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I lost on Jeopardy, baby...Weird But Not Al on Oct 18
 * Boo-hoo! I lose all the time, but at least in your case, you made history!TheBOB on Oct 18
 * Well thats good, to be honest Jeopardy was really giving people too many handouts anywayNot really Trump on Oct 18
PREPARE!!! ...TheBOB on Oct 18
 I'm pretty used to this crap but my wife actually is going shopping today...Pete on Oct 18
miscellaneous opinions and posts. (1PS)Michael Calkins on Oct 16
 PSMichael Calkins on Oct 16
 anybody know this tune?Michael Calkins on Oct 17
 Regarding names...Solitaire on Oct 17
  Re: Regarding names...SMcNeill on Oct 17
   Re: Regarding names...Michael Calkins on Oct 17
    I think you may be right about the "v" pronunciation of "bh", Michael...TheBOB on Oct 18
     B and V (1ps)Michael Calkins on Oct 18
  *I've heard, 'For Pete's sake!' and now I know where, 'For Fuchs sake!' came from, France.Pete on Oct 17
  * thats frahn-ken-steeneasylangs on Oct 18
 *(URLs) Russia tried to stir up secessionists and christians in Texas.Michael Calkins on Oct 19
  every powerful country has people that screw with people on the internet like thiseasylangs on Oct 19
   but now you know why canadians are so politeeasylangs on Oct 19
    * I'm melting... I'm melting...TheBOBBbbb on Oct 19
     hey, dont let him fool youeasylangs on Oct 19
      *Damn!!TheTROLL on Oct 19
That guy who was spamminng the forum was spotted in AntarcticaPete on Oct 12
 thats where youre wrong, peteeasylangs on Oct 14
The popular Marvel comic The Flash gets canceled in Asia...CNN on Oct 12
Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is here to stand up for abused women!The Grateful Ted on Oct 12
Pete: JoeUser wants you,SMcNeill on Oct 10
 Forum access is for established group memebrs only.Pete on Oct 10
  well you do own/fund the forum, not adding new people is probably unnecessaryeasylangs on Oct 10
   i also have to point outeasylangs on Oct 10
   Re: well you do own/fund the forum, not adding new people is probably unnecessaryMichael Calkins on Oct 10
    there are google adseasylangs on Oct 10
   I'm afraid I don't have any useful suggestions...TheBOB on Oct 10
    oh i know-- i was surprised when it was changed to python/figeasylangs on Oct 10
     Anarchist vs liberal.Michael Calkins on Oct 10
     *and did that once about 15 years ago.Michael Calkins on Oct 11
      *loleasylangs on Oct 11
       I wish he would stop calling himself a liberal...Pete on Oct 11
        it could work, if there were enough people to take the word backeasylangs on Oct 11
Working on a 2020 campaign song for HRC...Pete on Oct 6
 * I was thinking, "Bye Bye Baby" by the Bay City Rollers.TheBOB on Oct 6
  I nominate this one:SMcNeill on Oct 7
 America sang it best...Pete on Oct 7
  * Yes! Also their song, "Horse with a Name" would work.TheBOB on Oct 7
Another fine example of a politician's hypocrisy...SMcNeill on Oct 4
 Most congressmen have their brains in their pants. That's where the flip-flopping comes...Pete on Oct 5
It turns out that sex is expensive.Michael Calkins on Oct 4
My darling mother, of 78 years of life, wrote a Christmas song...SMcNeill on Oct 4
 * Well that... that explains a lot.Not Really Bob Newhart on Oct 4
 Re: My darling mother, of 78 years of life, wrote a Christmas song...Michael Calkins on Oct 4
The nerve of some people, calling TheBOB just Bob...Pete on Oct 3
 Hey, that's great! ...TheBOB on Oct 3
  I slept with Liz (I) in a past life..Pete on Oct 3
   Are you saying Elizabeth Tudor didn't stay a virgin?Michael Calkins on Oct 3
    * She stayed a virgin, Michael... didn't you read the part about "Little John"?TheBOB on Oct 3
    Don't know much about history. Came up short on biology...Pete on Oct 4
   Re: I slept with Liz (I)Just sayin on Oct 5
    Just so you know...ThePETE on Oct 5
     I tried to emigrate to Canada but they revoked my visa...ThePETE on Oct 6
      sure, but orange you voting for him again in 2020?easylangs on Oct 6
       I bet typical politicians still don't get it...Pete on Oct 6
Michelle Obama is a complete idiot...Pete on Oct 1
 Even more of an idiot than that...TheBOB on Oct 1
Here's a complete bullshit foundation with a bullshit storyline...Pete on Sep 29
Puerto Rico. An island of lowly twos...Pete on Sep 29
 That's stupid. (1 P.S.)Michael Calkins on Sep 30
  I love CA but if an earthquake killed most of the liberals here, I wouldn't be happy...Pete on Sep 30
   Those are terrible things to say, Peter...not really Hillary on Sep 30
    we already knew thebob was a geniuseasylangs on Sep 30
     * ... and lol at how to aid the Clinton family through these tough times.Pete on Oct 1
    News reported the Clinton Foundation MIA in regard to this and other storm losses.Pete on Oct 1
     In all fairness, Pete...TheBOB on Oct 1
      Re: In all fairness, Pete...SMcNeill on Oct 1
       * I thought she was already to a ten-dollar Bill and thanks to Obama, she got change.Pete on Oct 1
Canada will do anything for attention these days...Pete on Sep 29
 * Even though our rock specks are older than yours, I still respect you.TheBOB on Sep 29
This is 100% complete liberal mindset:SMcNeill on Sep 27
 Carry a gun... carry a tune... carry a tin cup. Ain't that America?Pete on Sep 27
  Well said, guys! I, for one, won't stand for the kneeling...TheBOB on Sep 27
   *Geeze, if the discussion doesn't include maple syrup every thrid word we lose Bob!Pete on Sep 27
    * Ahhh! Maple syrup... okay, now I'm awake.TheBOB on Sep 27
Forget MAGA. My new organization: MANS. It's now a MANS world!Pete on Sep 27
Why Republicans don't suffer from flatulence...Pete on Sep 23
No, no, no. Bill we need this three key sequence instead...Pete on Sep 21
 Why bother... it's all over in another month, anyway...TheBOB on Sep 21
  A whole month?? I thought tomorrow was supposed to be the end!!!SMcNeill on Sep 22
   Man, I wish these guys would get their stories straight...TheBOB on Sep 22
    The seven years of tribulation was way off, too.Pete on Sep 22
     I don't think it's fair to suggest that Clippy is the Antichrist...TheBOB on Sep 22
      * once again thebob proves that the devils in the detailseasylangs on Sep 22
       Can't help but notice, but menn's being very "charming and agreeable"...The Church Lady on Sep 22
        its a nice job if you can get iteasylangs on Sep 22
         If I were an elfy man...Fiddler on the Forum on Sep 23
          * but we need a female santa! check your privilege, heres some coal!liberals in general on Sep 23
           * should we really be promoting coal energy?older granola liberals on Sep 23
            * next christmas, all the men are getting solar panels in their stockingsmodern corporate liberals on Sep 23
             * and mexico can pay for them!moderate liberals on Sep 23
   So the world ended yesterday...Solitaire on Sep 24
    * LOL--it's an awful lot like the beforelife, isn't it?TheBOB on Sep 24
    It was postponed, praise David!!SMcNeill on Sep 24
     * Whew!!TheBOB on Sep 24
     Give him a break. I heard his numerology output is from a program written in FreeBASIC.Pete on Sep 25
What people who have time to waste read... that they have no time to waste...Pete on Sep 21
I don't often watch college football but when I do, it goes into double overtime!The Most Interesting Forum Owner in the World on Sep 20
Global... Slow cooking??SMcNeill on Sep 19
 * That's great, Steve! Which means, you'll have enough time to finish building your ark!TheBOB on Sep 19
 I blame QB64...Pete on Sep 20
Hurry Steve, there's still time for you to save the island of Puerto Rico...Pete on Sep 19
 * Why send Steve? Why not san Juan--at least he speaks their language.TheBOB on Sep 19
Been away for a bit. Got a gig as a caddy for Trump...Pete on Sep 17
 * At least he had the decency to yell "Fore!" first--or something that sounded like it.TheBOB on Sep 17
  * Oh, thanks for clearing that up. I thought he yelled, "Whore!"Pete on Sep 18
* Just dropped by to brush away some of the cobwebs.TheBOB on Sep 15
 petes been busy, attaching these to every ace hardware in the west coasteasylangs on Sep 15
  * Takes balls to do something like that.TheBOB on Sep 16
   * Not to mention speed bumps are a bitch.Pete on Sep 16
I find the contrast in these two stories to be very telling:SMcNeill on Sep 12
*Burma, led by A S S K, is committing crimes against humanity. Buddhists can be evil too.Michael Calkins on Sep 11
 if annoying, self-righteous christians live a life without murdering anyoneeasylangs on Sep 15
I'm not really sure this is better, but1978 on Sep 4
 Hey! Now that's a commercial! It's got *Sparkle*(not really) Neil Patrick Harris on Sep 4
Ace Hardware falls victim to PC-BS...Pete on Sep 4
 Hi, I called!1989 on Sep 4
  * sorry pete, i just couldnt resist. it is one heck of a late protest thougheasylangs on Sep 4
  * ROFL. Well call your friend, 1988, and have him change it back!!!Pete on Sep 4
   88? *sigh* we dont talk anymore...1989 on Sep 4
    *I am really not proud of my time with them, I wish you people would stop mentioning itTheBOB's Hipster Douchebag Cousin on Sep 4
I think I just survived a microburst...Pete on Sep 3
 He did. He did see a microburst...Tweety on Sep 3
  * Wow! BTW, you live in Santa Barbara? I thought you lived in LA.TheBOB on Sep 3
   I love LA... or at least I used to...Pete on Sep 3
    * Thanks for the correction... (I could almost hear John Lennon with that one!)TheBOB on Sep 3
    I love CNNs response to the wall issue...SMcNeill on Sep 4
     The big difference is the people who visit come and leave.Pete on Sep 4
    Oh, and the slightly revised Trump version...Pete on Sep 4
the important meme you probably missed this week: i am more right than billeasylangs on Sep 2
 ive actually been interested in science my entire lifeeasylangs on Sep 2
Why my wife puts up with me is one of life's great mysteries I'm too afraid to solve...Pete on Sep 1
 Oh, and if Sen. Al Franken was twice as good at his job...Re-Pete on Sep 1
  * A tissue of lies!not really Al Franken on Sep 1
I can't for the life of me understand this....SMcNeill on Sep 1
 actually, they just want it both wayseasylangs on Sep 1
 They are collectively a bunch of soul evolvements 1s and 2s.Pete on Sep 2
  * My head hurts, sensei.TheBOB on Sep 2
   That's why I mostly stick with comedy. Try the Movie, Defending Your LifePete on Sep 2
    I'm familiar with "Defending Your Life"...TheBOB on Sep 2
I can poet too, don't you know it woohoo!SMcNeill on Aug 31
How long do computers last? ...TheBOB on Aug 31
 depends on what youre doingeasylangs on Aug 31
  * Thanks! I'll keep the new power supply in mind.TheBOB on Aug 31
 a long long time.Michael Calkins on Aug 31
  * Interesting stuff! Thanks!TheBOB on Aug 31
  Re: a long long time.SMcNeill on Aug 31
   I'd be willing to bet you, Steve...TheBOB on Aug 31
   Re: a long long time.Michael Calkins on Aug 31
    Of course, Michael! ...TheBOB on Aug 31
     An even simpler solutionSMcNeill on Aug 31
      * Yayyy, Steve!TheBOB on Aug 31
      I still have two Atari systems.Pete on Aug 31
    crt optionaleasylangs on Aug 31
 I still use my Windows 98 and it is 16 years old.Pete on Aug 31
  * Thanks--good to know. (Toshiba for my late response, Pedro-san).TheBOB on Aug 31
   * Hola Molla. When did I become a Mexicasian?Pete on Aug 31
    Ha! Long story...TheBOB on Sep 1
     By sterotype, a Mexicasian would be very non productive...Pete on Sep 2
  *sounds like your hdd might be about to fail.Michael Calkins on Sep 1
Taking a page out of Steve's book...Pete on Aug 29
 Re: Taking a page out of Steve's book...SMcNeill on Aug 29
  Yeah, Heidi the talking IDE. I've thought of that too, and tend to agree...Pete on Aug 29
   at least it will ensure that the binaries produced will be smaller than the source fileseasylangs on Aug 30
  * What has porn got to do with programming? ...Oh, I see what you mean.TheBOB on Aug 29
I'm beginning to think the only difference between Linux and Windows these days is...Pete on Aug 26
 that depends on what "these days" meanseasylangs on Aug 27
  * so yeah, theres still a difference if you actually use iteasylangs on Aug 27
  Take note Steve, mennonite is always right...Pete on Aug 27
   * not quite, but im already right a lot more often than i likeeasylangs on Aug 27
   Re: Take note Steve, mennonite is always right...SMcNeill on Aug 27
    too funnyeasylangs on Aug 28
     * aj1uouuaw j1wweppo6Pete on Aug 28
      * Brilliant!!TheBOB on Aug 28
     *there's Trusted Installer, which has more access than normal admin.Michael Calkins on Aug 29
Sheriff Joe is free to go!Pete on Aug 26
Looks like I'm smarter than Trump but a few bucks shy of his wealth...Pete on Aug 25
* Be safe, Michael--I hope Harvey doesn't reach you.TheBOB on Aug 25
 Thanks.Michael Calkins on Aug 25
  Good luck...TheBOB on Aug 25
   I knew MC was far enough away but I do have a brother-in-law who lives in Victoria.Pete on Aug 25
    * I notice Victoria's right in the middle of it--I'd be gone by now if it was me.TheBOB on Aug 26
     *looks like it's between Victoria and Goliad. NPR reported Victoria has 16 inches so far.Michael Calkins on Aug 26
     He took a flight out of Victoria last night...Pete on Aug 26
      zero hour, 9 am... and hes gonna be high as a kite by thennot really elton john on Aug 26
       Harvey Man... Flying out of Texas all alone.Pete on Aug 26
        Re: Harvey Man... Flying out of Texas all alone.SMcNeill on Aug 26
         Mayor of Victoria stated he believed 65% of residence stayed, despite mandatory...Pete on Aug 26
          * Can't loot a store that's under water.Solitaire on Aug 30
           * Really? Then how do you explain the loss of all my scuba gear?Not Really a Texas Aquatics Dealer on Aug 30
            * That's code for people of color can't swim!Really The DNC on Aug 30
             *I'm sure people of color can loot underwater stores just as well as whites. Maybe better.@NotTheRealDonaldTrump on Aug 30
           *The best merchandise is useless when it gets wet.Solitaire on Aug 30
            *until they make more waterproof phones anyway-- plus, jewelryeasylangs on Aug 30
             I'm still trying to figure out if Solitaire was being funny, which it was funny, or...Pete on Aug 31
              thats "usually right." though you should probably include this instanceeasylangs on Aug 31
            * except jewelry. Didn't think of that!Solitaire on Sep 1
   Re: Good luck...Michael Calkins on Aug 25
    *BBC said something about building collapses at rockport.Michael Calkins on Aug 25
  *gasoline has jumped to $2.399/gal, and most stations are out.Michael Calkins on Sep 1
   *people are queueing for gas, $2.399 to $2.699, & waiting at empty stations for tanker.Michael Calkins on Sep 3
    * How does that affect you? Do you have to charge your passengers more?TheBOB on Sep 3
     Uber sets prices.Michael Calkins on Sep 3
      * Congratulations on the $10--important thing, you're still in business.TheBOB on Sep 3
    *$2.599, generally with no queues.Michael Calkins on Sep 8
     *it has mostly been around $2.459. It had mostly been around $1.999 before harvey.Michael Calkins on Sep 25
      *it has been slowly dropping. Around $2.199 to $2.219 recently.Michael Calkins on Oct 16
Calling Microsoft tomorrow...Pete on Aug 23
 Re: Calling Microsoft tomorrow...SMcNeill on Aug 24
  I'd die and go to Hell before I'd install Linux...Pete on Aug 24
   somehow i think you miss the point of linux...easylangs on Aug 24
    * not to mention you can make a usb that boots STRAIGHT to qb64 and runs almost anywhere.easylangs on Aug 24
 LOL@"add more swear words..."...TheBOB on Aug 24
  * Oh, yeah... and disable updates before you even go online!TheBOB on Aug 24
  Re: LOL@"add more swear words..."...Pete on Aug 24
   That's odd...TheBOB on Aug 24
    Well you can kiss that helpful option goodbye. They took it off Win-10.Pete on Aug 24
     very close to the #1 reason i hate windowseasylangs on Aug 24
      * the screens were a research project, but it is still a vulnerability for 3rd party hweasylangs on Aug 24
     Don't rant about not being able to do it..... DO IT!SMcNeill on Aug 24
      Re: Don't rant about not being able to do it..... DO IT!SMcNeill on Aug 24
      Been there, done that some time ago but it reverts back for some reason.Pete on Aug 24
       Re: Been there, done that some time ago but it reverts back for some reason.SMcNeill on Aug 24
        Not explorer. It's an update notification that tells you it's...Pete on Aug 24
     * Sorry, I thought you meant you had a W7 computer that wouldn't cancel updates.TheBOB on Aug 24
      * I love my Win-7. Disable updates ages ago and it has run perfectly for ages. 10 sucks.Pete on Aug 24
Why Clippy is really afraid of Republicans in power...Pete on Aug 20
 David Hasselhoff to be named spokesman for Jergens hand lotion for share of the company...In other news... on Aug 20
  * Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't Jergonov a Russian premier at one time?TheBOB on Aug 20
   * I'll ask Trump when I see him... Oops.Pete on Aug 20
Was this you, Pete?SMcNeill on Aug 18
 that guy reminds me more of tedeasylangs on Aug 18
  * pete would probably just write a letter or post online about iteasylangs on Aug 18
 LOL - No, I'm the guy holding the first sign!Pete on Aug 19
  Having worked in Social Services here in Toronto, I saw a lot of that...TheBOB on Aug 19
   It is a shame that the ah's take away from those really in need...Pete on Aug 19
    Re: It is a shame that the ah's take away from those really in need...SMcNeill on Aug 19
     * Good point about asking first--easy way to determine if they're genuinely just hungry.TheBOB on Aug 19
probably the stupidest idea to ever come out of wired magazineeasylangs on Aug 15
 Re: probably the stupidest idea to ever come out of wired magazineSMcNeill on Aug 15
  im not that surprised that you agreeeasylangs on Aug 15
Happy Birthday to meSolitaire on Aug 15
 * Happy Birthday!Pete on Aug 15
 willard scott would say youre just a kid, but hes a clown anywayeasylangs on Aug 15
  * AFFLECK!not really ted on Aug 15
 Happy Birthday, Solitaire!*FellippeHeitor on Aug 15
 * Hey, yeah! Happy Birthday! (I'll be 74 next month--don't have to say your age)TheBOB on Aug 15
  I'm older than you....Solitaire on Aug 16
   * Ah, bless you... And seriously, all good wishes! :-)TheBOB on Aug 16
    * Thank you.Solitaire on Aug 16
*pete, how often do you check if people are applying for r group so they can post?Michael Calkins on behalf of someone on Aug 14
 an all lower case post? hmm, could that someone be...Pete on Aug 14
Don't like the cops? Why MC needs to make a load of cash...Pete on Aug 13
We've identified your spammer as BOBBY2231Network54 on Aug 13
Hey, Pete...TheBOB on Aug 13
 * Check your status now...Pete on Aug 13
  * Still the same--no Delete option in the sub forums.TheBOB on Aug 13
   * OK, try it again.Pete on Aug 13
    * Yayyy! That got it! Thanks!TheBOB on Aug 13
     The Universe abhors a vacuum...Pete on Aug 13
      Working great! ...TheBOB on Aug 13
       God doesn't turn over his throne so easily!Pete on Aug 13
        * I thought Steve's "throne" was the back forty.TheBOB on Aug 13
         Remember it's Steve we're talking about. Up the acreage!!!Pete on Aug 13

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