mar 16
       *dont be hasty-- take your timemn on Mar 16
        how to give your list depth and realismmn on Mar 16
      * I'm an obsessive list maker and categorizer..Michael Calkins on Mar 16
 You have wifi a few hundred yards away?Simmons on Mar 11
  Re: You have wifi a few hundred yards away?Michael Calkins on Mar 11
   good thing he vetoed thatmn on Mar 11
 Go to Virgina, see Steve. He can help.Qui Chang Caine on Mar 11
  probably better to work for steve than some (cant name it) fix it pit on Mar 11
  I have lived on my own before, but that was many years ago.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
 Offline WikipediaMichael Calkins on Mar 11
  i used to have a copy of wikipedia around on Mar 11
   Re: i used to have a copy of wikipedia around here...Michael Calkins on Mar 11
    *what distro are you using now? still dsl?mn on Mar 11
     * For my main computing, I'm using Windows XP. The mobile devices are Android.Michael Calkins on Mar 11
this comic reminds me a little of mcmn on Mar 10
 Re: this comic reminds me a little of mcMichael Calkins on Mar 10
  * So if you ever tell us you have a bun in the oven, you really are discussing bake goods?Pete on Mar 11
   i dont think even hes old-fashioned enough to use that expression. thebob, on Mar 11
    Hey, your mom...Not really the new TheBOB on Mar 11
     * what's that you were saying about my mom?not really mn on Mar 11
      Oh wait...Not Really Pete on Mar 11
       * Not really ROFLMAO!TheBOB on Mar 11
Did anyone read that article about Kaine's son getting arrested?Pete on Mar 10
 no, because the kids of politicians arent that interestingmn on Mar 10
  *and yes, that goes mostly for barron too. although, he is living in the white housemn on Mar 10
Quick! Which idiot forgot to do the background check on the axes?!SMcNeill on Mar 9
 *To be fair, Clippy only wants a ban on high capacity military style assault axes.Simmons on Mar 10
  * yes but that includes anything capable of felling a tree more than 4" in diametermn on Mar 10
 * Axes don't fell trees, lumberjacks do.Pete on Mar 10
Watched Paul Ryan give health care pitch this morning. Mostly good stuff.Pete on Mar 9
 Force employers with healthcare benefits to stop? Great plan son of a Trump!Anonymous on Mar 9
  Someone put Clippy back in the recharger. He's at it again!Pete on Mar 9
   how this stuff worksNot really a Democrat on Mar 9
 In Soviet Canukistan, health insurance pay you!Simmons on Mar 10
  Actually Ted is the only successful Republican in his family...Pete on Mar 10
Poor idiot ClippySMcNeill on Mar 8
 *any personal differences we may have aside, it sounds like an alright deal to memn on Mar 8
 For starters, Steve, Clippy doesn't know how to read...TheBOB on Mar 8
  ooh! and thats from one of the most polite people on earthmn on Mar 8
   Ha! Well, sometimes my politeness gets tested...TheBOB on Mar 8
    well you guys probably know where virginia beach is, if you need to find itmn on Mar 8
     * Yeah, but the way Bob analogized it, it sounds like a rim job.Pete on Mar 8
      *and once again, ted is the butt of his own jokemn on Mar 8
      * LOL@"rim job" (le mot juste!)TheBOB on Mar 8
    Re: Ha! Well, sometimes my politeness gets tested...SMcNeill on Mar 8
     * Well, on the plus side, Steve, the sane people here all understand and agree.TheBOB on Mar 8
     Oh come on Steve. Tim Kaine's stupid son is twice as bad as Clippy. ROFL >>>Pete on Mar 8
     i had a few friends that were borderline, this is what its likemn on Mar 8
      *theres also no cure. sometimes a willing participant can triumph over it with cbtmn on Mar 8
    Apparently conservative Jackasses stick together even across bordersClippy on Mar 9
     * 5 word summary: "steve, trump, general electric... whatever!"mn on Mar 9
     Re: Apparently conservative Jackasses stick together even across bordersSMcNeill on Mar 9
      Re: Apparently conservative Jackasses stick together even across bordersLogic Police on Mar 9
     Actually, I'm curious about one thing in particular...SMcNeill on Mar 9
      It is ILLEGAL to hire them fool! So why would you pay taxes for them?Mr Obvious on Mar 9
       Re: It is ILLEGAL to hire them fool! So why would you pay taxes for them?SMcNeill on Mar 9
        * LOL@47 dependants. True, there's never just Juan.Pete on Mar 9
        in the end it will all come down to ad hom, stevemn on Mar 9
         * Ted is too far Left to ever be Right about anything.Pete on Mar 9
          *zing!mn on Mar 9
     That Mexican has poor English skills. He doesn't know the difference between can't & won'tPete on Mar 9
 You don't owe the rest of us an explanation.Simmons on Mar 8
  pretty much this. some of my friends own businessesmn on Mar 8
   Whatcha talking about? Businesses never do anything good for the community!SMcNeill on Mar 9
    a secret about mn-- he was in love with a farmgirl,supports csa,and knows what gleaning ismn on Mar 9
     Re: a secret about mn-- he was in love with a farmgirl,supports csa,and knows what gleaning isSMcNeill on Mar 9
      sounds like something only a GREEDY a**hole would on Mar 9
  I really feel bad for fartmers that abuse workers and reserve Federal help for themselves.Mr Obvious on Mar 9
   *no you dont, you hate everyone-- rich or poor or disabled or unluckymn on Mar 9
   Once again, Clippy's stupidity is almost unbelievable!SMcNeill on Mar 9
    steves cracked the clippy code-- anything i explain to him now is purely rhetoricalmn on Mar 9
    How could Steve have missed this???Pete on Mar 10
March 8th is: A Day without Women!Pete on Mar 7
 no, its a day without some liberal womenmn on Mar 7
  *but we can still have all of their votes though, right?Not really every Democrat on Mar 7
   * Sure, why not?Not Really! on Mar 7
Oh no Bob, Canadians miss out on lecture from this clown...Pete on Mar 6
 didnt radio shack close? youll have to go to clippy shack insteadmn on Mar 6
 If that father of a slain soldier is a fool, what does that make you?Anonymous on Mar 6
  actually he is a fool. he wasted credibility on a candidate that got his son killedmn on Mar 7
   Well done. I might also add...Pete on Mar 7
    i figured out who mr anonymous is, of coursemn on Mar 7
     * In the old days of the Forum, you couldn't get away with that--IP's were shown.TheBOB on Mar 7
      that was never a great idea, and its not as reliable as you thinkmn on Mar 7
       If I do have access to IP's, I'm not aware of it...TheBOB on Mar 7
        interesting. im sure youd notice them if they were availablemn on Mar 7
 * Voice modulators and douche bags are both available from Amazon--with free delivery!TheBOB on Mar 7
  *amazon: your 1-stop-shop for douchebags... *by* douchebags!mn on Mar 7
blah blah blah blah CLINTON blah blah blah blah DIVERSITYnot really gary larson on Mar 6
Pope tells parishioners to put down cell phones and pick up BibleHoly Catholic Church Batman on Mar 6
 It surprises me that he said "Bible"...TheBOB on Mar 6
 oh, we can pick up our own bible now? thats newmn on Mar 6
how many people have tried to create a programming language easy enough for everyone?mn on Mar 5
 *also not mentioned: comal, with roots in basic, pascal and logomn on Mar 5
 * Anyone who can't write machine code has no business programming!Not Really Michael Calkins on Mar 6
  i thought cobol had business programming, but either way it can do powers of 2not really chandler on Mar 6
   Through this power, I can do practically ANYTHING!Super-Power-of-2-Man on Mar 6
I think I'll refrain from too many comments on this wiretapping charge, but wow...Pete on Mar 4
 Trump's a fucking liar just like you are douche bag!Blow ME on Mar 6
  i couldnt even figure out what part of that offended him... at firstmn on Mar 6
   Can't believe that Pete allowed you back scumbagAnonymous on Mar 6
    allowed me back? he never made me leave. who are you, anonymous coward?mn on Mar 7
    *and i bet youre on some drugs (again.) GET HELP!mn on Mar 7
More Liber-hole hypocrisy over that Kelly-anne photo...Pete on Mar 3
Oh oh Bob, Liberals already made their way to Canada just to pee in your pools!Pete on Mar 2
 I haven't been swimming in years...TheBOB on Mar 2
  i thought that was a kid thing, toomn on Mar 2
   * LOL--that might work, except that Ted hates farmers--well, he hates everybody, really.TheBOB on Mar 2
  Lake Huron is amazingBen on Mar 2
   * True! Spent a lot of time there in my youth, including sailing in Georgian Bay. Great!TheBOB on Mar 2
 Re: Oh oh Bob, Liberals already made their way to Canada just to pee in your pools!SMcNeill on Mar 2
  i can honestly say this argument impresses me more than any other argument here in 10 yrsmn on Mar 3
   * Those statistics were reported on PNN last month.Don Lemon on Mar 3
  * Steve neglected to mention that 90% of urine is FILTERED water... If that helps.I. P. Freely on Mar 3
   well the other 10% is a pretty homogenous mix-- its a lot less than 10% IN A POOL thoughmn on Mar 3
 i still cant believe we spent that much time talking about pee and it wasnt trump-relatedmn on Mar 6
What's wrong with those Liber-holes in France?Pete on Mar 2
They $%^& you at the drug store!Not Really Leo from Lethal on Mar 2
 *pretty muchmn on Mar 2
Russia, Russia, Russia!The Clinton Bunch on Mar 2
I can explain why Hollywood and MSM are poison for the human race with engineeringSimmons on Mar 2
 You mean Obama wasn't really a great orator? We were TOLD he was!Pete on Mar 2
  Mark Dice summed up Obama's oratory skills quite well.Simmons on Mar 2
I won, right?...Not really Viola Davis on Mar 2
 Who knows? The whole point of Oscar is to remind people it's not just about the popcorn.The Academy of Motion Pictures on Mar 2
  *i am flattered that pete quoted me in this postmn on Mar 2
   * And my song lyrics, too!Not really Justin Bieber on Mar 2
  this part is super-important thoughmn on Mar 2
   Wait until I switch from button cells to ZIPPER cells! *Not really TedGyver on Mar 2
   Don't blame Clippy, it's just frustration. He can count the times he's had sex on one handPete on Mar 2
    i dont think thats itmn on Mar 2
     Well then he should take advantage of his Party and become a transgender...Pete on Mar 2
      hey now, i will take that over theoretical insults based on math puns any daymn on Mar 2
Crooked crap Obama pulled...Pete on Mar 2
 hey, i used to live there. heres a list of the crooked crap he DIDNT pull!mn on Mar 2
 *Would you like to become a contributor to "The Journal of Liberal Hypocrisy"?Simmons on Mar 2
Environmental nut jobs at it again...SMcNeill on Mar 1
 this looks like a job for bureaucracy!mn on Mar 1
  * Those birds are Viking fans trying to put themselves out of their misery.Pete on Mar 1
   * Best joke so far: Get over it birds. Football is a rough sport!Pete on Mar 4
Disney goes gay!SMcNeill on Mar 1
 *I feel a little confused now! Ha-ha!Not really Mickey Mouse on Mar 1
 The world is halfway to ending again.Pete on Mar 1
  i guess thats one "anomaly" chiropractic cant on Mar 1
   We had a gay ex-pro football player who lived down the block from us. He was a wack-hole.Pete on Mar 2
    harvey milk wouldve cleaned it up for you, but you know why he couldntmn on Mar 2
Oh no! Antarctica records its highest temp ever. Run Clipidiots, run!Pete on Mar 1
 WRONG!SMcNeill on Mar 1
  Oh let me be more specific then...Pete on Mar 1
   *"ice balls" is a serious concern for men in antarctica and you shouldnt make light of itmn on Mar 1
    * Oops. That might have offended Clippy. I hear he's a frozen yogurt fan.Pete on Mar 1
     *i thought you were going to say it might offend him cause hes got ballsmn on Mar 1
Golf is dying. I blame Obama!Pete on Mar 1
 Re: Golf is dying. I blame Obama!Michael Calkins on Mar 1
  OMG! MC is learning the art of sarcasm.Pete on Mar 1
   * I wasn't being sarcastic. Perhaps 6 holes: 4 par 3 and 2 par 5...Michael Calkins on Mar 1
    * Yes you were, you just haven't realized it yet. :DPete on Mar 1
     heres what he doesnt on Mar 1
      Football is the best spectator sport...Pete on Mar 1
       Re: Football is the best spectator sport...Michael Calkins on Mar 11
    How about a course with just a hole?Leslie Neilsen on Mar 2

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