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yeah, i'm okay with that too

by mennonite (no login)


although, just to go in an atheistic concept of immortality again, even an atheist believes in multiple dimensions... at least 3!
without knowing the nature of the dimensions and our involvement with them, it's impossible to say we die in all of them at once...
we know we die within 3 of them, because that's where we find the corpse. we've already debated giving time credit as a fourth
dimension without any consensus, but if that's a dimension clearly the dead don't die in the past as well as the present, so you
can see a living person at any time you wish if you can travel along the dimension of time, which may or may not exist.
that leaves how many other dimensions are left... and the godless question, when we die, are there any dimensions we exist in with potency other than the 4th?
we don't know. althought theists say "yes."
sure, this is science fiction, but so is theism, and so is atheism, imo. "fiction" is just the story we "all" agree is the true one... and of course, we don't.
and certainly time travel... although i've been traveling through time in the same direction ever since i woke up this morning. just speculation... like the sort of thinking that leads to crazy ideas like "we're all made of little dots that also make up rocks and light."
what it comes down to, with or without a god, is you can't say anything that happened can never possibly happen again, including you.

Posted on Oct 10, 2005, 7:04 PM

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*i'm not saying it isn't bloody unlikely...mennonite on Oct 10
Re: yeah, i'm okay with that too'lipse on Oct 10

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