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Re: Re:Re:Re:Have you ever...

by Billy Miller (Login Guy_Smilie)

> Notice that that only happened to one person, Saul.
> Why is it happeneing to many people at your church?
> And why is the pastor that is doing it? In the new
> Testament, God himself made that happen to Saul. In
> your church, God is silent and the preacher lays
> hands on him and strikes him blind.

I never said anything about people in our church being blind, just struck down. God did it once, he is pleanty able to do it again. God healed certain illneseses only once, that doesnt mean he cant do it again. If god did it once, hell do it again.

> First: batptism is not required for salvation.
> Baptism is an outward sign of what happened on the
> inside. For salvation, one must accept that Jesus,
> the son of God, died for his or her sins. After that
> happens, the holy ghost enters into that persons
> soul. Noone is mimicking the NT by baptising people.
> Jesus told us to be baptised, he never said to go
> around speaking in tongues.

Are you nuts?!! Except a man be born of the water and of the spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of god.(I cant remember the reference on this, I think it is in John chapter 3) So yes, baptisim in jesus name is required for salvation. Jesus said to go to jerusalem to wait for his sign, he may as well have said go speak in tounges, cause that was his sign, which was also propgesied by Isiah.

> So your saying that speaking in tongues is a sign
> taht the holy spirit has 'refilled' you? So its not
> a gift of the spirit, its a sign. So its not a
> voluntary thing. If its not voluntary, why don't
> other christians (who are filled with the spirit
> just as much) do the same thing?

Yes it is a refilling sign, and a filling sign. You should be able to get the same effect twice on anything. If you fill a cup part way with water, it will splash around, fill it more, it will splash around, fill it more, it spashes out all over. You get filled with the holy ghost, you speak in tounges, you get filled again, you speak in tounges again, you get filled more, you may dance around or whatever god wants you to do. Ok, it is volantary to the point where you have to want it bad enough, and realize your need for it. And, god has to see that your ready to recieve it. And, it is neccesary for salvation because the verse I stated before says so.

> So which is it that you say speaking in tongues is?
> It can't be a gift, since you already said its a
> sign that the holy spirit has 'refilled' you. If its
> the infilling, why does it happen every sunday? In
> the NT, it happened when they became christian, not
> every week.

Sorry, I should have said infilling and refilling. And, paul wrote the church in corrinth(i think) to tell them to do more than runn around speaking in tounges every sunday, so they did what we do to, and yes we do do more than just speak in tounges.

> Yes, but does anyone jump up sunday morning yelling
> about they are artistic? I doubt it. Why do they
> only show off the speaking in tongues?

People dont jump up and do anything(unless they feel like dancing befro god). If your praying, you may start speaking in tounges, but its no louder than your prayr.

> NO! Stop using big words! What do they mean? I
> assume it has to do with the whole three-in-one
> thing. If so, I'll explain my position now: I really
> don't care how it works. I try to understand that
> there are three seperate persons, one God, but my
> mind can't, so I don't worry about it. I'm sure
> it'll make sense when I get there!

Trinitarian: Believe in 3 gods, father, son, holyghost
oneness: all these are 1

And, to state my position, here o isrial the lord our god is one lord. And, I and my father are one.


Posted on Sep 3, 2002, 1:27 PM

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