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Hey Bob, don't look now but your bee is showing...Pete on Feb 22
Bob, there's still time to get out!Pete on Feb 22
 *According to my social justice cheat sheet, this qualifies as "cultural appropriation"Simmons on Feb 22
  * Oops, I forgot. You're from Canada, too. Bob be sure to pick up Josh on your way out!Pete on Feb 22
 Sorry to say, the picture showed...TheBOB on Feb 22
  Oh, if you click the link it does. What I meant was...Pete on Feb 22
An entire day devoted to the "sport" of curling?Pete on Feb 21
 * That's funny--but I'd post armed guards around your son just to be on the safe side.TheBOB on Feb 21
I think I'm about limit up about with "social" issues...Pete on Feb 21
 * Hey, start a movement: Old White Guys Matter (everyone else does).TheBOB on Feb 21
 bump stock legalitySMcNeill on Feb 21
  Pete invisions crazy old vet in a wheel chair spinning wildly while firing off rounds.Pete on Feb 21
   Get with the times, Pete...TheBOB on Feb 21
    There was a study about young people age 17-24 concerning a draft...Pete on Feb 21
    Re: Get with the times, Pete...SMcNeill on Feb 22
     Valid points, Steve, but...TheBOB on Feb 22
 Re: I think I'm about limit up about with "social" issues...s on Feb 21
 Lefties using children to push an agenda? Well I never...Simmons on Feb 21
  Most prescribed drugs are complete BS. People are ignorant or just stupid...Pete on Feb 21
Nice. I just put together a new gaming chair for my son...Pete on Feb 20
 * Adjust his back, or adjust the chair?Solitaire on Feb 20
  His back.Pete on Feb 20
   * More golf, less computer!TheBOB on Feb 20
    I wish. He just doesn't have the interest in golf anymore...Pete on Feb 20
     I blame myself...TheBOB on Feb 20
      I was thinking yesterday (happens almost annually) it would be nice to see you stuff at...Pete on Feb 20
       I appreciate the thought...TheBOB on Feb 20
        I know. I'm a little too nostalgic I guess...Pete on Feb 20
         * ROFL@"PC in your pocket".TheBOB on Feb 20
          I thought you'd like that one...Pete on Feb 20
           * No, haven't "herd" of him (don't get me started). Sounds like an interesting guy.TheBOB on Feb 20
            * Oops, sorry. I wouldn't want to get your goat.Pete on Feb 20
             Oops! I blew it...TheBOB on Feb 21 down?Simmons on Feb 19
 Re: down?Michael Calkins on Feb 19
  That's pretty much the reason. More..Pete on Feb 19
   *Surely he could write a script to delete the oldest builds?Simmons on Feb 20
    You would think. My hunch, he just isn't that into me any more. :( on Feb 20
How to make corrections on the IBM 360 punch cardsSolitaire on Feb 18
 * Ah... if Mac was still around, he might have been able to add from his own experiences.TheBOB on Feb 18
 My first experience with a computer was punch cards.Pete on Feb 18
So Florida studesnts are now organizing a march in March for gun conversation...Pete on Feb 18
 * "Gun conversation". I love it! It speaks volumes about the age we live in.TheBOB on Feb 18
  * Yeah, Westerns wouldn't be worth making these days. Who wants to go see gun talks?Pete on Feb 18
I'm starting a new movement. It's called: #hetoo Who's in?Pete on Feb 16
 You might like this videoSolitaire on Feb 17
  What's old is new again...Pete on Feb 17
  Yeah, I loved Sid Caesar...TheBOB on Feb 17
Hey, here's a thought on guns. They track cats, don't they?Pete on Feb 16
 * Sounds good to me, but what will Steve say?!TheBOB on Feb 16
  Steve will say Pete has a misunderstanding of the technology.SMcNeill on Feb 16
   Re: Steve will say Pete has a misunderstanding of the technology.Pete on Feb 17
    LOL--was not expecting that...TheBOB on Feb 17
     I even object to the "Big Brother" aspect of my suggestion...Pete on Feb 17
      * It's all Ka-Boom!!TheBOB on Feb 17
Really? FBI is mostly good hard working agents?Pete on Feb 15
 And who knows how many other red flags have been ignored...TheBOB on Feb 16
  What I heard but haven't confirmed about the parents... He has none.Pete on Feb 16
   You'd think the hunters' lobby would frown on semi-automatic weapons, anyway...TheBOB on Feb 16
    My take on how they could object is this...Pete on Feb 16
     * You're right, of course.TheBOB on Feb 16
     Re: My take on how they could object is this...SMcNeill on Feb 17
      You've got a point, Steve, but...TheBOB on Feb 17
       Really? If we're going for humane with this line of reasoning...Pete on Feb 17
        * Well, the truly humane way would be lethal injection, but good luck catching them first.TheBOB on Feb 17
         To do that humanely requires two injections. One to put to sleep and the next to kill.Pete on Feb 17
          * LOL--stop needling Steve!TheBOB on Feb 17
           * Sure, pin that on me!Pete on Feb 17
            * Enough! I get the point!TheBOB on Feb 17
             * I figured you did, you're pretty sharp!Pete on Feb 17
              * Wow, all the air went out of this ballon. It's as if someone PUNctured it!Pete on Feb 17
               * I had already given up... no need to PUNish me further.TheBOB on Feb 17
                * So you're saying you already PUNted? Well you're no pun at all!Pete on Feb 17
                 * You win again... time for me to PUNch out.TheBOB on Feb 17
                  * Sure, leave early. That's OK. I'm used to puntificating by my lonesome.Pete on Feb 17
                   * I give! I give! (but it's good to know that Tapatalk doesn't disallow puns :-)TheBOB on Feb 18
Anyone know if QB64 can access commandline redirect data?Simmons on Feb 15
 Re: Anyone know if QB64 can access commandline redirect data?Pete on Feb 15
  Oh there's a number of goodies here, too...Pete on Feb 15
   That's a good linkSimmons on Feb 16
 $CONSOLEMichael Calkins on Feb 16
  It works with piping too (note first dir results end because of empty line)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
   *(That's my current qb64 folder. Many more programs are in other folders.)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
   Piping (1ps)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
   Source console and output to screen?Simmons on Feb 18
    what code are you working with?Michael Calkins on Feb 19
     I figured it out, its a little counter intuitiveSimmons on Feb 20
      *good to hearMichael Calkins on Feb 20
  I'll see if this will work.Simmons on Feb 16
  Bonus points:Simmons on Feb 16
   I'll take the easy part...Pete on Feb 16
   Win32 example of creating a child with piped output. (2PS)Michael Calkins on Feb 16
    *would Wine on Linux let a Win32 "A" launch a POSIX "B" with pipe?Michael Calkins on Feb 16
     We need mennoite back for Linux stuff. You should consider sending him an email.Pete on Feb 16
     *No clue myself, I'm writing this for Win7 anyhowSimmons on Feb 16
      I have two Win-10s but I code on my Win-7.Pete on Feb 16
       Windows is getting a little like Apple in that waySimmons on Feb 20
        It's one time I have to hand it to "Open Source" projects...Pete on Feb 22
It's Ash Wednesday and like any good Catholic I'm participating by staying home and...Pete on Feb 14
 Wow, yes! Ash Wednesday! I had forgotten all about that...TheBOB on Feb 14
CNN and MSNBC can burn in hell and I'll buy the gas...Pete on Feb 13
 *(URL) BBC has been good at pointing out that this is a propaganda effort by NK.Michael Calkins on Feb 13
 I agree that it's all hypocrytical BS, but even so...TheBOB on Feb 14
  And South Korea is stupidly paying for it...Pete on Feb 14
   * Human rights? You sounded like a liberal for a few seconds.Michael Calkins on Feb 14
    Yeah, that's what confuses people today about conservatives...Pete on Feb 14
Hey! I'm back!Simmons on Feb 12
 * Just remember to pee at Steve's and we're happy to have you back.Pete on Feb 12
  Oh, and by the way...Pete on Feb 12
   No complaints from meSimmons on Feb 13
    Yes, Michael Calkins is the forum mod and makes posts here...Pete on Feb 13
     hmmMichael Calkins on Feb 13
      qbguy is still around, too.Pete on Feb 13
       forumsMichael Calkins on Feb 13
        Re: forumsPete on Feb 14
    Speaking of archives and nostalgiaSimmons on Feb 13
     I have an old Atari I'd like to get hooked up again someday.Pete on Feb 13
      What are the specs on that Floppy Drive?Simmons on Feb 13
       I'll have to go dig it out of storage and get back to you.Pete on Feb 14
        Yep, it's a 1050 alright, but no manual. :(Pete on Feb 15
         Found the specsSimmons on Feb 15
          I've read a few times that 9VAC 3Amp can be used...Pete on Feb 15
     I went with the Commodore 64Solitaire on Feb 15
      You've described my dream PC collectionSimmons on Feb 16
  *I think Steve's getting mad since I'm killing his grassSimmons on Feb 13
   Yeah and Steve's smart, so he plans on putting in artificial turf!...Pete on Feb 13
* Hey Kew, should we re-open the QB Discussion Forum to member posts?Pete on Feb 12
Should we be worried?Solitaire on Feb 12
 One of Trumps failings in my opinion is his choice of people...Pete on Feb 12
Pete, are you a clone of Donald Trump?Solitaire on Feb 12
 I call BS, here's why...Pete on Feb 12
PC Police can't even leave kids comedy movie alone...Pete on Feb 12
 Be afraid! Be VERY afraid! ...TheBOB on Feb 12
Childish whims by a grownup man with too much powerSolitaire on Feb 10
 * Things like that make me nervous too, Solitaire--and I'm a Canadian!TheBOB on Feb 10
 Whoo... For a minute there, I thought she was talking about me!Pete on Feb 10
  ParadeMichael Calkins on Feb 10
  You should be working for Trump, Pete...TheBOB on Feb 11
   You got that backwards, Bob. Trump is working for me...Pete on Feb 11
    I'll give you this, you dodged a bullet with Hillary...TheBOB on Feb 11
     ugh (2PS)Michael Calkins on Feb 11
      LOL--what he's good at, not what he's best known for...TheBOB on Feb 11
       you have a pointMichael Calkins on Feb 11
        White illegals need to go, too, and they have been deported. So, he's not racist.Pete on Feb 11
 *it's not just a whim. I think he already wanted one. Parade envy. My parade is bigger.Michael Calkins on Feb 10
  *but NK and others can put on bigger parades, so what's the point?Michael Calkins on Feb 10
  *will they salute trump as they march? Maybe he can shoot a rifle like saddam.Michael Calkins on Feb 10
   *at least dukakis rode an Abrams tank, and bush rode an S3 Viking onto a carrier.Michael Calkins on Feb 10
Hey Bob, close but no maple syrup...Pete on Feb 10
 Kinda make you wonder, Pete...TheBOB on Feb 10
new miscellaneous post collectionMichael Calkins on Feb 10
 It's another media problem...TheBOB on Feb 10
 Michael, you just might be a Liberscarian...Pete on Feb 10
 *idiots are changing technology again. This time they're killing MAFF in Firefox.Michael Calkins on Feb 22
  It's worse than that. Firefox is killing all existing addons.Michael Calkins on Feb 22
   Might try Waterfox forkSMcNeill on Feb 22
    Re: Might try Waterfox forkMichael Calkins on Feb 22
This guys death is another example of why we need my conservative media...Pete on Feb 9
 * The last sentence in that paragraph was definitely worth hanging in for!TheBOB on Feb 9
#Me TooSMcNeill on Feb 9
 * Sounds about right. Gives "Me too" a whole new meaning.TheBOB on Feb 9
 That's why I rely on Sports Illustrated for its honest feminist views.Pete on Feb 9
Hey Bob, if you decide to deport this guy, we don't want him here...Pete on Feb 7
 * We've aleady sought his deportation, but apparently he's from Canada.TheBOB on Feb 7
  So what? We deported Cheech Marin, and he was "Born in East L.A."Pete on Feb 7
   It's possible...TheBOB on Feb 8
Pete, let me be sure I have this straight...TheBOB on Feb 5
 Re: Pete, let me be sure I have this straight...Pete on Feb 5
  * Thanks! I think it's great that you want to preserve the history of the place :-)TheBOB on Feb 5
   Thank you...Pete on Feb 5
    * Pharaohly sure? Well, having a cool head allowed me to peer-amid the spam.TheBOB on Feb 5
     LOL - That sphinx volumes, Bob...Pete on Feb 5
* Well I lost my Canadian dollar (Brady <> 6) but a terrific game!TheBOB on Feb 4
 I read no players knelt down during the anthem.Pete on Feb 4
  That's true, what's more...TheBOB on Feb 5
Liberals should not feel sorry for "good" people being deported.Pete on Feb 4
no, no, no! thats not how you archive iteasylangs on Feb 2
 Re: no, no, no! thats not how you archive itPete on Feb 2
Hey Dems. How about this slogan for DNC in 2020: Make America Stupid Again!Pete on Jan 31
 Sorry you got your feathers ruffled, Mr. Sensitivity...Hillary on Jan 31
Never discount the French. Oh wait, I meant never discount their NutellaPete on Jan 26
 Yeah, Nutella is like catnip to the French...TheBOB on Jan 26
Bob, head to Australia and bring back your rock!Pete on Jan 24
 * I wish I could, but it was part of the settlement back when we broke up.TheBOB on Jan 24
  * Well, at least you got custody of the maple syrup!Pete on Jan 25
   * LOL--last word!TheBOB on Jan 25
Trump Plan...Pete on Jan 23
It's a shame conservatives are not more involved in news sources. Polish ICE article...Pete on Jan 22
 Even if you're wrong...TheBOB on Jan 22
  Most old-fashioned parents probably experienced the same thing...Pete on Jan 23
   * Yes, the leftist view: there is no problem, just a greater need for sensitivity.TheBOB on Jan 23
I yelled at my kid for sweeping the kitchen. I said put the broom down, it's GIRL'S work.Pete on Jan 21
 Moral: Never trust your life to a subtle distinction...TheBOB on Jan 21
  Yeah, I can think of better ways to get bopped, but this is a family forum!Pete on Jan 21
   * Show-off!TheBOB on Jan 21
how little cults pervert the scriptures to turn people towards sataneasylangs on Jan 19
im a little worried about michaeleasylangs on Jan 19
 *i'd join you in the chatroom, but it's friday night. I need to work.Michael Calkins on Jan 19
Give it to the French for an ounce of honesty. Bob, how did you let this one get away?Pete on Jan 18
 * LOL--well, she begged me, but I was dating Sophia Loren at the time.TheBOB on Jan 19
  *Ah, you're the one. I dated her too, once, but she said someone ruined her for other men!Pete on Jan 21
Oh the crap Steve has to put up with...Pete on Jan 18
Did Great Britain just pass us in the race to the bottom?Pete on Jan 17
 Yikes! And now another minister's job has opened up...TheBOB on Jan 17
  LOL - Well, at least we don't have to put up with The Czar of Christmas Past...Pete on Jan 17
   *it's our job to spread the empire of liberty and help make the world safe for democracy.Michael Calkins on Jan 17
    And to Keep Africa British!easylangs on Jan 17
     Hey, at least they have a Minister of Lonliness...Pete on Jan 18
      wait a minute, wait a minuteeasylangs on Jan 18
Culture? An article links anxiety to Alzheimer's. Being Italian-American, I can only say:Pete on Jan 16
 * Being French/Irish-Canadian, I can only say, "Eh?"TheBOB on Jan 16
the left has so many layers of bullsh** now that its impossible to do the right thing...easylangs on Jan 14
 Cultural appropriation is such a nonissue. (2ps)Michael Calkins on Jan 15
  well, see youre basically saying that all culture is already appropriated by everyoneeasylangs on Jan 15
  a little clarificationMichael Calkins on Jan 15
Oprah has all the answers on racism. Trouble is, you may not like them....Pete on Jan 14
 its a little difficult to follow what youre saying in the title, but...easylangs on Jan 14
 She's got a point...TheBOB on Jan 14
  so shes just an old ageist woman theneasylangs on Jan 14
   * Wasn't referring to Oprah in general, just what she meant by her comment, "die".TheBOB on Jan 14
    * well lets not be too hasty, its possible she was just lapsing into german :)easylangs on Jan 14
     LOL--reminds me of a Simpsons episode...TheBOB on Jan 14
  I'm just calling a spade a spade. Oops, I'm probably in trouble now!Pete on Jan 14
   * Ergo, Clippy has a small penis. I knew it!!TheBOB on Jan 14
    I was just testing to see if you read stuff all the way to the end...Pete on Jan 14
     * Yeah, they all stayed in Hollywood where you used to be able to get away with rape.TheBOB on Jan 14
* If God is a programmer and we are his programs, is Clippy just an annoying virus?Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy on Jan 13
 * No, Jack... just Windows 10.TheBOB on Jan 13
  Jack always gets my attention, though. What if he's right?Pete on Jan 13
   Interesting question...TheBOB on Jan 13
    Good point. I thought of that too but I'm glad you addresed it.Pete on Jan 13
     LOL--thanks for the link...TheBOB on Jan 13
Here's a neat story. I wish the Press had more stuff like this...Pete on Jan 10
 facebook has loads of stuff like that. so does redditeasylangs on Jan 10
  Re: facebook has loads of stuff like that. so does redditSMcNeill on Jan 10
   Speaking of WITCH....Pete on Jan 11
    I can't believe you would call Oprah a witch! ...TheBOB on Jan 11
     Well, my "B" key just came back from the shop, so... Oh, about the "x"Pete on Jan 11
      * Hey, don't knock yourself--it rhymes and trashes Hillary all at the same time. Score!!TheBOB on Jan 11
W'ALL-W'ALL-W'ALL-W'ALL-W'ALL-W'ALL-W'ALLSouth Rising on Jan 6
Well, it's after midnight here in Ontario...TheBOB on Dec 31
 jan 01, 2000y2k memorial on Dec 31
  *thats exactly why i have a paper calendar on my desk-- it never gets the year wrongnot really trump on Dec 31
Schrödinger's Hat...Mary Christmas on Dec 25
Well, it's after 2 in the morning here in Toronto...TheBOB on Dec 24
 i thought the tubes made the frame strongereasylangs on Dec 25
  LOL--well, I wasn't going to actually ride it...TheBOB on Dec 25
   that settles it, if i ever get my hands on solid gold socks, im shipping them to canadaeasylangs on Dec 25
Liberals is such dumb igits...Pete on Dec 12
 Ah, yes... the too-much-information age...TheBOB on Dec 12

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