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Re: America and the dangers of "love it or leave it" mentality...

by Earthborn (no login)


> What right does another human being have to rule
> over me?

Perhaps the reverse question is more important:
What right do I have to rule over myself?

This leads to the following questions
Do I always know what is best for me?
Am I incapable of making bad decisions?
Do I have the right to do whatever I like, even at the expense of others? ...leads to the question:
Do I need to be protected against others who make decisions at the expense of me?

With all people striving for freedom, clashes are inevitable and some sort of system is needed to make sure these clashes don't get out of hand.

And in some cases people need to be protected against themselves...

> Why must I conform to the wishes of the bureaucraps? > Why don't *they* leave?

In most cases (when bureaucracy works as it is intended) you must conform the 'wishes of the bureaucraps' because if you don't, you would be hurting someone elses freedom.

Many people are against rules and regulations... until their neighbour has the nerve of planting a tree with branches hanging over the border of their premises...

> isn't the ability to critisize ones government and
> raise ones voice against power one of the
> fundamental rights "given" me by that country?

And where did you learn that you have such a right? Your government run public propaganda school?
Pretty nice right, isn't it?

Posted on Aug 21, 2002, 8:00 PM

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