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secular wisdom?

by mennonite (no login)


i also don't think it is man's job to find god in this life, not exactly. if it matters that we find god, it will happen.
i think it's useful to find what people call "godliness" regardless of belief in god. i think it's useful to walk paths (of our own making) that lead us to being better people. god may or may not be involved. but god is not here, not really. god is elsewhere, if anywhere. and there are manifestations, or relics, or nothing... but if we meet a god at all... that really comes later.
and the way it happens is, you leave here. you leave here before you die, or you leave here when you die. but you also live here. and the way you live matters. you live well, you help others live well, good. you live to destroy, you haven't lived. but all this official business, you know what i think of that. it's more important to do all you can here. god's eternal? well fine then, he's learned to wait.

Posted on Jun 21, 2005, 1:17 PM

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        God is our Judge, and we are responsible for our OWN actions, not someone elses...Michael Calkins on Jun 24
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             for mac... an atheist view of immortality, life after death (sci fi geeks will adore it)mennonite on Jun 25

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