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well what i was really asking was..

by 'lipse (no login)


not the Biblical basis for whether animals have souls or how they should be treated. I think it's pretty plain animals don't have souls, and you'd have to be a nutcase to think animals should be abused :-). But Michael said animals were never intended to live forever, which implies before the fall there was such a thing as death in man's world. Men didn't die, of course, but I had always assumed bodily death itself, whether for man, beast, or plant, was an outcome of the fall, so I was wondering if there was Scripture (from the modern Protestant Bible) that gave an indication that there was death before the fall but it was only after the fall that humans could die.

Posted on Sep 22, 2005, 9:36 PM

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The dinosaurs were dead by then. Also, plants would die naturally.Michael Calkins on Oct 2

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