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ROFL^2 Steve, ya gotta read this one. Clippy's gonna ship his pants!Pete on May 20
 Re: ROFL^2 Steve, ya gotta read this one. Clippy's gonna ship his pants!SMcNeill on May 20
  I agree, but two different things are going on here...Pete on May 20
   Re: I agree, but two different things are going on here...SMcNeill on May 22
    Or how about when he stuck his foot in his mouth this time?SMcNeill on May 22
     Re: Or how about when he stuck his foot in his mouth this time?Pete on May 22
ROFL, Bill Cosby announces he believes racism had something to do with his rape cases!Pete on May 16
 *Trump has his own accusers and recorded admissions.Michael Calkins on May 16
  * So who did Trump drug, Michael... Tell me who?Pete on May 16
   Re: * So who did Trump drug, Michael... Tell me who?Michael Calkins on May 22
    So serial rapist is equal to regular guy?Pete on May 22
     Re: So serial rapist is equal to regular guy?Michael Calkins on May 22
      *and I didn't say they were equal.Michael Calkins on May 22
       * Write, not say.Grammar Police on May 22
        *(URL)Michael Calkins on May 22
         * Aha! Busted, GP!TheBOB on May 22
      Re: So serial rapist is equal to regular guy?SMcNeill on May 22
       Another example...TheBOB on May 22
        Valid point.Michael Calkins on May 22
         *That latter oath is selfcontradictory, because the President is an enemy.Michael Calkins on May 22
        Re: Another example...SMcNeill on May 22
         *You seem honest, and you aren't leading the destruction of our nation.Michael Calkins on May 22
 Actually, this is a very important test case of social justiceSimmons on May 22
  Re: Actually, this is a very important test case of social justiceMichael Calkins on May 22
  If we look at is as racism vs. sexism then we all lose.Pete on May 22
Violent criminal sues on the grounds of PTSD because he said cops shot him too many times.Pete on May 16
 Give him the Death Penalty and carry it out. Problem solved. *****Obvious Solution on May 16
  Look Bob, a five-star general at the forum! Maybe he'll reassign Clippy to KP.Pete on May 16
   * Five stars? Isn't that Trump? ...Clippy's suing him for PTSD for being elected.TheBOB on May 16
 *1 riot, 1 ranger. Patroling alone is fine.Michael Calkins on May 16
WTH is wrong with the world??SMcNeill on May 16
 No, hypocrites are people who use illegal immigrants and yet mock themMr Obvious on May 16
  Of course they are free to go back to their own f*cking country anytime they want.Pete on May 16
 The connection to Trump explains it.Michael Calkins on May 16
  Re: The connection to Trump explains it.Pete on May 16
  There is no need to hold back from attacking and undermining Trump.Michael Calkins on May 18
   Drumpf is merely a DIVERSION for Republicans to do their evil plans...Mr Obvious on May 18
    Once again, Clippy and math = FAILSMcNeill on May 18
     Link to see food stamp costs inside, if wanted.SMcNeill on May 18
     As for the claim of "pay under $20 per year"...SMcNeill on May 18
      Social Security and Medicare are PAYROLL TAXES paid for YOUR BENEFIT fool!Mr Obvious on May 19
       Well, as the old saying should go... Ask a stupid person, get a stupid answer.Pete on May 19
       Re: Social Security and Medicare are PAYROLL TAXES paid for YOUR BENEFIT fool!SMcNeill on May 19
        DUH, there are income tax brackets that pay much more taxes...DumassMr Obvious on May 19
         * The rich already got their way, 2008 - 2016. Guess who the President was? Barry!Pete on May 19
       Whatever you want....SMcNeill on May 19
This is the problem with higher education:SMcNeill on May 14
 Re: This is the problem with higher education:Rich Bastard on May 14
 Note how Republicans overlook all of their SHAM colleges and voucher schools.Clippy on May 15
  Re: Note how Republicans overlook all of their SHAM colleges and voucher schools.Anonymous on May 16
   Reagan is DEAD! Get over it numb-skull. I am talking but TODAY!Mr Obvious on May 16
    Re: Reagan is DEAD! Get over it numb-skull. I am talking but TODAY!Pete on May 18
Jail reformer going to jail or... More Liberal HypocrisyPete on May 12
I thought FBI stood for...Comey the Clown on May 9
So billionaires need tax cuts?Sanity on May 9
 Re: So billionaires need tax cuts?Sanuty is Overrated on May 9
 * Yes, billionaires like George Soros need a tax cut!Pete on May 9
 Everyone needs tax cuts.Michael Calkins on May 10
  *Maybe 20% until we pay down the debt, then 15% from then on.Michael Calkins on May 10
  Flat tax vs. progressive tax...Pete on May 10
   As W.C. Fields used to say...TheBOB on May 10
   Re: Flat tax vs. progressive tax...Michael Calkins on May 10
    Well apparently the poor whiteTexans are still alive...Mr Obvious on May 11
     Re: Well apparently the poor whiteTexans are still alive...Ironically Oblivious on May 11
Colbert, cock holsters, and the first amendmentSimmons on May 8
 It may very well come down to the time his show aired... (EDITED)Pete on May 8
  *Craig Ferguson was the best.Michael Calkins on May 9
 *For when you need to openly carry your chickens.Michael Calkins on May 9
  * Mark the calendar! Michael came up with a pun! (Pete's bad influence)TheBOB on May 9
   * Influence? I prefer to think of it as a-musing.Pete on May 9
 Yo will be the WHINING morons when you retire without Medicare or Medicaid fools!Clippy on May 9
  Morons? That's high praise coming from Clippy...Pete on May 10
France is moving in the RIGHT direction...Napoleon on May 7
 Macron campaign knew the hackers were coming, so they laid a trap and defeated them *(URL)Anonymous on May 8
  It seemed suspicious the timing of the hacks to meSimmons on May 8
 *South American refugees? The people that Mexio is building a border wall to keep out?Simmons on May 8
Another sheep shot by Pete. Episode 27: Lights are There for a Reason Sheeple!Pete on May 6
 I've seen that same thing happen...TheBOB on May 6
Jimmy Kimmel can suck it!Pete on May 3
 You really are a heartless fucking moronAnonymous on May 3
  Hey wait one minute you soured, unempowered coward...Pete on May 6
   *I thought you said underpowered for a second, I kinda like itSimmons on May 6
   How the fuck do you know that the parents did anything wrong asshole?Anonymous on May 8
Bob, Steve, Simmons... Am I the only one who thinks this way...Pete on May 2
 The liberal (idealistic) view is not only impractical, it's dangerous...TheBOB on May 2
  Re: The liberal (idealistic) view is not only impractical, it's dangerous...Pete on May 2
  disarmament.Michael Calkins on May 3
  Disarmament? Current law allows 83 people to die needlessly every dayClippy on May 4
   Re: Disarmament? Current law allows 83 people to die needlessly every daySMcNeill on May 4
    Can't wait to see you do the same suicidal dirt farmer***Clippy on May 4
     * Hey, Clippy! I see you've promoted yourself from Brigadier to Lieutenant General (***).TheBOB on May 4
      Would you consider that a shameless self-promotion?Pete on May 4
       * Or maybe he knew there were already two stars around here (high five!)TheBOB on May 5
      You promoted yourself from a graphics genius to a graphic Pedro suckup...*Clippy on May 5
       Hey! Brigadier! Good to have you back! ...TheBOB on May 5
 NoSimmons on May 3
  *1st amendment preempts sharia.Michael Calkins on May 3
   In theorySimmons on May 3
  Sources on Islamic inbreeding *(URLs)Simmons on May 5
 Re: Bob, Steve, Simmons... Am I the only one who thinks this way...SMcNeill on May 4
  I partially agreeMichael Calkins on May 4
  Not sure there's any disagreement...TheBOB on May 4
   Re: Not sure there's any disagreement...SMcNeill on May 4
    Re: Not sure there's any disagreement...Michael Calkins on May 4
     Further clarification:SMcNeill on May 5
      Re: Further clarification:Michael Calkins on May 5
       *Mom buried the ashes over a decade ago. I placed the granite marker several months ago.Michael Calkins on May 5
       Might want to double check that.SMcNeill on May 5
        still no...Michael Calkins on May 9
What films do you like? Do you have a list of favorites?Michael Calkins on May 2
 You don't want to see my list, Michael...TheBOB on May 2
  We have some overlap.Michael Calkins on May 2
   Most of the films/shows you mention I have...TheBOB on May 2
    Re: Most of the films/shows you mention I have... (2PS)Michael Calkins on May 2
     * My favourite John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara flick is "The Quiet Man".TheBOB on May 2
      *I've seen parts of that.Michael Calkins on May 2
  * That's funny. Romantic comedies are my favorite, too.Pete on May 2
 listsMichael Calkins on May 9
  for my dating profile: film and TV genres (Adult discussion) (2PS)Michael Calkins on May 9
  for netflix survey / film criticism (Adult discussion)Michael Calkins on May 9
We had a drowning yesterday near the pier...Pete on Apr 30
Megyn Kelly is as cold as ice and has blood flowing out of her... whatever!Donald Trump on Apr 29
 * Scary cool! I've been around for over 73 years and never heard of blood falls. Wow.TheBOB on Apr 29
Another round of "Who Quoted It?"Simmons on Apr 27
 Answer:Simmons on Apr 27
  * Yup. I figured it was either Hillary or Jesus who said it.TheBOB on Apr 27
   * Big deal Bob. You just covered all the ground between Chirst and The Anti-Christ.Pete on Apr 28
    * LOL--yeah, we'll leave it to Michael to fill in all the in-between names ;-)TheBOB on Apr 28
  Re: Answer:SMcNeill on Apr 28
   No argument hereSimmons on Apr 30
    Re: No argument here (1PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 30
     * So you call yourself a Centerist and yet give an example of black men rioting?Pete on May 1
      It happens, doesn't it?Michael Calkins on May 1
       Re: It happens, doesn't it?Pete on May 2
        Re: It happens, doesn't it?Michael Calkins on May 2
 Re: Another round of "Who Quoted It?"Michael Calkins on Apr 27
  Is polygamy adultery?Michael Calkins on Apr 28
Hey TheBOB, quit screwing over Steve!The Donald on Apr 24
 * I'll have a talk with Trudeau, Pierre and I are old friends... Oops!TheBOB on Apr 24
  * Well hurry up! Trump's crying and the milk hasn't even been spilled yet.Pete on Apr 24
   Which caused me to realize...TheBOB on Apr 24
    * Never mind the English, Bob. Trump just slapped your soft wood with a 20% tariff!Pete on Apr 24
     * Who told you?! ...Oh, you mean like pine trees and stuff.TheBOB on Apr 24
    Re: Which caused me to realize...Michael Calkins on Apr 24
     Interesting stuff, Michael...TheBOB on Apr 25
History proves that no good can come of letting refugess overrun your country...Pete on Apr 22
 Re: History proves that no good can come of letting refugess overrun your country...Michael Calkins on Apr 22
  and greed.Michael Calkins on Apr 23
 you could have pointed outMichael Calkins on Apr 22
Where's the USS Waldo?Pete on Apr 20
 Re: Where's the USS Waldo? (2 PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 20
  (URL) Found a few opinionsMichael Calkins on Apr 20
  Tom Clancy wrote a scenario...Michael Calkins on Apr 20
   What, no China or Russia involvement in his book?Pete on Apr 21
    Re: What, no China or Russia involvement in his book?Michael Calkins on Apr 21
     Re: What, no China or Russia involvement in his book?Pete on Apr 22
      More clear thinking, Pete...TheBOB on Apr 22
I was thinking today about a possible terrorist attack in France to give Le Pen a win.Pete on Apr 20
Gotta love those Aussies...Pete on Apr 20
UntitledMichael Calkins on Apr 17
 I am the worst kind of liar.Michael Calkins on Apr 17
  Song audio URLsMichael Calkins on Apr 17
  It's sad watching you agonize like thisSimmons on Apr 17
   Re: It's sad watching you agonize like this (1PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 17
 Easter, and scotus case about church funding.Michael Calkins on Apr 17
  Re: Easter, and scotus case about church funding.SMcNeill on Apr 27
 my federal taxes for some years (and work history) (3PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 18
 parodies.Michael Calkins on Apr 18
 opinions for the last few days.Michael Calkins on Apr 22
 Alex Kozinski is wrong.Michael Calkins on Apr 23
 some tax ideas.Michael Calkins on Apr 25
 typing late at night...Michael Calkins on Apr 26
 *Trump should sign an exec order lengthening the definition of 100 days.Michael Calkins on Apr 28
 brief opinions for the last week.Michael Calkins on May 1
  Charlie Rose and John Dickerson about Trump.Michael Calkins on May 1
 Uber and cameras. (1PS)Michael Calkins on May 9
 *During the transistion, I wanted to assassinate: Trump, Flynn, Sessions, Bannon.Michael Calkins on May 9
 *Why stop now? Nominate Mike Flynn to be FBI director. Complete the ***** slap.Michael Calkins on May 11
  *Better yet, fire the entire FBI.Michael Calkins on May 11
 Christiane Amanpour gave an excellent speech.Michael Calkins on May 18
Hey Kim, you didn't have your Wheaties!Pete on Apr 15
BLEEPING Media bias and fear mongering is INSANE!SMcNeill on Apr 13
 Washington Post does a much better job on reporting thisSMcNeill on Apr 13
  Re: Washington Post does a much better job on reporting thisMichael Calkins on Apr 13
AsshurMichael Calkins on Apr 12
 The Jews did iconoclasm also.Michael Calkins on Apr 12
 *Nineveh and Calah are <24 miles apart, so maybe weren't 1 metropolis.Michael Calkins on Apr 13
OMG! The media reports a Democrat LIED!SMcNeill on Apr 10
The history of violenceSimmons on Apr 10
resistance distinctions. and Joseph Jakubowski. and Anarchism.Michael Calkins on Apr 9
 Reading about Joseph Jakubowski.Michael Calkins on Apr 9
  *I think there can be correlation of being bullied & craziness. Selffeeding cause/effect.Michael Calkins on Apr 9
Politifact at it's best...SMcNeill on Apr 8
Go to Hell you bugged-eyed bitch!Not Really Ryan on Apr 7
 Wrong again dick breath, Obama asked Congress for re-authorization!Anonymous on Apr 8
  Wrong you fidiot!Pete on Apr 8
   All Trump did was raise gas prices. Jerry Brown will help tooAnonymous on Apr 10
    * So, is that a trick you taught your dog in order to deal with your shortcomings?TheBOB on Apr 10
    * Now I know how Catyln Jenner affords his/her hormone treatments.Pete on Apr 15
Tim Cook is a political ass-hat..Pete on Apr 7
I feel sorry for this woman....SMcNeill on Apr 7
 See-BS News covered it. Snowflakes rosting on an open fire...Pete on Apr 7
  The more details that come out, the kookier it gets...SMcNeill on Apr 7
   We just have high standards...Pete on Apr 7
Well that well integrated peaceful little country of Sweden just got hit again...Pete on Apr 7
 About Trump's war on terrorism...TheBOB on Apr 7
  I looked up integration in the World According to Pete dictionary...Pete on Apr 7
  Re: About Trump's war on terrorism...Michael Calkins on Apr 7
 Re: Well that well integrated peaceful little country of Sweden just got hit again...Michael Calkins on Apr 7
I get all my trusted news from SNA: Sputnik News Agency...Pete on Apr 7
Went to eat with wife. Mentioned Trump would hit Syria within a week. Well...Pete on Apr 6
 Cruise missiles should be used sparingly.Michael Calkins on Apr 7
  am watching the CBS Morning News right now.Michael Calkins on Apr 7
   Why they didn't bomb instead...Pete on Apr 7
    Re: Why they didn't bomb instead...Michael Calkins on Apr 7
     This Syria attack was a unique situation...Pete on Apr 7
      I hadn't considered that aircraft could resist.Michael Calkins on Apr 7
       *I've decided I like Rex Tillerson.Michael Calkins on Apr 10
        *BBC guest is wrong. Cluster bombs are not banned.Michael Calkins on Apr 10
        thoughts on today's newsMichael Calkins on Apr 11
         Re: thoughts on today's news..Michael Calkins on Apr 13
          *Russia says USA helps ISIS. Assad said USA 'works hand in glove with the terrorists'.Michael Calkins on Apr 13
          moreMichael Calkins on Apr 13
          airlines, and korea. (2 PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 14
         North Korea SitutionPete on Apr 14
          Re: North Korea SitutionMichael Calkins on Apr 14
           Re: North Korea SitutionPete on Apr 14
            *Yes, and the troops currently based there.Michael Calkins on Apr 14
Well Steve, even if you don't sell a million e-books you have to feel better than this guyPete on Apr 5
Racial slursMichael Calkins on Apr 5
 * Terms like negro, colored, mulatto, mestizo are not considered slurs.Michael Calkins on Apr 5
 forgot a fewMichael Calkins on Apr 5
 a few more things.Michael Calkins on Apr 5
 *I think the most offensive ones are those that imply subhumanness.Michael Calkins on Apr 5
 Before posting assumptions, you should do some basic researchSMcNeill on Apr 5
  Re: Before posting assumptions, you should do some basic researchMichael Calkins on Apr 5
   google says:Michael Calkins on Apr 5
  Interesting observation, though Steve...TheBOB on Apr 5
   That's a relic.Michael Calkins on Apr 5
    Yes, they should get with the times and call it the NAAPC...Pete on Apr 5
   Re: Interesting observation, though Steve...SMcNeill on Apr 5
    Re: Interesting observation, though Steve.Michael Calkins on Apr 5
     Re: Interesting observation, though Steve.SMcNeill on Apr 5
      Michael needs further clarification...Pete on Apr 5
      *i did say "offensiveness can depend on intent".Michael Calkins on Apr 5
      Discrimination just changes shoes but it never really changes...Pete on Apr 6
       vanishing postsMichael Calkins on Apr 6
        My lost post, reposted... Thank goodness for browser cache and the back arrow.SMcNeill on Apr 6
         about the listMichael Calkins on Apr 6
          Re: about the listSMcNeill on Apr 6
           METV subtitlesMichael Calkins on Apr 6
            A funny look at censorship...TheBOB on Apr 6
             *Jimmy Kimmel does something like that each week.Michael Calkins on Apr 6
             Re: A funny look at censorship...SMcNeill on Apr 6
              porn doesn't require nudity (1 PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 7
               The Williams sistersMichael Calkins on Apr 7
               Re: porn doesn't require nudity (1 PS)SMcNeill on Apr 7
                Re: porn doesn't require nudity (1 PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 7
                what is child porn? (references specific examples)Michael Calkins on Apr 7
                 There's always been a fine line between fine art and porn...TheBOB on Apr 7
                  *agreed. Abuse is harmful. Inflicting harm on someone is criminal.Michael Calkins on Apr 7
                 moreMichael Calkins on Apr 7
                  Re: moreMichael Calkins on Apr 11
  * Might as well face it you're a DICK TED to luv.Robert Palmer on Apr 5
  :-DMichael Calkins on Apr 5
 Going through the Wikipedia lists...Michael Calkins on Apr 5
Trump needs to put his support into small business.Pete on Apr 4
 Now you are talking about the other GOP asshole that ran for President, thief RomneyAnonymous on Apr 4
  As usual, I have to waste my time explaining to yuo what is obvious to everyone else...Pete on Apr 4
Some people will just have to wait until they die to get clarity.Reaper on Apr 4
 The hitch in the cryogenics plan...TheBOB on Apr 4
  * Don't worry. Eventually science will find a cure for Canada. It's called Global Warming.Pete on Apr 4
  *(URL)Michael Calkins on Apr 4
   So, what are you saying, Michael...TheBOB on Apr 5
    Re: So, what are you saying, Michael...Michael Calkins on Apr 5
     * I thought the term was well known in the English speaking world--anyway, just kidding.TheBOB on Apr 5
      *OK. Some more googling suggested that it is known in Britain also.Michael Calkins on Apr 5
Why I'm glad my kid doesn't want a job in high tech...Pete on Apr 4
 Re: Why I'm glad my kid doesn't want a job in high tech...SMcNeill on Apr 4
  The secret to success is pretty simple, at least it is for me.Pete on Apr 4
How many years has McDonalds taken off your life? Finally switching to fresh beef.Pete on Apr 4
 * I always used to ask, "Quarter pound of *what* with cheese?"TheBOB on Apr 4
  Lucky for you, no one ever gave you an answer...Pete on Apr 4
Hurry up and build that wall then throw our wack-hole journalists over it.Pete on Apr 3
 *Why couldn't we throw you over it? I like our journalists.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
  Oh, so you like wack-holes that make up fake news, do you?Pete on Apr 3
   Any journalist caught lying should be sacked and ostracized.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
    * Yep, you're easily brainwashed alright.Pete on Apr 3
    *(URL) fake news for both right and leftMichael Calkins on Apr 15
     Fun read...Pete on Apr 16
 Best comment on that article: Mexico is Afghanistan with better hotels.Simmons on Apr 3
  Canada needs to invest in a wall, too.Pete on Apr 3
  We should help them fix it.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
   Well feel free to go to Mexico and try...Pete on Apr 3
I have the solution to weight loss. Just don't get fat!Pete on Apr 3
 If you don't want to gain weight, Pete, stay young...TheBOB on Apr 3
  See? Pete and Ted aren't the same people, Pete and Bob are...Pete on Apr 3
  Staying young beats counting on science but it would be nice to know the less big picture.Pete on Apr 6
 I dropped 40 pounds on Jenny Craig...Paid Television Actor on Apr 3
Never mind Russia, this horrible thing happened in golf!Pete on Apr 3
 Golf has a lot of wackhole rules...SMcNeill on Apr 3
 Why would anyone take golf seriously anyway?Michael Calkins on Apr 3
  Thems fightin words!Pete on Apr 3
*(URL) Russia has been banning various porn websites.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
Russia is about to ban Jehovah's Witnesses..Michael Calkins on Apr 3
 *(URL) another linkMichael Calkins on Apr 3
 * In Soviet Union you disfellowships JW Church.Comrade Peteski on Apr 3
 *Communism banned ALL religions.Solitaire on Apr 3
  Yes (1 PS)Michael Calkins on Apr 3
   Russia is the final hope for democracy...Edgar Casey on Apr 3
   Pete, you and other Conservatives should love Russia.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
    You make them sound like Liberals to me.Pete on Apr 3
   *(URL) China might be killing Falun Gong people for their organs.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
 Not that I agree with what they are doingSimmons on Apr 4
  Re: Not that I agree with what they are doingMichael Calkins on Apr 4
 updateMichael Calkins on Apr 5
 *(URLs) The Russian supreme court has upheld the ban. JWs are now banned in Russia.Michael Calkins on Apr 20
Factor tip of the day. Don't listen to Snowflakes when raising a child...Pete on Apr 1
 What you suggested didn't work for me#90sKid on Apr 1
 I had to laugh...TheBOB on Apr 2
  Something weird started happening nearly 20 years ago...Pete on Apr 2
   I remember it as 40 years ago...TheBOB on Apr 2
   *reflected in TV?... perhaps a self-feeding cause-effect cycle, with kids imitating TV?Michael Calkins on Apr 3
    * You mean like me and Yosemite Sam?Pete on Apr 3
 Blame everything on liberals while you sit back and watch your BLOW JOB GOP LIARS*Mr Obvious on Apr 2
  What kind of union handles liberal blow jobs?Pete on Apr 2
  *Wait... Blow Job Liars.... Are we talking about Bill again?Really Oblivious on Apr 3
   * Clark Kent even had a better disguise using eye glasses than you do using caps.Supergirl on Apr 3
 You can't just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct - Jurassic ParkSimmons on Apr 3
  This is why I cannot be a Liberal in American society today...Pete on Apr 3
Can we please have some privacy around here?Pete on Mar 31
 Re: Can we please have some privacy around here?Michael Calkins on Mar 31
Good news on the oil front. U.S. exports more than Saudis.Pete on Mar 29
 As a liberal republicanMichael Calkins on Mar 30
  Invalid assumption...Pete on Mar 30
   *Those lawsuits should be dismissed immediately.Michael Calkins on Mar 30
    Yeah, so should the bullshit ones against Trump's travel ban and sanctuary city policy...Pete on Mar 30

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