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by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
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As a tiny subtopic:

>"The food we eat and the air we exhale increases the entropy of the universe by much more than the decrease in entropy in our brains due to the ordering of information (memories).".

What of the plants that are fertilized by the resulting waste products (sewer and carbon dioxide)?
I would assume that plant and animal growth drastically decrease entropy.


Posted on Jul 31, 2005, 11:10 PM

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because entropy describes behavior within a closed systemmennonite on Aug 1
 clarifying the bit about atpmennonite on Aug 1
 entropy has a definite use...ållipse on Aug 1
  so what would happen ifmennonite on Aug 2
   Good questions! Too bad I can't answer them. :-Prpgfan3233 on Aug 2
    Re: Good questions! Too bad I can't answer them. :-Pållipse on Aug 5
   Re: so what would happen ifållipse on Aug 5

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