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Re: You're religious, right?

by 'lipse (no login)

I'm interested where you get the belief that animals were never intended to live forever. Does this come directly from Scripture or is it inferred?

Posted on Sep 22, 2005, 8:40 PM

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depends on what "scriptures" you're talking aboutmennonite on Sep 22
 well what i was really asking was..'lipse on Sep 22
  The dinosaurs were dead by then. Also, plants would die naturally.Michael Calkins on Oct 2
 Re: depends on what "scriptures" you're talking aboutMichael Calkins on Sep 22
  "most of my hunting is for..."mennonite on Sep 26
 As an aside: Meat is koshered by removing all the blood.Solitaire on Sep 23
  *that's all good, but it has to be killed a prescribed way as well.mennonite on Sep 23
   Correct. It has to be killed as quickly and painlessly as possible,Solitaire on Sep 23
    *you hear that sinners? no more strapping cows to chairs in front of american idol finals!mennonite on Sep 24
animal deathMichael Calkins on Sep 22

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