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"most of my hunting is for..."

by mennonite (no login)


yeah, this is something I have to be careful with, as I enjoy hunting very much. I eat a lot of what I shoot. But most of my hunting is for animals that cause depredation, ie, hogs, coyotes, crows... Hogs, I prep for eatting, most of the time. I have already explained how hog hunting is vital for aggriculture. As far as hunting only for the sake of sport, I may have been guilty of that a few times, but I regret that, and am trying to do better, and at present, succeding in avoiding that.
COOL! i had no idea you were observing the old law! *i respect that deeply! (whereas when you just go on about guns in detail, you make yourself sound like a sportsman... possible to respect, but takes more effort. way to go, michael :)

*it's the religion and fundamentalism i take issue with. not all of the laws- "thou shalt not kill for sport..." (paraphrased) good stuff. i like that one b/c i like animals.

Posted on Sep 26, 2005, 5:49 PM

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